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Four nuclear sites in Russia at risk from fires

The Mayak plant can process 400 tonnes of waste a year. It was the scene of one of the former Soviet Union’s major nuclear disasters in 1957 when a liquid waste accident affected some 260,000 people and forced the evacuation of several towns.

Russia nuclear sites under threat from the flames, Khaleej Times, (AFP)9 August 2010, MOSCOW — Here is a list of sensitive nuclear sites threatened by the spread of fires raging in Russia since late July.· Continue reading

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Censorship of radiation effects from atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Nagasaki was “forgotten” from the very start, thanks to a blatant act of press censorship…..the real reason for the censorship was the United States did not want the world to learn about the morally troubling radiation effects

Press Censorship: How the Truth Was Hidden About Nagasaki | The Nation, 9 Aug 2010, Greg Mitchell “………..many who support the first atomic bombing have expressed severe misgivings about number two because of the failure of United States to give the Japanese at least a few more days to consider surrender after the first blast (and the Soviets’ declaration of war). Kurt Vonnegut Jr. once said in an interview that the “nastiest act by this country, after human slavery, was the bombing of Nagasaki.” Continue reading

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Brazil enriching uranium, and potential for nuclear weapons

Brazil continues to have a program to produce enriched uranium for power plants, and opened its first uranium enrichment plant in 2006.

The Folly of Brazil’s Exceptionalism, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Daniel Wagner: 9 Aug 2010, “……..Brazil first embarked on a nuclear program in the 1930s and pursued a covert nuclear weapons program until the 1970s. It retains the ability to create nuclear weapons but agreed not to do so under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, and as a signatory to the 1994 Treaty of Tlatelolco, which bans nuclear weapons in Latin America. Continue reading

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Russia’s wildfires: state of emergency in nuclear town

Nearby the town of 90,000 is the large-scale Mayak facility, once a source for Soviet plutonium and now processing nuclear waste and materials from old nuclear weapons.

Russia Declares Emergency in Nuclear Town – – Sofia News Agency, August 9, 2010 On account of the raging wildfires Russian authorities declared a state of emergency in the town of Ozersk, where a large Russian center for processing of nuclear materials is located.Ozersk (Ozyorsk) is located between the cities of Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk in the eastern part of European Russia. Continue reading

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Japanese pastor’s plea for abolition of nuclear weapons

Munetou said the world church “has an obligation and a responsibility to continue to say ‘No!’ without any ‘Yes’ to nuclear weapons that are against humanity and the absolute evil that plunges humanity into ruin and is incompatible with Christian faith”.

The Ecumenical Movement and the Nuclear Question Acton Institute PowerBlog, “…….By Hisashi YukimotoTokyo, 4 August (ENI)–A Japanese pastor who became a Christian after surviving the atomic bombing of Hiroshima says his decades-long pursuit of peace has involved a resistance to “nuclear weapons in the human mind”……. Continue reading

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Electric car powered by renewable energy

ABC Radio National – Life Matters – Home Page
Bernie Hobb’s electric car, ABC Radio National – Life Matters 9 August 2010,

Electric car – Science Show – 7 August 2010 – because the cars charge overnight when the turbines are going anyway, you’re just using power that’s otherwise just produced for no reason whatsoever. The thing is, if you’re doing it for that reason and if you’re not using green power you’re really defeating the purpose. So you’re pumping just as much carbon dioxide into the air, but you’re not pumping the things that they call Noxs and Soxs, nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxides, which are the things that make the brown colour in smog. So, less of the pollutant, and if you’ve got 100% green power, zero emissions.

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The forgotten suffering of Korean atomic bomb survivors

Depending on their extent of radiation exposure, many A-bomb survivors became infertile. If they have children, their sickness sometimes caused health problems with their offspring.

Sufferings still linger for Korean A-bomb survivors, Aug 09, 2010The Korea Herald/Asia News Network “…..Some 200,000 people were killed or died within three months when the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs in Japan, first in Hiroshima and three days later in Nagasaki. Of them, about 40,000 were Koreans. Continue reading

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Nuclear deterrence – an ineffective no-win policy for all countries

The question, however, is how far can the deterrence policy deter a jihadi?…..The Concerned Scientists established the Nuclear Nights and Nuclear Winter paradigm in 1985, declaring that a nuclear war cannot be fought, nor can it be won.

Do nations need nuclear weapons?, The Hindu, Dhirendra Sharma, 9 Aug 2010, “………….Once a nuclear war begins, there will be no struggle between good and evil, the jihadis and the infidels, dharma and adharma. “Survivors will envy the dead,” as Nikhita Khrushchev warned…… Continue reading

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How very quickly a politician can reverse his principles!

How could we possibly have thought Chris Huhne was anti-nuclear? By David Hughes  Telegraph UK, August 9th, 2010 Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, has been the victim of a terrible misunderstanding, he claimed on BBC’s Today programme this morning. We all believe he’s anti-nuclear power – but he’s not. Dear me, no. His previous position, he insisted, had been “misunderstood” and he is actually in favour of nuclear being part of the UK’s energy mix….

Could this post from his very own web-site on November 5, 2007, offer a clue?…………Ministers must stop the side-show of new nuclear power stations now. Nuclear is a tried, tested and failed technology and the Government must stop putting time, effort and subsidies into reviving this outdated industry. The nuclear industry’s key skill over the past half-century has not been generating electricity, but extracting lashings of taxpayers’ money……

How could we possibly have thought Chris Huhne was anti-nuclear? – Telegraph Blogs

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