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The strange case of Dr Chris Busby and Britain’s nuclear lobby manipulating the internet – The Conservative and Liberal Party’s nuclear dreams

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Dr Chris Busby has website hacked for second time in a week!!

The reason for this is that the Sunday Mirror, a major UK based tabloid has published the story of the plight  of the UK nuclear test veterans and their children,under the title;
12 years from out first campaign, the legacy that shames the UK
Exclusive to the Sunday Mirror
Authored by Susie Bonaface
5 April 2014
Nuke vets: the new generation
Introduction by Arclight2011part2
The article describes problems with the Genetic damage being passed on to the children of the veterans and how the UK government is trying to stop the case using Tempora and the illegal UK terror laws. e
The article was not put on the Internet and can only be read in paper form just as local newspapers cannot put stories of the children of Chernobyl coming to the UK for recuperation (the UK is the only country in Europe to recently start charging Chernobyl childrens charities for visas) as reported on recently [ Arclights note that the article in question are not functioning for some reason on nuclear news blog but you can get there by clicking here;  ).  (Correction – The Sunday Mirror has now posted it on the web)
There is obviously some strong arm tactics being used on the press in the UK to stop them putting nuclear related stories of any sort on the Internet. So well done to the Sunday Mirror staff and editors.
Here is an extract of the article and here is the full article;
No let up from radiation fears.
There is no way to prove that radiation caused a specific birth defect. But it is well known that radiation causes mutations and that has been proven in New Zealand.Nuclear veterans have three times as much genetic damage as survivors of Chernobyl.
The British Government has refused requests to carry out the same genetic tests research on out own veterans.
Professor Chris Busby did his statistical survey of the vets and their descendent’s in 2007. It found that children of the vets were 10 times more likely to get birth defects and five times more likely to die as infants.
He reveals: “ The main thing is that the grandchildren are suffering at almost the same rate as the as the children of the veterans. In normal genetics with each generation the effects., with each generation the effects would be less as new DNA is added to the family line. But with radiation exposure a kind of instability is passed down- like an alarming message in a bottle passed from mother to child. It tells the child to assemble the genes randomly in all directions, so you get many children with strange deformities. “ The genes do it in order to evolve around the radiation.” “But it is terrible that women have this fear hanging over their heads because of what happened to their fathers. And yet there is no concessions from the Government or military that it happened at all”
The article then goes on to describe the horrifying situation that Shirley Denson finds herself in as a daughter of a Test veteran. I will post this up in its entirety as the Sunday Mirror probably has been warned away from doing that under national security terms now in force in the UK. (Picture by Roy Fisher on the Sunday Mirror staff)
Dr Chris busby had his website hacked again this morning in line with the article coming out. This is to stop people reading his on-line report from 2007. Which I have a paper copy of in front of me.
Dr Busby wrote this article in Germany when he had his position there but owing to pressure from German nuclear lobby he lost that position.
His report which will be posted on-line here at as a “mirror” in case of him being attacked by GCHQ and specifically Theresa May who must have signed off on the cyber attack to allow the UK military intelligence services to behave in such a way.
Do you think Theresa May looks guilty here? (click on link)
The list of reported ailments is as follows;

Increased risk of miscarriage

Increased risk of stillbirths

Increased risk of infant mortality

Increased risk of congenital illness (mutations)

Dr busby connects Uranium as a possible trigger for this damage (Uranium is a beta emitter that is ignored by the Environment Agency in the UK because it gives a low”dose”). This evidence would bring the claims of the IAEA, ICRP and UNSCEAR into disrepute and open the flood gates of litigation against the nuclear industry worldwide in respect of the victims of Kazakhstan (Russian testing), Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island, Fukushima (Japan) and many others including the nuclear test veterans of course.
Here is a quote from the original report;

“The finding that the levels of congenital disease do not taper down with generation doe suggest a genomic rather than (or addition to) a heritable genetic mechanism.”

General manipulation on the internet is as follows;
It might be worth mentioning the USA cyber actions against Dr Busby as epitomised by the likes of Roger Helbig (who fronts for the Yahoo nuclear lobby forums – Google his name and you will see that he and other colleagues are regularly attacking Dr Busby and other journalists, Independent scientists, universities and bloggers). A full description of all the attacks on anti nuclear proponents would be too long for this article but i will show one example below.
Major media outlets are targeted by the likes of Ashursts Australia to stop this type of information getting out. Though Ashursts were eventually very kind to Christina Mac Phearson (a dear sweet 70 plus year old Australian blogger who is my blog partner and was chosen by Palladin Mining  for “special attention”).
Here is my personal plea to the public to support the British Nuclear Test veterans

Here is a plea by Dr Busby


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