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UK censored? Drinking water standards cover up!

last year in May/June 2011 i downloaded a copy of the water quality measurements for isotopes.. i got the base levels but had to wait until May/June 2012 for the data of 2011, to see the difference. However, the report has been “delayed” until September?

So, i searched the web for relevent information and struck gold.

The did not look at the cesium range.. only alpha and beta in the contaminants?
September would have been late for the Fukushima Iodines but we just had the Budapest Institute in Hungary with a large confirmed release that covered the whole of europe, then we had the Mercoule disaster where i believe more Iodine Lead etc was released..
heres the link to the report.. found it on html version
heres the original, but link dead
This is the html version of the file
[Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web.]
The report is called the “consumer confidence report”  All American bases have to submit these reports to the uk authorities annually.
Interestingly they were  on the notifiable amount in September and in October for lead .
 “..results in the table below include all chemi-

cals covered by the US EPA’s Safe Drinking Water
Act for which analysis was performed and concen-
trations of the chemicals that were detected from 1
January 2011 to 31 December 2011. Although
Lead is reported as reaching the maximum contami-
nant limit during CY 2011 sampling time frame,
RAF Mildenhall received zero exceedances for any
of the chemicals of health concern. At the time of
sampling the MCL for lead was 0.020 and was
reduced to the current standard of 0.015 in October
2011. The sample was taken in September 2011…”
The Pb Lead was likely from the Mercoule accident .. and both these incidents shows direct evidence of pollution hitting the uk, with plenty of Radon theat leaves Pb lead (the only nuclide available on the web this year?) to bioaccumulate.
And everyone was breathing this lethal isotopic cocktail in. the UK was the furthest country away, so the nearer countries got hit badly to.. other isotopes were measured but in smaller quantities if you can believe EURDEP the European radiation monitoring system. Even the professionals say it is not “fit for purpose” even though the emergency services are supposed to rely on it in case of an emergency.. a very dangerous situation indeed. and it looks like what little transparency there was is now gone.
And this was the cause of the large part of the contamination. The Budapest isotope Institute

 Translation of CRIIRAD report n Hungary

Serious long lasting contamination found in hungary!

“..Iodine 125 with a half life of 60 days found in grass clippings near the institute of
Hungarian production of radioisotopes…”

“..CRIIRAD warned in its letter of 15 November 2011 on the need quickly determine the source of contamination “because people close to the source could have been and still be exposed to large doses…” ”

“…Health consequences in France. Given the levels of contamination measured particulate iodine 131 in France November, and detection limits obtained on gaseous iodine, it is possible to state that
doses induced were very low. (NOTE:so by CRIIRAD`s own Euractive report, below, Fukushima was worse yet these took us over notifiable limits.)

However, the question of the impact for those close to the place from which radioactive discharges arises. It arises with the more acutely than the precise origin of discharges could not be identified until several days after detection of the radionuclide in the air Europe…”

“..November 15, 2011, resumed the next day in apress release, CRIIRAD stated: “Most worrying is the fact that several weeks after the start of the contamination, no authority, nor at the international level, nor
national of any country whatsoever, was able to identify the origin of contamination. It is urgent because people close to the source and may have been still be exposed to large doses…”

“Discharges would have occurred from September 8 to November 16, 2011.According to information published on the official website HAEA would have a permission of annual releases of 1600 GBq or 1 600 billion becquerels. The translation of the text did not know if this authorization concerned all radioactive substances or specifically iodine-131. It would be necessary to have discharge permits to ensure official. However the director of the institute referred this limit, indicating that the release of iodine-131 made since the beginning of the year (624GBq) were 39% of the annual authorization, this comforted the idea that 1600 GBq were 39% of the annual authorization, this comforted the idea that 1600 GBq 131 I could relate.According to the director of this institute, the installation would have dismissed 300 GBq of iodine-131 in the atmosphere…”

“..The authorities indicated in any case a release of 324 GBq I-131 between September and 16
in November. This is a very high value. In its press release dated November 21, 2011 (in French and English), the CRIIRAD wished alert Hungarian citizens on the importance of such a release and recommended that discussions be initiated urgently expertise level of contamination 131 in the environment of the site in Budapest and that, pending the results, it is asked local people not to consume products and plant products from local dairy. CRIIRAD asked that other radionuclides are sought. The release is reproduced in Appendix 1. CRIIRAD shows contamination by iodine 131 and iodine-125…”

“….At the request of CRIIRAD, Hungarian citizens have sampled the grass November 29, 2011, in two stations close to the institute Izotop Intézet, 200 meters southeast the entrance and 2 miles north / northwest.These samples were received on December 8 CRIIRAD and spectrometric analyzes gamma was conducted from Dec. 8 to 9 to identify the natural radioactive elements and artificial. The measures listed in Table T1

( table on link)

…indicate contamination of green grass with iodine 131 (10 and 18 Bq / kg) and an even greater contamination by iodine 125 (95 and 153 Bq / kg). Contamination of grass clippings (and dried) collected near the green grass is almost 3 times greater…..”

A release of 624 GBq of iodine-131 is likely to lead to unacceptable doses local population. To calculate doses, should know the distribution of releases to time, the height of the discharge point, the weather, whether there are cultivated areas and fields in the vicinity .. We do not have these elements. But for comparison, it is useful to indicate that the Belgian authorities responsible for setting authorizations for discharges to 131 IRE (National Institute of Radionuclides) to Fleurus considered an effective dose of a milliSievert corresponded to an annual release of 279 GBq (conventional discharge conditions) or rejection concentrate 84 GBq of 35 days. in the case of the Institute of Budapest, local people could then undergo dose well above 1 milliSievert that is to say at the maximum allowable annual
advocated internationally (ICRP). CRIIRAD therefore calls launched an emergency level of expertise
iodine-131 contamination in the environment of the site in Budapest and, pending the results, it is asked local people not to consume the plant products and dairy products from local sources. Furthermore contamination with iodine-131, it is also important to check levels releases for other radioactive substances (other fission products and activation) without omit the rare gases, tritium and carbon 14. Iodine-131 is indeed extracted from materials irradiated by a nuclear reactor adjacent to the Institute of Isotopes. It should quickly check whether the measuring device of releases from these facilities (Institute of nuclear reactor and radioisotope) is reliable and if the quantity of release of iodine-131 announcement has not been underestimated. It should also deal with serious malfunctions that reveal this case: setting discharge permits very high (*), failing to control discharges, lack of transparency, failure to protect the population.

Editorial: Bruno Chareyron engineer in nuclear physics, laboratory manager
CRIIRAD (Valencia, 11/2011)….”

And this..

“….Radioactivity levels are corrected for the decrease occurred between the time of
sampling and the analysis and are expressed at the withdrawal date is on 29 November 2011. Indeed, the physical half-life of iodine-131 is 8 days, that is to say that its radioactivity is divided by 2 every 8 days.
The physical half-125 is 60 days, that is to say that its radioactivity is divided by 2 every 60 days. Officially radioactive releases were arrested Nov. 16. It is worrisome contamination as important as near to and
distance of 2 kilometers from the institute, which is more contamination from iodine-125 which persists much longer in the environment. These results were forwarded to several associations of environmental protection in Hungary for information populations. This case raises serious questions whose treatment is beyond the scope of this note….”

“……A release of radioactive iodine 300 + 324 GBq or 624 GBq as that reported by Izotop
Intézet for 2011 is indeed 28 300 times higher than the release of radioactive iodine
made in 2009 by the nuclear power plant Tricastin (France) and 130 times
those made by the reprocessing plant at La Hague (see table in link below)…”

Iodine-131 now detected in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary… other countries — An indicator of nuclear chain reaction — 10 days after criticality talk at Fukushima

“..From the International Atomic Energy Agency’s brief statement on the detection:

  • “The IAEA has learned about similar measurements in other locations across Europe”
  • “The IAEA believes the current trace levels of iodine-131 that have been measured do not pose a public health risk and are not caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclearaccident in Japan”
  • “The IAEA is working with its counterparts to determine the cause and origin of the iodine-131.”….”

The IAEA was covering for one of its important medical isotope making reactors with a few years left before the replacement is ready.. the norwegians blamed the iodine on fukushima too! i kid you not! NILU had the meteoroligical data and CRIIRADS report summary but they chose to ignore CRIIAD like they did with this report…

And in case you missed this advisory during the early part of the Fukushima contamination last year 2011. this was NOT covered by any Main Stream Media outlets. Only Independent bloggers were covering it. and avoiding the milk etc.

Radiation risks from Fukushima ‘no longer negligible’

Published 11 April 2011, updated 12 April 2011

“….The risks associated with iodine-131 contamination in Europe are no longer “negligible,” according to CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity. The NGO is advising pregnant women and infants against “risky behaviour,” such as consuming fresh milk or vegetables with large leaves.

In response to thousands of inquiries from citizens concerned about fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Europe, CRIIRAD has compiled an information package on the risks of radioactive iodine-131 contamination in Europe.

The document, published on 7 April, advises against consuming rainwater and says vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid consuming vegetables with large leaves, fresh milk and creamy cheese.

The risks related to prolonged contamination among vulnerable groups of the population can no longer be considered “negligible” and it is now necessary to avoid “risky behaviour,” CRIIRAD claimed.

However, the institute underlines that there is absolutely no need to lock oneself indoors or take iodine tablets………”

Did you get the memo? because the high and mighty did. The worldwide press censorship then began, a total drying up of information.. what more evidence does one need to see the obvious?

Pregnant women and young children should have been informed, so they could not take “risky behavior” (as stated on the link.) in April 2011

The people of Budapest should be informed so they can make the right “lifestyle” choices.

The people of fukushima should be informed, should have been informed, so they could decide their future too!

the children of the uk should have been warned of the heavy Pb lead etc content in the water in September 2011 (and before)  but they wouldnt want to have bought bottled water from here..

Tap water straight from the mains sold on shelves at Asda and Tesco

  • What appears good value is tap water marked up 2,500 per cent
  • Tesco start by saying the water originates from France – then admit it’s from UK mains
  • Asda admit it is filtered Yorkshire Water
  • Ethical group sustain believe people are being conned

Read more:

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