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Picture – Fukushima polydactyl case reported in Japan – A radiation effect?




今、フクシマ原発周辺や関東を中心に「多指症」という奇形を持つこどもが結構な数確認されていると聞こえてきている。 事故後3~5年で健康被害が顕著になったチェルノブイリの例でみれば、日本でも地獄絵さながらの様相になるだろう。

The link is in Japanese but the picture shows a young baby with polydactyl. I have been searching for polydactyl pictures as evidence to health effects from radiation. I asked for pictures with a local newspaper dated underneath, but this does not meet that simple criteria as it is meant for personal discussion in Fukushima

Here is a bad translation of the text


Now, you have heard a child with a malformation called “polydactyly” around the Kanto and Fukushima nuclear power plant around to have been quite a few confirmation. If you look at the example of Chernobyl health hazards became prominent in 3-5 years after the accident, is going to be aspects of the picture just like hell in Japan.


And more on the numbers involved here..

Fukushima: 100 babies with polydactyly are on the waiting list for operation 福島在住の夫婦、震災以降「多指症」の赤ちゃん誕生。受診すると「多指症の子の手術がいっぱいで100人待

“….When a parent whose baby had been born with polydactyly contacted Fukushima Medical University to ask for an operation for their child, they were told that they were very busy operating on babies with the same condition and had more than a hundred on their waiting list. They were also told they would have to wait another one or two years before the operation could be performed, as the bones in the fingers and hands need to be well developed….”

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