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Russia’s floating nuclear power plants pose catastrophic risk

“With a floating nuclear plant you have a mechanism to significantly increase the amount of radioactive material going into the environment,”

Floating Chernobyls OpEdNews: Karl Grossman 3 Sept 10 Russia has embarked on ascheme to build floating nuclear power plants to be moored off its coasts and sold to nations around the world. Continue reading


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Suspected killer had depleted uranium

the materials also included the military explosive C4, dynamite, and what appeared to be depleted uranium.

Depleted uranium found at killing spree suspect’s East Bay home |, 2 Sept 10 VALLEJO, CA (KGO) — In the East Bay, police are still sorting through the grisly details of a killing spree……. Continue reading

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Near a nuclear power plant? – better have some pills!

The pills may help prevent illnesses associated with radioactive iodine if an accident were to occur.

Free pills available for those near nuclear plants, Detroit Free Press, ASSOCIATED PRESS, Sept. 2, 2010 Michigan health officials are making potassium iodide pills available to people who live, work or visit within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant. Continue reading

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Many Germans unhappy with extension of aging nuclear plants

“The chancellor is selling off public safety by allowing ailing and ageing nuclear power plants to stay online longer and by taking money for it.”..

Angela Merkel risks Germans’ ire with fresh commitment to nuclear energyGerman chancellor adds 15 years to scheduled phase-out of country’s nuclear power plants ,  Kate Connolly in Berlin, Monday 30 August 2010 Continue reading

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AQ Khan claims US,UK tried to bribe Pakistani scientists

US, UK tried to bribe Pak nuke scientists: AQ Khan   The Times of India, Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN, Sep 3, 2010,WASHINGTON: American and British intelligence agencies tried to bribe two Pakistani scientists “who refused all sorts of incentives” to betray the country’s nuclear program in the mid 1990s and reported the matter to higherups, the man credited with making Pakistan a nuclear power has claimed.
In a typically bombastic interview, AQ Khan, the recently freed but heavily monitored nuclear scientist, insists that Pakistan’s nuclear program is secure both from external infiltration (by western agencies) and internal penetration (by extremists). ……..US, UK tried to bribe Pak nuke scientists: AQ Khan – US – World – The Times of India

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Australia’s dodgy uranium industry with its sham “independent” panel on regulation

Sitting on the panel are pro-nuclear lobbyists and behind the scenes are corporate sponsors including some that are anything but independent. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are two of the sponsors − companies with operating uranium mines in Australia and uranium interests in WA.

Dodgy Dealings continue in the Uranium Industry, hi spirits: by Mia Pepper,   September 02, 2010,  This week the Barnett Government announced that the Australian Centre for Geomechanics has won a tender to form an ‘independent panel on uranium mining regulations’. Continue reading

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Call to Muslims to support nuclear disarmament

when it comes to threats to humanity, there should be a Muslim voice to join hands with that of Christians who support the Two Futures Project

Why Muslims Should Support Nuclear Weapons Disarmament, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rizwan Ladha, 2 Sept 10,   “……..For moderate and intellectual Muslims as well, the choice should be simple: either risk annihilating the human race or eliminate the global threat posed by nuclear weapons. Believe it or not — and I know I’m opening up a big hole here — there is plenty of talk in the Qur’an about being good, kind, righteous, giving and generous to one’s fellow man, regardless of religious creed…… Continue reading

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Danger to workers and community at Honeywell uranium enrichment facility

This is a uranium enrichment facility from which even the slightest leak of UF6 could wipe out the entire town.

Nuclear Regulators Prohibit Honeywell to Resume Production at Facility With Locked-Out Workets, THE HUFFINGTON POST Mike Elk. 2 Sept 10 “…………The Metropolis facility is the only conversion facility in the world that can distill uranium. While the scab workers Honeywell brought in from Louisiana have worked in nuclear facilities, they haven’t worked on the process that converts uranium from the somewhat toxic UF4 solid state to the extraordinarily more lethal liquid UF6. Continue reading

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Shutdown of South African nuclear plant

Ezulwini uranium plant closes for repairs, World Nuclear News, 1 Sept 10, Toronto-based First Uranium has temporarily closed its Ezulwini uranium plant in South Africa to replace two columns in the ion exchange section following a structural failure on a loading column. The company said that the plant will remain offline while two replacement columns are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned. The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. The company said that the anticipated impact of the temporary shut down on its cash flow, loss in uranium sales and rescheduled capital is some $1.2 million….the ramping up of gold and uranium production from the Ezulwini mine has been slower than expected.

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