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The BBC and an insulting program on promoting eugenics during the paralympics

Prof Yuri Dubrovna, the only person that could have argued against the idea that alcohol caused most deformities in babies was hastily replaced by a very pro nuclear industry supporter with proven deceptive qualities (see below). His absence was odd as he actually had on the ground experience in Khazakstan and would have countered many of the generalities that were talked about.

The video below is a damming indictment of UK University and Media manipulation. In the video the creators break down the BBC Newsnights programme beautifully. They also posit a view that the debate has been opened up to de-populate the world. I would tentatively disagree with this angle and in its place put greed, fear and stupidity backed by big corporations fronted by PR corporations that manipulate the media.

In this instance I believe that the protection of the royal family and Tony Blair and many corporations that are involved with Kazahkstan.

Khazakstan is the blistering wound on the worlds nuclear companies/military and the debate whether ionising radiation has effects on the genes and at what level.

London Paralympics Springboards BBC Eugenics Debate

Published on Sep 1, 2012 by MrLotineGuy

It is truly shocking that the BBC chose to use the occasion of the Paralympics to promote an agenda of eugenics. A few years ago, people would not have believed that this would be possible, but nowadays anything is possible. America and Britain seem to be leading the world into tyranny and one cannot help wonder where it will all end.

Eugenics, helping or eradicating disability? (28Aug12)

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by liarpoliticians2

Is the concept of Eugenics helping disabled people, or erradicating disability

Recorded from BBC Newsnight, 28 August 2012.

Q&A panel held after premier screening of ‘After the Apocalypse’. The panel included Baroness Helena Kennedy.

11 May 2012, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

And a quick summary of the Q&A panel held after premier screening of ‘After the Apocalypse’. The panel included Baroness Helena Kennedy. Geraldine Thomas (oncology), Steve Wilkinson,

Prof Thomas says that genetic science is not accurate anyway?

Prof Thomas says the doctors in the film are trying to source funding by highlighting deformity etc

Prof Thomas doesn’t comment on the enforced genetic passports?? Everyone else on the panel does.

Prof Thomas says the incidence is of small incremental amounts but doesnt give a percentage..

Any percentage of millions/billions of people are huge numbers of personal distress and loss!!

The director looks harassed.. the film has been taken off You Tube.. Prof Thomas blames alcoholism for the gross defects of bibgul and her mother..

And here is the original list of speakers, no Prof Thomas?


May 5 ’11 After the Apocalypse Premiere

Good Pitch UK 2009 Alumnus After the Apocalypse,

A film about aftermath of soviet era nuclear experiments, is set to premiere in the UK on May 11th at Princes Charles Cinema.

Screening followed by a Q&A with key Genetic and Ethical specialists – Baroness Helena

Kennedy, the former Head of the Human Genetics Commission; Professor Yuri Dubrova –

Professor of Genetics at the University of Leicester and Steve Wilkinson – Professor of Medical

Ethics at Keele University.


and the missing scientist has shown studies that prove genetic damage. So Prof Yuri Dubrovna, the only person that could have argued against the idea that alcohol caused most deformities in babies was hastily replaced by a very pro nuclear industry supporter with proven deceptive qualities (see below). His absence was odd as he actually had on the ground experience in Khazakstan and would have countered many of the generalities that were talked about. Here is some of his work findings.


Exposure to ionising radiation results in elevated mutation rates in the non-exposed offspring of irradiated male mice

Radiation-induced transgenerational instability results in elevated mortality & cancer incidence among the offspring of irradiated male mice

Delayed genetic risks of ionising radiation


Click to access day2-dubrova-pres.pdf

And this is the film they were talking of


After the Apocolypse

Dr. Boris Gusev, Semipalatinsk Institute of Radiation Medicine:

“Over the last 15 years we have thoroughly analysed all the material in these archives.”

“We have made our conclusions and published our research, and at the same time we have continued our planned research of the population.”

“Now a huge new group has appeared of 250,000-270,000 people.”

“These are the children of parents who have been irradiated.”

“We thought that everything would go smoothly, that chromosonal damage and genetic effects would be confined to the generation of people who were irradiated and they could not be inherited by future generations.”

“But it turned out that this was wrong.”


so proving that the video of the question and answer session was staged like the BBC video means that there must be a reason..

I think it is to cover up what is to come in Kazakhstan. Eradication of imperfection. And the Rich and famous that support the regime need protecting from bad PR moments, like evidence of nuclear damage to humans. Might call into question the great green hope, nuclear.

Lots of money was invested in nuclear as the markets crashed in 2008 and lots of money carried on being invested for another 3 years. Nuclear was the only sure investment for the corporations money and your pensions.

After the nuclear tragedy in Fukushima Japan shares plummeted 40 percent in nuclear and I don’t think they are recovering. Only tax payer money is bailing the nuclear companies out.

This video is a damming indictment of nuclear and its effects and as you can see it has been targeted by the Nuclear industry and their PR buddies  WPP (Ogilvy and Mather etc)

And this extract to help connect some dots…


“Tony Blair secured a deal to represent Kazakhstan after meeting billionaire Labour donor Lakshmi Mittal in the corruption-plagued country, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Steel magnate Mittal –who has given more than £4 million to Labour – sat next to Mr Blair at a meeting of powerful international businessmen in the Kazakh capital Astana in May.

The former Labour Prime Minister’s meeting with Mr Mittal will inevitably raise fresh claims that he has cashed in on his decade in power at Downing Street.”


Last week a senior adviser to the Kazakh president said that Mr Blair had opened an office in the capital.Presidential adviser Yermukhamet Yertysbayev said: ‘A large working group is here and, to my knowledge, it has already opened Tony Blair’s permanent office in Astana.’

It was reported last week that Mr Blair had secured an £8 million deal to clean up the image of Kazakhstan.


Mr Blair also visited Kazakhstan in 2008, and in 2003 Lord Levy went there to help UK firms win contracts.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said last night: ‘Tony Blair has helped put together a team of international advisers and consultants to set up an advisory group for the Kazakhs, with a team of people working on the ground.


Kazakhstan’s nuclear ambitions

By Togzhan Kassenova | 28 April 2008


“In April 2007, 150 Japanese government and private sector representatives visited Astana, the Kazakh capital, and signed 24 bilateral trade deals, including the purchase of a stake in a Kazatomprom uranium mine by Marubeni Corporation. In addition, Toshiba pledged to help Kazakhstan build nuclear power plants, and the Japanese delegation agreed to provide Kazakhstan with technological assistance for processing uranium fuel and building reactors.4”


“Kazatomprom’s goal is to collaborate with Russia to export nuclear reactors to third-party countries. It has already established Atomnye Stantsii, a joint venture with Russia that will design, build, and sell small- and medium-sized reactors.

“First and foremost, Kazakhstan responsibly defends nonproliferation and export controls. It is a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Nuclear Suppliers Group. And in addition to its general IAEA membership, Kazakhstan has signed the IAEA Safeguards Protocol and signed and ratified the IAEA’s Additional Protocol. Adherence to the Additional Protocol subjects all of Kazakhstan’s nuclear facilities to stringent IAEA oversight, including comprehensive declarations, reporting, and site-access obligations.”



Tony Blair calls for G8 global warming plan

Tony Blair: ‘People need solutions that are realistic and practical’ By Julian Ryall in Tokyo

5:30PM BST 27 Jun 2008

“One area that Blair conceded would be controversial is his support for investment, both financially and technologically, in the nuclear power sector.

To rule out nuclear power “would be a big mistake,” he said, suggesting that the world needs a “substantial renaissance of nuclear power” to reduce emissions.”


And this to show how close these countries are. The UK wants to use kazahkstan to bury the Waste of the UK very likely too.


Political relations

For years of independence the countries have established and consistently develop constructive political dialogue. Republic Kazakhstan and United Kingdom positions coincide on the majority of issue of the world politics. Forward development of bilateral political and economic cooperation between two countries is maintained by summit meeting talks.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev has visited the United Kingdom visits on four occasions. Queen Elizabeth II has awarded the President N.Nazarbaev with the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George in acknowledgement of his merits for ensuring political and economic stability, setting law and democracy in Kazakhstan, non-proliferation of the nuclear weapons, and also for achievement of considerable progress in mutual relations.

The following members of the royal family called on Kazakhstan with visits – the successor of the British throne Prince Charles of Wales (1996), Princess Anna (1993), the Duke of Gloucester (2000), Prince Andrew – the Duke of York, the special representative of Great Britain on trade and investments (2003 and 2006-2007), and also Prince Michael in September, 2009.

On January 27-28, 2010 State Secretary-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev took part in International Conference on Afghanistan in London and delivered the speech as a Chairman in Office of OSCE at the Royal Institute of International Affairs “Chatham House”.

On February 25-26, 2010 as part of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in OSCE the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London organized at Cambridge University a briefing “Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan”.

On July 16-17, 2010 Deputy Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain David Lidington took part in the informal meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Almaty.

On December 1-2, 2010 Deputy Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Nick Clegg took part in the OSCE Summit in Astana.

On November 29 – December 12, 2010 Embassy of Kazakhstan held a seminar “The new architecture of European security in the frame work of OSCE” at the Central Asia Forum at the Cambridge University in connection with the completion of Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship.


Inter-parliamentary relations

Cooperation between legislative bodies is important part of the bilateral strategic partnership of Kazakhstan and Great Britain. 2010 has been noted by the further activization of inter-parliamentary contacts. Since 2001 all-party group on cooperation with Kazakhstan officially operates in the Parliament of Great Britain. It is headed by a member of Chamber of Lords of Viscount Waverley since 2009.

On February 8, 2010 there were hearings of deputies in support of presidency of Kazakhstan in OSCE. They noted high achievements of Kazakhstan in realization of economic and democratic reforms.

On February 21-23, 2010 parliamentary delegation headed by Lord Waverley paid working visit Kazakhstan for signing the memorandum of understanding. Delegation had the meeting with Mr K.Tokaev Chairman of the Senate of Parliament, Mr K.Zhigalov Deputy Minister of foreign affairs and Mr S.Temirbolatov head of inter-parliamentary group of the Parliament.

On May 3-11, 2010 parliamentary delegation of Kazakhstan headed by Mr A.K.Ahmetov chairman of the Committee on the international relations, defence and security of the Senate of the Parliament paid visit to Great Britain.              In July 2010 Ambassador K.Abuseitov had the meeting with inter-parliamentary group of British Parliament.

On July 22-26, 2010 Lord Waverley paid an official visit to Kazakhstan within the framework of realization of the signed memorandum. Members of British Parliament had the meeting with prominent representatives of political and business circles of Kazakhstan.


here are some publications by mr wilkins

Wilkinson SD. 2011. Selective reproduction, eugenics, and public health. In Public Health Ethics Key Concepts and Issues in Policy and Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. link>

Wilkinson SD and Wilkinson, TM. 2011. The Donation of Human Organs. link>

Wilkinson SD. 2011. The Sale of Human Organs. link>

Wilkinson S. 2010. Choosing Tomorrow’s Children: The Ethics of Selective Reproduction (Issues in Biomedical Ethics). OUP Oxford..

There is more Manchester connections on the link below connecting nuclear funding and research, scroll down the comments for UK university complicity in not trying to find the cause but just concentrating on a cure that corporations can make lots of money on.

The corporations have upped the radiation dose allowable and plan on making money on the extra cancers caused while ignoring the causes of the cancers. Also, they ignore any other effects claiming that people only have psychological problems.

And here is some posted comments concerning Prof Geraldine Thomas. (note, I was very cross with the treatment meted out by these “caring” proffessionals and was a bit rude on this thread.. in fairness to Geraldine, I apologised for my rudeness. I have let you see the link as it is representive of my personal feelings at that moment and felt it should not be censured.. my apology to Prof Thomas still stands and is more sincere now than before.

“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,” says Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London


So, to recap. We have the BBC trying to bring the “acceptable” face of eugenics into the public domain. The reason for this is generally unclear to most people. I believe that the cover up of the gulf disaster in the usa, the ongoing Fukushima nuclear tragedy in japan and the genetic passports and all that entails in Khazakstan have forced the corporations hands. They have brought out the “acceptable” face of the nuclear industry (Prof Thomas) usurping a balanced view from Professor Yuri Dubrova. Both events were overseen by Ogilvy and Mather PR and associates as in the USA and Japan and the connection and direction of all the media outlets comes from this huge marketing company. After the Apocolypse has the caught the corporations off guard and the reason for the eugenics debate is to smooth over the damage caused by the release of this information in this video.

Some evidence of the heavy connections between politicians and big corporations is found on the above links. You will not have to look far to find more of the same.

The alternative media is the only way to properly disseminate these issues in a fair and balanced way.

My very small critic on the Paralympic video is a sign of crowd sourcing news. The fact that de-population is inevitable because of environmental contaminants is born out by the increase in child cancers and cancers of younger people. The idea posited in the video of purposeful de-population is not as proven as my posit I believe, however, it could be that the evidence above might bolster the case for a purposeful de-population strategy. But I think that if we concentrate on the harm to others and try to stop it by informing others, that this might be a more effective strategy for activist to work on. “One brick at a time” and im starting at the bottom.

Feel free to add or subtract any info above if you can work out another option or evidence to support one or the other theories. That’s the great thing about crowd sourced news….real news.

I have to add that the video by MrLotineGuy was a fantastic bit of news gathering, powerful, informative and using superb critical thinking skills. I am awed and my meagre attempt at back tracking a possible cause for the appearance in media of the “new improved” eugenics debate is not in the professional league of these 2 presenters. A truly inspiring and motivating documentary by caring bloggers. It inspired me to put these thoughts and links together and I hope the information will aid any discussion that might be had on this controversial topic.

I might add that my gene pool is at risk too! I have Adult ADHD and both my daughters have it to, so I have an interest in stopping this madness. I believe that ADHD is as much a gift as a difficulty and would claim that for all disabled people who overcome physical and mental difficulties to shine brightly, best expressed in the paralympics! The opposite of what Health UK wants. It wants us dead.

The UK university and health services should be ashamed of their support of bad science in favour of the huge funding increases this year. All independent research on the cause of cancer has been stifled at the same time. They want to treat everyone with radiation to make money not stop the cancers by finding the cause.

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