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Nuclear lies being promoted in New York

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Beyond Nuclear said it some time ago: “Nuclear power has been kept outside of climate change mitigation mechanisms to date. However, some evidence shows that the nuclear lobby could be preparing its comeback in Copenhagen to have this dirty energy labeled as clean or carbon-free and thus benefit from new subsidies.”

And – lo and behold! Britain’s PM is there spruiking “Atoms for Peace!”. We’re supposed to believe that promoting nuclear energy will, by some magic,  reduce nuclear weapons?

China’s President Hu urges nuclear as the solution to global warming. And – he’s even pushing the idea of rich countries financing nuclear power to poor countries, so that they can buy nuclear technology from the rich countries!

Now that really is dandy for the nuclear lobby!


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Nuclear Waste Truck Overturns

Nuclear Waste Truck Overturns on I-81

Nuclear Waste Truck Overturns on I-81 – WNEP

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China suggests:finance nuclear for poor countries, to beat global warming

Nuclear issues on the table in New York
World Nuclear News 23 September 2009
China wants to use nuclear power vigorously to fight climate change – with financial support from wealthier nations, according to a speech delivered to the UN yesterday. Continue reading

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Gordon Brown touts “atoms for peace” in New York

In Quotes: UN General Assembly
BBC News 23 September 2009

“……………Britain will insist that the onus on non-nuclear states is that, in future, it is for them to prove they are not developing nuclear weapons.

Second, Britain will offer civil nuclear power to non nuclear states ready to renounce any plans for nuclear weapons: helping non-nuclear states acquire what President Eisenhower so memorably called “atoms for peace.”

BBC NEWS | Special Reports | In quotes: UN General Assembly

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New Russian nuclear plant not welcome in Kaliningrad

New Russian nuclear plant worries residents’
Greenpeace 24 Sept 09 Russia’s plans to build a nuclear power plant in its Baltic territory of Kaliningrad, hemmed in between Poland and Lithuania, has local residents and environmentalists worried. Continue reading

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Russia completes nuclear plant’s automated control system for Iran

Russia completes automated control system for Bushehr
TEHRAN TIMES NPP MOSCOW (RIA Novosti) September 24, 2009
– Russia is completing work on an automated control system for Iran’s first nuclear power plant, the Russian civil nuclear power corporation Atomenergoprom said on Wednesday.The automated control system, which will be commissioned on a turnkey basis, is designed to control the NPP’s first reactor, Atomenergoprom said in a statement.

tehran times : Russia completes automated control system for Bushehr NPP

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Nuclear power has 7 serious problems

7 Drawbacks To Using Nuclear Power
THE TECH EDITION  by Brett Stephens on September 23, 2009by Tim McDonald
People may argue that 25% of the world’s energy is produced through nuclear power, but what they do not understand is all the problems it brings: Continue reading

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Solar subsidies at some risk in German election

Center-right coalition could slash solar subsidies

By Polya Lesova, MarketWatch 22 Sept 09

FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) — Though broad political support for renewable energy is certain to stay in place regardless of what government emerges after Sunday’s national election, a center-right coalition will likely push for bigger cuts to the state subsidies that have helped make Germany one of the global leaders in green energy. Continue reading

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Suntech Breaks Solar Panel Efficiency Record – Again

Suntech Breaks Solar Panel Efficiency Record – Again
Energy Matters 24 SEPTEMBER, 2009

“…… The company announced yesterday it had again beaten all previous records for polycrystalline silicon module conversion efficiency. The new world record conversion efficiency (aperture area only) was measured at 16.53% by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Germany. Continue reading

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