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Unsolved nuclear waste problem is stopping the industry

Nuclear waste blocks growth opportunities The Collegian Philip Reiser, Staff Writer   10 Nov 09 With the growing concerns about the climate problem, the need for renewable energy sources becomes more and more pressing……………. Continue reading

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Patrick Moore – paid nuclear spruiker, ignores cost isses

Nuclear power industry is plagued by problems the Philadelphia Inquirer Nov. 10, 2009 Patrick Moore’s recent op-ed (“Old foes welcome clean fuel,” Thursday) is long on optimism and short on facts. Continue reading

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Britain’s nuclear future very dubious

A bright nuclear future: true or false? Britain has identified 10 ‘suitable sites’ for next-generation nuclear power plants. Here’s a list of awkward questions, by Jeremy Leggett 10 Nov 09 Continue reading

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UK – locals cannot veto nuclear plant

Would you live in a nuclear shadow? The Guardian UK 10 Nov 09 The government is paving the way for a huge expansion of nuclear power – but would you live near a power station?…… Continue reading

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Art communicates effects of nuclear testin

Green Books Campaign: Art and Upheaval & Giveaway

At home with books November 10, 2009

Review of  Art and Upheaval by William Cleveland. “……In Australia theater is used as a means to communicate the effects of nuclear testing on unknowing military men and the aborigines, in hopes that the government will finally take responsibility for their actions…..”

At Home With Books: Green Books Campaign: Art and Upheaval & Giveaway

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Scotland scorns UK’s costly, dirty, unreliable nuclear strategy

Scotland’s renewable energy future SNP News 10 Nov 09 Responding to the energy national policy statements in the House of Commons on UK Government proposals to reform planning laws and fast-track a new generation of nuclear reactors, SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson, Mike Weir MP, said the plans validated the Scottish Government’s energy strategy. Continue reading

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Pakistanis’ morale low over nuclear problem

Nuclear Doubts: Pakistani Weakness Is Eroding Internal Morale, Fast

International Analyst Network By AHMED QURAISHI

10 November 2009. “……

is the Pakistani government or military really talking secretly with the Americans on how to secure Pakistani nukes? Continue reading

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Pakistani nuclear expert supports Iran’s program

A Q Khan supports Iran’s nuclear programme Islamabad Pakistan Observer 9 Nov 09Top Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has supported Iran’s right to develop nuclear energy and said that a propaganda campaign was going on against the nuclear programme of Iran.

Talking to IRNA, in a first-ever interview to any Iranian news service, he said, the West is biased against the nuclear programmes of all the Islamic countries including Iran.If Iran fires a missile then it is wrong but if Israel does it then it is right”, he added.

Top Stories | Pakistan Observer Newspaper online edition

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Iranian public unaware of facts on nuclear program

Iranians wrongly support nuclear program: analyst

Azerbaijan, Baku,   06.11.2009 /Trend News, T.Konyayeva/

The Iranians support the development of the country’s nuclear program and consider the issue to be a matter of pride, but know neither its possible military orientation nor its real price, Northeastern University Professor Kamran Dadkhah told Trend News in an e-mail. Continue reading

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Examining the myth of nuclear and ‘baseload power’

Intermittency and you Do we need nuclear and coal plants for baseload power? Grist by David Roberts 9 Nov 09 “….Matt Yglesias made the point that only socialist state control seems capable of creating a robust nuclear power industry. After all, the only countries building nuke plants these days are the ones where governments are making the decisions………… Continue reading

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Irish Sea coast areas threat of nuclear radiation

And nuclear power’s not real good, in view of climate change, either – Christina Macpherson


Seven of Britain’s new nuclear plants will be on Irish Sea coast Belfast Telegraph 10 November 2009 Fears have been raised about the health and environmental risks to Ireland after the British Government gave the green light for the construction of 10 new nuclear power plants — seven of them along the Irish Sea….. Continue reading

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Depleted Uranium contamination in Iraq

The Responsibility of the US in Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium Global Research by Prof Souad N. Al-Azzawi 10 Nov 09 For two decades, the administrations of the United States of America and the United Kingdom have been waging continuous wars on Iraq to occupy this oil rich country.The armed forces of those two countries attacked civilians with different kinds of conventional, non-conventional, and banned weapons such as cluster bombs ammunitions, napalm bombs, white phosphorous weapons and depleted Uranium weapons. Continue reading

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Al Gore on climate change, nuclear power

Basil and Spice Review by Loyd Eskildson Our Choice (Rodale/ Nov 2009)
“Our Choice”  is former Vice President Gore’s third book on global warming. Continue reading

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Maralinga nuclear bomb site returns to aborigines

Traditional indigenous owners to reclaim Maralinga bomb site THE AUSTRALIAN  David Nason  November 10, 2009 MORE than 50 years after their ancestral lands were devastated by nuclear testing, the Tjarutja people of western South Australia will next month be handed back the infamous expanse of remote desert the British named Maralinga. Continue reading

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Nuclear test veterans deserve compensation

MP Calls For Action On Nuclear Test Veterans 2009 CREWE and Nantwich GUARDIAN (UK) 10 November 2009 MP Edward Timpson has called for action from the Government regarding British nuclear test veterans.Between 1952 and 1967 the UK carried out a number of tests of nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean and in Australia, involving more than 20,000 servicemen.Some 30% of men involved in the tests have since died, mostly in their 50s. Continue reading

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