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Energy industry heading towards Wind, away from Nuclear

Exelon’s actions often foreshadow where the energy industry is headed…..the momentum for the much-touted nuclear renaissance has slowed to a crawl

(USA) What Exelon’s Wind Energy Buy Means For the Future of Nuclear Power, BNET, By Kirsten Korosec | September 1, 2010 Exelon (EXC) announced this week it was buying John Deere Renewables for as much as $900 million, a purchase that marks the company’s entrance into the wind generation business and suggests its lack of confidence in a nuclear energy renaissance. Continue reading

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Vermont Yankee nuclear plant’s ‘decommissioning’ funds inadequate

Vermont Yankee’s decommissioning fund is no exception

Auditor: More Oversight on Yankee Shutdown Fund Needed. Report on Fund Doesn’t Reveal Details Of Shortfall , WPTZ Plattsburgh, August 31, 2010 MONTPELIER, Vt. Perhaps you’ve noticed your 401-k account isn’t what it used to be? Neither are the balances in most of the nation’s nuclear power plant decommissioning funds, money used to pay to decontaminate and cleanup each site. Continue reading

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Facebook under fire for using coal-powered electricity

Facebook faces campaign to switch to renewable energy Social networking site under fire over intention to run giant new data centre mainly on coal-powered electricity   John Vidal,,   1 September 2010 Social networking website Facebook is coming under unprecedented pressure from its users to switch to renewable energy. Continue reading

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Younger Christians lead in movement to ban nuclear weapons

..the real zeal comes from evangelicals 40 years old and younger…..  the ones really moving the ball forward on this are younger Christians who say that the 21st century is not one that’s going to be secured by nuclear weapons……………..there’s no legitimate theological basis in the Bible for Christians to justify the killing of innocents. Nuclear weapons also violate the “just war” criteria,”

A Christian Voice Argues for Banning Nuclear WeaponsAtomic weapons make for bad security and bad theology, evangelical activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson argues, Politics and Policy, By Alex Kingsbury  September 1, 2010 Even if the “New START” nuclear arms reduction treaty is ratified by the Senate (and that is uncertain after Senate sponsors postponed debate this week until fall, at the earliest), the United States and Russia will still maintain large arsenals of missiles on hair-trigger alert. Continue reading

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No UN agreement on nuke free Middle East

Passions have grown since last September when the IAEA general assembly overrode Western objections to pass a resolution directly criticizing Israel and its atomic program for the first time in 18 years.

UN agency fails to stage nuke-free Mideast talks, Google hosted news, By GEORGE JAHN (AP) –2 Sept 10 VIENNA — Tensions between Israel and Islamic nations have scuttled plans by the U.N. atomic watchdog agency to convene talks this year on a Mideast free of nuclear weapons, Continue reading

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Not India, but General Electric, Westinghouse, France, Russia benefit from Nuclear Liability Bill

The first to benefit may be American companies like General Electric and Westinghouse Electric, followed by French and Russian nuclear power equipment suppliers……

Cracks in India’s nuclear law, Asia Times, By Indrajit BasuKOLKATA, Sep 2, 2010Pleasing neither supporters nor its critics, India this week passed a Nuclear Liability Bill, opening up the country’s US$150 billion nuclear power market to global equipment suppliers. Continue reading

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Tony Blair criticised for advocating bombing Iran

However, Dr Rosemary Hollis, a Middle East expert at City University, in London, warned: ‘All the wargaming exercises that have been done by the Americans show that the fallout from a military attack, an air assault on Iran’s nuclear programme – which would inevitably kill civilians – would be worse than Iran having a break-out nuclear weapon capability

‘I’d back an attack on Iran’: Blair insists nuclear plans of rogue state must be stopped,  Mail Online, By Tim Shipman,  2nd September 2010 *  Tony Blair tonight called for military action against Iran to prevent the country developing nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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