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Call for universal treaty to abolish nuclear weapons – Nobel laureates

Nobel laureates call for pact to abolish nuclear arms, The Japan Times , Nov. 15, 2010 HIROSHIMA (Kyodo) Nobel Peace Prize laureates on Sunday called on countries around the world to discuss the creation of a “universal treaty” aimed at realizing a world without nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu awarded international peace prize

Vanunu’s data showed that Israel possessed over 200 bombs with boosted devices, neutron bombs, F-16 deliverable warheads, and Jericho warheads.

Medal for Israeli nuclear whistleblower, tehran times,  September 20, 2010, A human rights organization has planned to present a peace prize to the whistleblower of Israel’s secret nuclear program.The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) said it would give the award to former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Sunday.
Vanunu will receive the 2010 Carl von Ossietzky medal. German journalist Ossietzky won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935 for speaking out against the Nazi Party. Continue reading

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Call to Muslims to support nuclear disarmament

when it comes to threats to humanity, there should be a Muslim voice to join hands with that of Christians who support the Two Futures Project

Why Muslims Should Support Nuclear Weapons Disarmament, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rizwan Ladha, 2 Sept 10,   “……..For moderate and intellectual Muslims as well, the choice should be simple: either risk annihilating the human race or eliminate the global threat posed by nuclear weapons. Believe it or not — and I know I’m opening up a big hole here — there is plenty of talk in the Qur’an about being good, kind, righteous, giving and generous to one’s fellow man, regardless of religious creed…… Continue reading

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Younger Christians lead in movement to ban nuclear weapons

..the real zeal comes from evangelicals 40 years old and younger…..  the ones really moving the ball forward on this are younger Christians who say that the 21st century is not one that’s going to be secured by nuclear weapons……………..there’s no legitimate theological basis in the Bible for Christians to justify the killing of innocents. Nuclear weapons also violate the “just war” criteria,”

A Christian Voice Argues for Banning Nuclear WeaponsAtomic weapons make for bad security and bad theology, evangelical activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson argues, Politics and Policy, By Alex Kingsbury  September 1, 2010 Even if the “New START” nuclear arms reduction treaty is ratified by the Senate (and that is uncertain after Senate sponsors postponed debate this week until fall, at the earliest), the United States and Russia will still maintain large arsenals of missiles on hair-trigger alert. Continue reading

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Obama urged by Nobel Laureates to attend Hiroshima Peace Summit

The 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is scheduled to be held in Hiroshima from Nov. 12-14. While Obama is not scheduled to attend the event, he does appear set to visit Japan in the same time period.

Nobel Laureates Urge Obama to Renew Nuclear Disarmament Campaign, NTI: Global Security Newswire -, Aug. 26, 2010 Five recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize are urging U.S. President Barack Obama to renew efforts toward global nuclear disarmament by making a high-profile trip to Hiroshima, the Japanese city where an atomic weapon was first used in war, the Associated Press reported yesterday. Continue reading

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Nuclear proliferation in the ’emerging world’

Environmental risks are effectively unlimited with nuclear power…..proliferation is no-no word for the nuclear industry. Civil and military nuclear power are each day described by world leaders like President Obama as different and separate,…Unfortunately this lyrical vision has no relation to the real world….

The reality bundle inside which nuclear proliferation hides, but which the nuclear industry and leading politicians tirelessly deny, distort or confuse, especially applies in the Emerging economies. ….

The Doomsday Threat Of The “Nuclear Renaissance” : The Market Oracle, By Andrew McKillop, 12 Aug 2010,  “…… power reactors are under construction at this moment, in what industry promoters call “The Nuclear Renaissance”. This renaissance however threatens to be as complex, ambiguous and murky as the Medieval renaissance. Continue reading

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Nuclear deterrence – an ineffective no-win policy for all countries

The question, however, is how far can the deterrence policy deter a jihadi?…..The Concerned Scientists established the Nuclear Nights and Nuclear Winter paradigm in 1985, declaring that a nuclear war cannot be fought, nor can it be won.

Do nations need nuclear weapons?, The Hindu, Dhirendra Sharma, 9 Aug 2010, “………….Once a nuclear war begins, there will be no struggle between good and evil, the jihadis and the infidels, dharma and adharma. “Survivors will envy the dead,” as Nikhita Khrushchev warned…… Continue reading

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A record 67 nations to be represented at Hiroshima memorial

UK, US, France may attend Hiroshima bombing anniversary for first time, NewsTrackd 28 Jul 2010 Tokyo, (ANI): Britain and the United States are considering sending representatives for the first time to the 65th anniversary ceremony of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Continue reading

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“Countdown to Zero” – a film that calls for action

Please check out the film’s official website here for all pertinent information and to find out how you can do more. One way to get your family and friends talking about this paramount issue is to download and read the Countdown to Zero discussion guide.

Countdown to Zero: Combating a Very Real Threat – Government Accountability Project, by Dylan Blaylock on July 20, 2010, The Government Accountability Project has a long, storied history of working with whistleblowers within the nuclear industry to bring public awareness to the most serious of safety threats.
With that in mind, GAP is partnering with other public interest organizations to raise awareness about an important new film. Countdown to Zero is a documentary about the escalating global nuclear arms crisis, making clear that the nuclear threat is very real – and not a bygone issue that died with the Cold War. Continue reading

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People of conscience resist the nuclear threat

We the people of conscience therefore exercise the right of every citizen of this republic and this planet to peacefully resist the nuclear threat; attacking as it does every core concept of human rights.

(USA) Declaration of Independence from Nuclear Weapons – Salem-News.Com,,Eileen Fleming, Jul-05-2010 36 arrested at Y-12 National Security Complex. (OAK RIDGE, Tenn.) – Priests and nuns, atheists, anarchist and one clown were among the 23 arrested by the State and 13 by the Federal Government for nonviolently resisting Nuclear Weapons at Y-12 on 5 July 2010. Continue reading

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National Anti-Nuclear Gathering at USA Weapons Complex

Nukewatch –   July 4th weekend, 2010At Maryville College and the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex, Tennessee.

The Nuclear Resister, Nukewatch and the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA) invite you to join us for a national gathering, culminating with nonviolent anti-nuclear direct action, July 3-5, 2010, to declare our independence from nuclear weapons and nuclear power. The gathering will be held at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee (tentative), with protest and action at the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex in nearby Oak Ridge, where OREPA has sustained a nonviolent campaign for over 20 years. Nukewatch

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“Morning of resistance to nuclear arms” planned at nuke weapons complex

Morning of Resistance’ at Y-12 July 5 | Frank Munger’  9 June 2010, Peace groups and activists pushing for nuclear disarmament are planning to gather in Maryville for the weekend of July 3-5 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch and anniversary of the first Plowshares Action at King of Prussia, Pa.A couple of trips are planned to the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, which produced the enriched uranium for the A-bomb dropped on Hirsohima and remains a key part of U.S. nuclear weapons complex. On Monday, July 5, a “morning of resistance” is planned at the Oak Ridge plant, according to information distributed by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.”Some people will likely participate in nonviolent direct action/civil resistance; others will participate in legal activities,” OREPA said in an newletter update titled, “A Time to Resist.” ‘Morning of Resistance’ at Y-12 July 5 | Frank Munger’s Atomic City Underground |

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The nuclear industry promoted under the banner of non-proliferation

Statement by the President on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, Politics News, usgov, 31 May 2010 The NPT must be at the center of our global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons around the world, while pursuing the ultimate goal of a world without them.This agreement includes balanced and practical steps that will advance non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, which are critical pillars of the global non-proliferation regime. ..

Statement by the President on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference

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Obama: $80 billion for nuke weapons, to promote peace? It’s confusing

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(Yeah – as a humble peasant, I don’t understand why Obama has to bribe the Republicans with hugely more nuclear weapons money, so they will agree with Obama’s and Russia’s plans to cut back nuclear weapons.?)

Kerry said the $80 billion funding request was the largest since the Cold War.

Obama wants $80 billion to upgrade nuclear arms complex, NewsDaily, By Susan Cornwelland Phil Stewart, (Additional reporting by Matt Spetalnick; Writing by Phil Stewart; Editing by John O’Callaghan)   WASHINGTON, May 13, 2010 (Reuters) President Barack Obama sent a landmark arms-reduction treaty with Russia to the Senate on Thursday for ratification and called for $80 billion in nuclear funding, which could help win opposition support. Continue reading

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1500 Japanese peace activists ignored by Nuclear Non Proliferation talks

contingent of 1,500 Japanese activists who came to the United States last week to pressure world leaders to finally abandon the bomb….The activists even tried to present U.N. treaty negotiators with boxes of 100,000 signatures from citizens across the world who were demanding an end to nuclear weapons, but officials only allowed two small boxes inside.

The non-nuclear option  Las Vegas CityLife Blogs, by Jason Whited , May. 13, 2010 “….More than 80 Japanese activists, fresh off a rally last week outside negotiations for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in New York City, made the trek to Las Vegas to take part in a May 6 peace vigil outside the Lloyd D. George Federal District Courthouse. Continue reading

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