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How Facebook members can promote renewable energy

We want facebook to use 100% renewable energy We need your help to get running on 100% renewable energy.  Please join this group and invite your friends to spread the message throughout the site! How the internet is powered is an issue not just for Facebook but for the entire IT industry.

The industry holds many of the keys to reaching our climate goals by innovating internet based solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. Technologies that enable smart grids, zero emissions buildings, and more efficient transport systems are central to efforts to combat climate change……  We want facebook to use 100% renewable energy | Facebook


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Facebook should be booming – but with Renewable Energy

big electricity consumers like Facebook can also play an important role by using its influence to demand policies that dramatically increase the supply of renewable electricity being put on the grid,

Facebook update: Switch to renewable energy now Facebook update: Switch to renewable energy now | Greenpeace International Greening Facebook from within   Facebook recently announced it will build a massive data centre in Oregon, U.S., packed full of the latest energy efficient computers to serve the hundreds of millions of friends connecting on their near-addictive social networking website. But the company plans to run the place on electricity made by burning coal–Yes, the dirtiest source of energy and largest single source of global warming pollution in the world. Continue reading

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Nuclear proliferation in the ’emerging world’

Environmental risks are effectively unlimited with nuclear power…..proliferation is no-no word for the nuclear industry. Civil and military nuclear power are each day described by world leaders like President Obama as different and separate,…Unfortunately this lyrical vision has no relation to the real world….

The reality bundle inside which nuclear proliferation hides, but which the nuclear industry and leading politicians tirelessly deny, distort or confuse, especially applies in the Emerging economies. ….

The Doomsday Threat Of The “Nuclear Renaissance” : The Market Oracle, By Andrew McKillop, 12 Aug 2010,  “…… power reactors are under construction at this moment, in what industry promoters call “The Nuclear Renaissance”. This renaissance however threatens to be as complex, ambiguous and murky as the Medieval renaissance. Continue reading

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Delays and changes forced in India’s Nuclear Liability Bill

BJP forces Centre to defer Civil Nuclear Liability Bill,  By Anil Anand, New Delhi | Agency: DNA 11 Aug 2010, Bowing to opposition pressure, the government has decided against rushing through the controversial Civil Nuclear Liability Bill. It will, instead, hold further discussions with BJP and others. Continue reading

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Chernobyl wildfire radiation risk not great, but does exist

Although any radioactive particles released during the fire would result in much lower levels of radiation compared Chernobyl, Professor Edmund Lengfelder, chairman of the German Society for Radiation Protection, told the German public that these could travel up to thousands of kilometers depending on wind conditions.

Russian Wildfires Reach Chernobyl Site, Recontamination Likely, Care 2, : Beth Buczynski 12 Aug 2010, Over 500 wildfires have been raging across Russia for the past week, and now forest service officials are reporting that blazes have reached lands already contaminated by radioactive waste from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster (Deutche Welle).”According to data from August 6, in the Bryansk region alone 28 fires covering an area of 269 hectares (664 acres) were recorded on these radioactive lands,” an official told Russia’s Interfax news agency.

This is a change from statments made earlier this week, in which Russian officials denied any knowledge of wildfires in the Bryansk region Continue reading

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Nuclear radiation threat always there for 3 million Americans

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that nearly 3 million Americans live within 10 miles of an operating nuclear power plant.

Although the Nuclear Regulatory Commission monitors these facilities closely, accidents are always possible. Dangerous levels of radiation could come our way.

Nuclear threats close to home – Honesdale, PA – Wayne Independent. 11 Aug 29010, What took place at PPL’s Susquehanna nuclear power plant near Berwick shook a few people up on Tuesday. It also served notice that nuclear disasters are possible — or at least the threat of them.Nuclear power plants aren’t on our radar that much these days. We don’t often think about Three Mile Island or the movie “The China Syndrome.” For the most part, we have grown to believe that the production of nuclear power plant energy is almost as safe as flying the friendly skies each day. There are no incidents and everything goes off without a hitch.

Until Tuesday. Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons reduction treaty needs agreement before U.S. mid-term elections

The new START, which President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed in a landmark ceremony in Prague in April, commits the two former Cold War foes to slashing their nuclear arsenals.

Clinton urges Senate to move quickly on nuclear treaty, (AFP) – Google hosted news,   12 Aug 2010, WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday urged the Senate to move quickly to pass the new US-Russian nuclear arms reduction treaty when it resumes debate next month.The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week delayed until mid-September its vote on approving the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), the successor to one that expired in December…. Continue reading

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Uncertainty over effects of wildfires on Chernobyl nuclear wastes

Greenpeace played down fears of Chernobyl pollution reaching Moscow, but said the harmful potential of smaller doses of radiation, combined with smog, carbon monoxide and other particles, should not be overlooked.

Fears Russian wildfires could drive radioactive Chernobyl waste towards Moscow. Ecologist says radioactive particles from trees and plants burnt by summer fires in Chernobyl fallout area could be carried for hundreds of miles by winds winds Tom Parfitt in Moscow, 11 August 2010

  • Forest wardens today stepped up patrols in the Chernobyl fallout zone as a leading ecologist warned that fires could send radioactive particles as far as Moscow. Continue reading

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The ‘friendly atom” and its nuclear doomsday threat

the “new nuclear South” may be content with cheaper, quicker produced DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons, and of course the almost instant Dirty Bomb potential of large civil reactors in the national territories of their regional rivals and enemies.

The friendly atom can never be friendly

The Doomsday Threat Of The “Nuclear Renaissance” : The Market Oracle, 12 Aug 2010“………., the developing South is now the prime focus of nuclear industry hopes for ever bigger contracts.  In these countries, the civil-to-military route for developing nuclear weapons using supposedly civil-only nuclear technology has however already been resoundingly proven, up to 20 or 25 years ago by India and Pakistan, South Africa and the “special case” of Israel. Continue reading

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