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Insurance investment in the UK nuclear to corrupt science

arclightThe UK will use this corrupted science to answer the legal challenges from nuclear test veterans, effected Irish ciizens after Windscale disaster and Irish Sea pollution, The victims of the Japanese nuclear disaster and the forgotten victims of Chernobyl and Semi in Kazahkstan as well as others.



11 January 2014

Blimey! This has been one hell of a year on the blog here at .. Our subscribers have grown and the links and info is getting out.. And this can be seen all over the web.

Activists with different views are getting their voices and opinions heard. It wasnt always like this.

In the early stages of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as the news organisations began shying away from the topic for a variety of reasons. The main driving force for this was the beleaguered nuclear and energy corporations and more importantly the insurance and investment sectors who had invested a staggering amount on the “new green hope” since the 2008 crash in the banking sector.

Using the PR companies like Ogilvy and Maher who also “smoothed” the Gulf Oil spill in the USA, the UK government used the very Biased science from their “nuclear professionals” from the Science Media Stable. I called many independent nuclear scientists and professionals in the UK and Europe and discovered that the Science Media Centre had blocked all of them for a number of years. The Science media centre has been recorded as taking its orders from the Department of Environment and climate change DECC (65 percent of whose budget goes on nuclear decommissioning).

To my astonishment as the years began to role by, I realised that UK science had been bought of by the corporations. This point on corrupted science and academia in the UK was mentioned by Noam Chomsky in his recent speech in the UK as well as a critique of the same by Chris Busby. I independently discovered this with the help of many astute blog researchers at enenews, exskf and fukushima diary to name but a few.

So, I decided that someone had to look at the science behind radiation myself. After seeing Yablakovs book on Chernobyl being attacked and false rumours of the book not being peer reviewed, so was not valued, I decided to research further. The Independent WHO (Allison Katz) did research on the Chernobyl Forums report (ICRP and IAEA) version of events and found many more peer reviewed articles in Yablakovs book than the international Chernobyl Forum.

After that I decided to find as much info on the nuclear effects and share far and wide.

And that brings me to . The news balance is still not even but people are starting to wake up it would seem. The nuclear industry workers have to come to blogs like this one to find out information about their own industry. More censorship is on the way too! In the UK under corporate law. In japan with the corporate secrecy law.

This secrecy will force any sane individual to avoid a nuclear industry (As seen in the recent withdrawal of European private investment companies) that will accept justifiable losses against profit. The corporate takeover of the science community can be seen in the uK with the 28 Billion the UK government offered to patch up a devastated and dwindling the nuclear technology education and research departments.

The reality is that the Insurance companies apparently invested £25 billion in UK nuclear education facilities and research and the UK government added 3 billion “on the quiet”. The insurance industry are going to make a killing on the UK taxpayers. PFI schemes in the UK give ridiculous rates of return.

Of course, apart from making a tidy profit they get control of the studies and research as well as corrupting a generation of enginners that learn science according to the principles and restrictions of Corporate Law.

In Europe investment companies are pulling out of TEPCO with huge losses. The dutch investment company asked about health issues and was ignored? What was so bad that they wanted to cut their losses? And such large losses too! These losses effect the insurance industry as it looks to get out of the Indian nuclear liability laws that make operators and suppliers responsible for full damages.

The UK`s Science and research community is under attack and like Japans secrecy law, the UK has introduced NATZI like propaganda, are making swathes of news worthy information unavailable to UK citizens. In fact the news is actually slanted in the favour of the corporations as is seen by the “investigations” and outcomes of the Leveson Inquiry (That seeks to stop media publishing any thing that the corporate structures deem wrong).

Leeds University looks to be a receiver of this nuclear bonanza of 28 Billion with a recent injection of 8 million to research what to do with the nuclear waste and 1000 odd contaminated sites in and around the UK.

The UK will use this corrupted science to answer the legal challenges from nuclear test veterans, effected Irish citizens after Windscale and Irish Sea pollution, The victims of the Japanese nuclear disaster and the forgotten victims of Chernobyl and Semi in Kazahkstan as well as others.

Now as the laptop battery runs out I will post this and wish subscribers a good night here in frozen recession hit UK.


January 13, 2014 - Posted by | Arclight's Vision


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  2. The SMC controls information being fed to the media, the ME/CFS Community have suffered for many years due to the stigma which has been generated by the media. What isn’t spoken about is the link between S. Wessely, the SMC, the Government and Health Insurance Companies.

    Comment by Janet | January 17, 2014 | Reply

    • great comment janet
      More here

      The title says it all
      But heres some of my research into these blighters .. its cluttered and unsorted but it will give you an idea of just how big a con this organisation is.. A registered charity working for the corporate PR machine.. Stunning!
      ive put a few things in the comments section of this article as well… there is a big problem with ME groups who resent what the SMC has done to their cause as well.. you can google that stuff or wait for me to get to that section of SMC science suppression campaign..

      Science media: Centre of attention

      Fiona Fox and her Science Media Centre are determined to improve Britain’s press. Now the model is spreading around the world.

      Ewen Callaway

      10 July 2013

      “..Regardless, the SMC model is now spreading around the world, with the latest franchise slated to open in the United States around 2016. The centres are all run independently, but they abide by a unified charter crafted by Fox.

      This means that Fox is about to take her message to a much wider audience. “I think there are problems with her reach,” says Connie St Louis, director of the science-journalism course at City University London and one of Fox’s loudest critics. “She’s becoming one of the most powerful people in science.”…”

      “…That is a message that Fox has honed well since establishing the SMC in London in 2002. The centre’s aim is to get scientific voices into media coverage and policy debates …”

      “… “Our philosophy is we’ll get the media to DO science better when scientists DO the media better,” says Fox. …”

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | January 17, 2014 | Reply

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