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Safety, cost, wastes, – nuclear industry fast losing credibility

The reactor relapse takes 3 hits to the head
by Harvey Wasserman November 12, 2009


The much-hyped “Renaissance” of atomic power has taken three devastating hits with potentially fatal consequences.

The usually supine Nuclear Regulatory Commission has told Toshiba’s Westinghouse Corporation that its “standardized” AP-1000 design might not withstand hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes.  Continue reading


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Are modern nuclear reactors safe?


The economic downside to nuclear energy GREEN>BLORGE by Susan Wilson 10 Nov 09

“……….Are new modern nuclear reactors safe?”  The difficulty in this question is finding a nuclear reactor that has been built within the last 10 years.  According to Der Spiegel there aren’t any new reactors built within the last ten years that are up and running.  Current projects in Finland and France are experiencing severe problems with the construction and the design.  Continue reading

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Up to 40% of CT scans unnecessary, and potentially harmful

Six reasons to say No to your doctor . Find out how much of the $2.5 trillion we spend on heath care goes down the drain for tests and treatments thatdon’t help – and may even cause harm  13 Nov 09 High-Tech Imaging
A miracle of modern medicine, the computed tomography (CT) machine takes crystal-clear cross-sectional pictures of the body in a few seconds, using high-tech X-rays. Seventy million scans are done annually, at a cost of $200 or more. It’s a seductive, reassuring and quick technology, for both patients and doctors, but do you always need these scans? Continue reading

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USA: Republicans don’t believe in climate change, (except as promotion for nuclear)

Why the GOP loves nuclear

Rose`Law group 13 ov 09 From The New Republic

Nukes, nukes, and … nukes. These days, when it comes to energy and climate change, that seems to be all Republicans want to talk about. Throughout last week’s hearings on the Senate climate bill, Lamar Alexander kept interjecting that a massive ramp-up of nuclear power was the only real solution to global warming, bringing up the subject at every turn. Continue reading

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Will UK taxpayers have to subsidise French nuclear company EDF?

The hidden costs of nuclear power (UK) Left Foot Forward Joss Garman, November 12th 2009 Analysis by Left Foot Forward suggests that EdF will have to pay £50 billion to build four new nuclear reactors prompting speculation that the Government will have to back down on its refusal to subsidise the industry. Continue reading

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Are nuclear plants safe from terrorist attack?

The threat of nuclear meltdown. The government says that nuclear power is safe, but others say an airplane hit or frontal assault would be big trouble. CNN Money BySteve Hargreaves  
November 12, 2009: “……………….critics say the plants are vulnerable to attack, and that the government is not taking the measures necessary to protect the public. ……… there is an urgent need to address safety. Continue reading

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Will nuclear power provide jobs, and benefit consumers?


GREEN>BLORGE by Susan Wilson 10 Nov 09……….Will new nuclear reactors and subsequent nuclear energy really be economical for the people who will be using and paying for it?…the immediate issue is the creation of new jobs here at home. Continue reading

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