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Mainstream media and its pro-nuclear bias

An opinion poll, on Australian attitudes to “considering” nuclear power, resulted in so many headlines like the one below. But IS that what the poll found?

Australians Keen to Embrace Nuclear Power

(VOA News By Phil Mercer
15 October 2009)

In fact the results went like this: Here is extract from Nielsen’s report:

Almost one in two voters (49%) said they supported the consideration of nuclear power while 43% were opposed. Six in ten (62%) of Green voters were opposed to nuclear power while 58% of Coalition voters were in favour.

“It is important to understand two things about this question. First, it was deliberately asked in the context of addressing climate change. Second, it asked whether voters felt the government should consider nuclear power, not introduce it. Even in this context, nuclear power failed to achieve support from a majority of voters and a significant minority (43%) remain opposed” said Nielsen Research Director, John Stirton.

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Nuclear lobby looking to “modernising” old reactors, as AREVA’s new ones failing

SPIEGEL ONLINE By Dinah Deckstein, Frank Dohmen and Cordula Meyer Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan. 16 Oct 09

Modernization instead of new construction. Is the new strategy to launch a renaissance through the back door? At first, the chaos surrounding the Olkiluoto reactor reveals that the industry is by no means ready to build new power plants cheaply and safely in the Western world. Utilities, with their massive financial risks, can no longer support such mammoth projects — unless the government steps in. Continue reading

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Nuclear industry stalled in all safety-conscious countries

SPIEGEL ONLINE By Dinah Deckstein, Frank Dohmen and Cordula Meyer Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan. 15 Oct 09

Global Renaissance off to a Slow Start

The French state-owned company isn’t the only one having trouble building new nuclear power plants. Last year, for the first time since the beginning of the nuclear age, not a single new reactor went into service worldwide. Continue reading

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US Climate Bill turning into a pro-nuclear excuse?

Nuking the Climate Bill

CounterPunch By HARVEY WASSERMAN 16 Oct 09

Is the Climate Bill morphing into an excuse to promote fossil fuels and new nuclear power plants?

Sen. John Kerry’s (D-MA) recent promotion of a pro-nuke/pro-drilling/pro-coal agenda in the name of Climate Protection has been highlighted in a New York Times op ed co-authored with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC). The piece brands nuke power “our single largest contributor of emissions-free power.” Continue reading

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Safety concerns about Westinghouse new nuclear reactor design

NRC raises concern about new reactor design

Google News By H. JOSEF HEBERT (AP) – 16 Oct 09

WASHINGTON — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission raised safety concerns Thursday with the design of a proposed next-generation reactor to be built by Westinghouse Electric Co., saying a key part of the reactor may not withstand a tornado, earthquake or even high winds.

The NRC staff directed Westinghouse to make changes in the reactor design so that its outer shell, which is supposed to protect the reactor’s concrete containment structure, is strengthened. The staff concluded the outer steel and composite structure does not meet the design requirements for safety.

The reactor, called the AP1000, is one of three next-generation reactor designs under NRC review. The others are being proposed by Areva Inc., the French nuclear company, and GE Hitachi Corp…………

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Work stops with safety fears at French nuclear plant

Watchdog suspends work at French plutonium plant

PARIS, Oct 15 (Reuters) – The French nuclear safety watchdog ASN has suspended work dismantling a plutonium technology plant over worker safety fears, after almost three times as much plutonium was found at the site than expected. Continue reading

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“New generation” nuclear renaissance is just not happening

Problems Plague Launch of ‘Safer’ Next-Generation Reactors

SPIEGEL ONLINE By Dinah Deckstein, Frank Dohmen and Cordula Meyer Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan. 15 Oct 09

The executives of electric utilities worldwide are dreaming of a renaissance in nuclear power. But problems with a new, state-of-the-art reactor in Finland suggest that this is unlikely to happen. The industry’s alternative strategy is to modernize older plants to drastically extend reactor lifetimes. Continue reading

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France making it hard for Polynesian nuclear victims

Nuclear payments blow to French Polynesia

By Geraldine Coutts for Radio Australia

ABC News  Oct 15, 2009

Activists fighting for victims of French nuclear testing in the Pacific are stunned by conditions imposed in a compensation bill by France’s upper house………….Roland Oldham, president of the Mororua e Tatou Association representing French Pacific nuclear test workers, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat the actions of the French Senate reflected arrogance in metropolitan France towards its territories. Continue reading

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