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Obama making ambiguous noises about nuclear power


by Christina Macpherson President Obama is making some rather ambiguous noises about nuclear energy. This is, of course, in the context of present debates on the USA’s Climate Bill. And we know that the Democrats are so keen to get some sort of Climate Bill passed, that just about anything goes, even nuclear, if the word “Climate” is tacked on to the Bill.

And, of course, there’s always the dear old “military-industrial complex” , and now, the pressure to somehow put so-called “peaceful” nukes, into nuclear disarmament plans.

Perhaps Obama is just placating them all with these seemingly pro-nuke noises. He can’t be unaware of the financial and waste-problem debacle that is the present state of this dying industry. Continue reading


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Veterans sue govt for nuclear radiation harm

FORMER SOLDIERS SUE STATE FOR NUCLEAR RADIATION DAMAGES Santiago Times  By James Fowler 23 October 2009 Conscripts Were Exposed To High Levels Of Radiation Former soldiers suffering from radiation poisoning are suing the Chilean treasury and Nuclear Energy Commission for US$85 million. The men were exposed to high levels of radiation whilst guarding the same nuclear facility in Santiago in the late 1980’s. Continue reading

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Video: Rating Obama on renewable energy?

Video: MIT Students Grade Obama On Green Energy By SARAH BUSH and ANDREW PHELPS  October 23, 2009 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — President Obama got a glance at some of the world’s most innovative clean energy technologies during a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday. In a speech, he touted a major climate change bill and urged Americans to lead on renewable energy. But Mr. Obama’s critics say he has hardly made any progress toward making America “green.” We interviewed MIT students before and after his speech for their assessment. » News » Video: MIT Students Grade Obama On Green Energy

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Nuclear Disarmament Panel’s plans – too little, too slow

A-Bomb Victims, NGOs Dissatisfied With Nuclear Panel’s Action Plans HIROSHIMA, Oct 23 (Bernama)— Nuclear arms reduction plans crafted this week by an international panel in Hiroshima will take too long to bring about a world free of nuclear arms, atomic bomb survivors and anti-nuclear non-governmental organisations say. Continue reading

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Risk of low level radiation might be under-estimated

That X-Ray Could Give You A Heart Attack  News Junkie , By Dolores M. Bernal  Oct 22, 2009

Researchers from the UK have found that small levels of radiation could lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. The findings were published this week on the journal of PLoS Computational Biology. Continue reading

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Warning on CT Brain Scans

–  FDA Issues Warning About Radiation Overexposure During Brain Scan By: June Chen, MD Health and Age 10/22/2009 Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported cases of radiation overexposure during brain perfusion computed tomography (CT) imaging. Although the reported cases of radiation overexposure all occurred at a single institution, this warning does raise a red flag about potential problems with CT quality assurance programs. Continue reading

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Iran seems to be spurning a good nuclear deal

Dickering Over Uranium Tehran should love the U.S. offer on enrichment. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL OCTOBER 24, 2009

One sign that an adversary isn’t serious about negotiating is when it rejects even your concessions. That seemed to be the case yesterday when Iran gave signs it may turn down an offer from Russia, Europe and the U.S. to let Tehran enrich its uranium under foreign supervision outside the country. The mullahs so far won’t take yes for an answer.

Tehran had previously looked set to accept the deal, which is hardly an obstacle to its nuclear program………………..the West’s enrichment offer is already a good one for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran would give up one bomb’s worth—about 2,600 pounds—of uranium enriched at its facility in Natanz to the low level of 3.5%. Russia would then enrich the uranium further to 19.75% and someone, most likely France, would put the uranium into fuel rods for transfer back to Iran for ostensible use in a civilian nuclear reactor. Western officials say this would delay Iran’s efforts to get a bomb………………

Iran insists it won’t stop enriching uranium on its own, in violation of Security Council resolutions. Aside from rewarding Iran for past misbehavior by letting it use illegally enriched uranium, this deal fails to solve the problem it is intended to solve. That’s because as long as the Natanz facility continues to enrich uranium at its current rate of about 132 pounds a month, Iran will produce enough low-enriched uranium within the year for a bomb………….

The mullahs know that President Obama is eager to show diplomatic gains from his engagement strategy, and they are going to exploit that eagerness to get every possible concession. The one thing Iran has shown no desire to bargain over is its intention to become a nuclear power.

Iran To Turn Down Uranium Deal –

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