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Doctors to walk out in protest over uranium mine

Doctors threaten to leave over uranium mine – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) By Eric Tlozek Nov 20, 2009 group of Alice Springs doctors say they will leave the town if a uranium mine goes ahead in the area. Uranium company Cameco is exploring a uranium deposit 25 kilometres south of Alice Springs. Continue reading

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How to keep radioactive waste safe for thousands of years?

A Permanent Breakdown in Communications The Atlantic, by Megan McCardle17 Nov 2009 Slate ponders how to communicate the danger of radioactive waste to the far future. Continue reading

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Nuclear lobby working on US Senate

The nuclear option seems to be back on the table, with new bipartisan legislation designed to promote a fresh wave of nuclear power plant construction. Is there an easier way? Continue reading

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Nuclear power plant tender canceled

Turkey scraps nuclear power plant tender Google News (AFP) – 21 Nov 09 ANKARA Turkey on Friday scrapped a 2008 tender won by a Russian-led consortium to build the country’s first nuclear power plant — Continue reading

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Why Australia won’t get nuclear power

Peak Energy: Crikey’s Bernard Keane has the next installment of his series on why nuclear power is unlikely to be seen in Australia – 20 Nov 09
To those who say “beaudy nuke”: why should taxpayers suffer? What would it cost Australia to go nuclear? Good question. Excellent question, in fact, because no one really knows. Continue reading

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Nuclear lobby positioning itself as “green”

Beyond Nuclear 20 Nov 09 Climate change and its impacts are now undeniable. Leaders from around the world will have to reach a new climate agreement during the December 2009 Copenhagen Summit. Urgent measures must be taken to achieve a massive reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the current Kyoto Protocol, nuclear energy is rightly excluded from the possible solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the nuclear industry, in collaboration with certain countries, is pushing for this dangerous and polluting technology to be included in the next climate agreement as a “clean” technology.

The nuclear industry would then be able to take advantage of significant public investments at the expense of real solutions! Such a disingenuous strategy would mean losing the fight against climate change and promoting the global expansion of the nuclear industry, with its associated risks. Please sign the petition today asking decision-makers at Copenhagen to reject nuclear energy as a “clean” technology and to oppose its inclusion in the mechanisms to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Please sign today.

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People rallying to combat nuclear and fossil fuels

Converging on Copenhagen The INDYPENDENT By Jessica Lee
From the November 20, 2009 issue Leaders of 192 nations will convene for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Dec. 7 through Dec. 18 to hash out badly needed policy to combat global warming and address climate justice…..Ten years after a coalition of environmental and global justice movements took on the World Trade Organization in Seattle, a vast grassroots effort will come together in Copenhagen to disrupt business as usual. It’s time to act now against the system that threatens the planet.or

As the coal and oil sectors are targeted as climate culprits, the nuclear power industry is remaking itself as a green alternative. Environmentalists counter that nuclear power has a huge carbon footprint because of the energy needed to mine and process uranium, construct anddecommission the plants, and handle, process and store radioactive waste………………

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Doctor asserts that nuclear power is unsafe

Nuclear power opponent speaks out on Payette proposal
Dr. Peter Rickards asserts atomic power is unsafe

Thursday, November 19, 2009
PAYETTE — Dr. Peter Rickards, Twin Falls, intends to drive to Payette County today to attend the Payette County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting where the board will consider a comprehensive plan amendment regarding a proposed nuclear power plant……“I’m the kind of guy who likes to double checks things,” Rickards said.

He said, beyond the large nuclear power plant accidents in the past, there have been smaller problems at other plants that could have turned into disasters, specifically naming a power plant, Davis-Besse, in Ohio where he said a small leak was detected and then deliberately ignored. The Davis-Besse plant has faced a number of challenges since construction began on the facility in 1970.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported the Davis-Besse plant encountered several of the most dangerous types of nuclear miscues since the late 1970s.

Rickards said voters in Idaho and Payette County should be concerned about any nuclear power plant proposal. ………….“Basically nuclear power is the only energy source that can cause the permanent evacuation of a widespread region such as southern Idaho,” he said. He encourages people to attend tonight’s meeting and get involved because he does not think Payette County should be put on the frontlines again, nor should local residents be asked to compromise their safety or families……..

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Nuclear plant has poor safety culture

San Onofre’s Safety problems , Voice of SanDiego, by Andrew Donahue 18 Nov 09 While two whistleblower complaints at San Onofre nuclear plant made big news locally today, the plant has been dogged by numerous safety issues in the past, as our in-depth piece from former Los Angeles Times energy reporter Elizabeth Douglass found earlier this year. Continue reading

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Women warned on radiation hazard of mammograms

Repeated X-rays could lead to problems The Desert Sun •Diana Saunders November 19, 2009 In the debate about mammograms, a key word is missing: X-rays. Although mammograms are low-dose X-rays, they pose a small risk of radiation-induced cancer that increases with each mammogram. Continue reading

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