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Ionizing radiation increases risks of death from heart disease

the cardiovascular risk from ionizing radiation is not as widely publicized as its cancer risk…..those who were occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation such as employees at nuclear power stations, medical, dental, and industrial workers were more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those  in the general population

Ionizing radiation boosts cardiovascular disease death risk, -Jimmy Downs, 15 nov 10, Exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation increases risk of cardiovascular death, a study published in 2009 in International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health suggests. Continue reading


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Scottish beach still radioactive after 60 years

23 drums of radioactive waste have been removed. Two years ago SEPA said particles found on the beach could give a child a potentially lethal dose of radiation and suggested partially covering the “hot spot” in concrete……Experts admit the particles could kill if they found their way inside the body.

Families allowed on Fife beach awash with radiation « Deadline Press & Picture Agency, Amanda MacMillan, 15 Nov 10, THE clean-up of a Fife beach has been halted putting families at risk of potentially lethal radiation. Continue reading

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USA govt’s claim of safety of radiation scanning is contradicted by medical expert

radiation from the devices has been dangerously underestimated and could lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

US  expert  hits  back at claims  of  `safe`  full-body  airport scanners, Sify News, 2010-11-12 An American professor has hit back at the US Government’s claim that full-body scanners at airports do not pose a health risk to travellers. Continue reading

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Germany’s anti-nuclear blockades show up anti- democratic nuclear decisions of Merkel govt

The delays and police efforts in clearing the blockades illustrate clearly to the German government and the nuclear industry that their actions to prolong nuclear energy in Germany are taken undemocratically – without the consent of the German people.

92 hours of protest against CASTOR transport sends clear message: nuclear is a dead end! Greenpeace International,  by Laura K. – November 9, 2010 The CASTOR nuclear waste has now reached its final destination at an interim storage facility in Gorleben, Germany, after the longest journey ever in the history of this radioactive transport. Continue reading

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Privacy versus radiation risk in airport scanning

though the radiation dose may be low, it may be intense where it hits certain parts of the body like the cornea, the testicles or the skin.

Would You Rather Risk Getting Cancer Or Just Get Your Privates Patted? – David Whelan –  ForbesNov. 12 2010 That seems to be the trade-off these days. Get ready to decide when choosing which security line to go through in airport security. Continue reading

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local citizens want uranium mining company to be accountable for its water pollution

“in-situ” technology, whereby treated water is pumped underground to dissolve uranium deposits. The water is then pumped to the surface, the uranium extracted and the water returned underground.
Opponents of the mine operation say the system threatens groundwater quality over vast areas around the mine

Powertech sues over water rules; residents want mining company to be accountable By Tom HackerLoveland Reporter-Herald, 11/12/2010 Opponents of a proposed uranium mine near the Larimer and Weld county line east of Wellington are assailing a lawsuit filed by the mining company against state regulators. Continue reading

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BHP Billiton uranium company to be questioned over radioactive waste dumping plans

BHP Billiton boss faces a grilling  (at its Annual General meeting, Perth Australia, 16 Nov) Sydney Morning Herald, Mathew MurphyNovember 15, 2010 “……The Australian Conservation Foundation is also expected to attack BHP over its $20 billion expansion plans for Olympic Dam, the world’s largest uranium deposit.ACF nuclear free campaigner David Noonan said the group will ask the BHP board if the new open-pit mine is only considered economic because it is designed to leak up to 8 million litres of radioactive waste a day.

”This company plans to dump rather than to dispose of their radioactive wastes, and do not intend to rehabilitate the proposed open pit, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a permanent scar on the landscape,” he said. …..BHP boss faces a grilling

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Uranium company seeks legal right to pollute groundwater

Powertech Uranium Corp sues Colorado over northwestern Weld County site | Greeley Tribune, 14 Nov 10, A Canadian company seeking to mine uranium in northwestern Weld County has filed suit against the state of Colorado, claiming that recently adopted rules for keeping groundwater clean are unreasonable. Continue reading

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Novel approach to anti-nuclear action

Author’s sex-for-nuclear-veto offer to German president, Google hosted news, (AFP) – 14 nov 10, BERLIN — German writer Charlotte Roche offered in an interview Sunday to spend the night with President Christian Wulff if he votes against government plans to extend the lifetime of Germany’s nuclear reactors. Continue reading

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Wide scale use of airport scanning a source of radiation danger

If you think of the entire population of, shall we say, a billion people per year going through these scanners, it’s very likely that some number of those will develop cancer from the radiation from these scanners,

Researchers sound alarm over radiation from body scanners Seattle News,  By Lindsay Cohen, November 15, 2010 They are scattered across the country, designed to keep you safe. You’ve heard how they might invade your privacy; now, some researchers are sounding the alarm about airport scanners and the radiation they give off. Continue reading

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Egypt’s anger over IAEA claims of Egypt’s enriched uranium

Egypt denies discovery by IAEA of enriched uranium at nuclear facility,  Today’s News from Egypt, Hisham Omar Abdel HalimSun, 14/11/2010 Egypt on Sunday denied that the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had discovered traces of enriched uranium at an Egyptian nuclear facility. Continue reading

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City with 100%renewable energy

VIDEO Sky News: Completely green city being built in UAE Completely green city being built in UAE, Sky News, 15 Nov 10, The United Arab Emirates is on track to produce a completely new – and rather unexpected source of future revenue – in the oil-rich country.Masdar City is being built 17 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, and is the world’s first completely green city.As Abu Dhabi’s government-backed renewable energy company established in 2006, Masdar is also known as the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.It aims to advance the development, commercialisation and deployment of renewable energy solutions and clean technologies.Masdar City is powered by renewable energy and its buildings are covered in solar panels.It aims to have a zero carbon and zero waste environment.The project will be completed between 2020 and 2025.Sky News: Completely green city being built in UAE

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At Gorleben nuclear waste dump, protests continue

The renewed protests come after demonstrators successfully delayed the shipment of nuclear waste to Gorleben from France last week by blocking road and rail routes on the way…..

Protests continue at Gorleben nuclear waste storage facility, Deutsche Welle | 14.11.2010 Demonstrations against the German government’s nuclear power policy continued as protesters marched near the Gorleben waste storage site. Continue reading

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Call for universal treaty to abolish nuclear weapons – Nobel laureates

Nobel laureates call for pact to abolish nuclear arms, The Japan Times , Nov. 15, 2010 HIROSHIMA (Kyodo) Nobel Peace Prize laureates on Sunday called on countries around the world to discuss the creation of a “universal treaty” aimed at realizing a world without nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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