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Obama urged by Nobel Laureates to attend Hiroshima Peace Summit

The 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is scheduled to be held in Hiroshima from Nov. 12-14. While Obama is not scheduled to attend the event, he does appear set to visit Japan in the same time period.

Nobel Laureates Urge Obama to Renew Nuclear Disarmament Campaign, NTI: Global Security Newswire -, Aug. 26, 2010 Five recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize are urging U.S. President Barack Obama to renew efforts toward global nuclear disarmament by making a high-profile trip to Hiroshima, the Japanese city where an atomic weapon was first used in war, the Associated Press reported yesterday. Continue reading


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Nuclear proliferation in the ’emerging world’

Environmental risks are effectively unlimited with nuclear power…..proliferation is no-no word for the nuclear industry. Civil and military nuclear power are each day described by world leaders like President Obama as different and separate,…Unfortunately this lyrical vision has no relation to the real world….

The reality bundle inside which nuclear proliferation hides, but which the nuclear industry and leading politicians tirelessly deny, distort or confuse, especially applies in the Emerging economies. ….

The Doomsday Threat Of The “Nuclear Renaissance” : The Market Oracle, By Andrew McKillop, 12 Aug 2010,  “…… power reactors are under construction at this moment, in what industry promoters call “The Nuclear Renaissance”. This renaissance however threatens to be as complex, ambiguous and murky as the Medieval renaissance. Continue reading

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Nuclear deterrence – an ineffective no-win policy for all countries

The question, however, is how far can the deterrence policy deter a jihadi?…..The Concerned Scientists established the Nuclear Nights and Nuclear Winter paradigm in 1985, declaring that a nuclear war cannot be fought, nor can it be won.

Do nations need nuclear weapons?, The Hindu, Dhirendra Sharma, 9 Aug 2010, “………….Once a nuclear war begins, there will be no struggle between good and evil, the jihadis and the infidels, dharma and adharma. “Survivors will envy the dead,” as Nikhita Khrushchev warned…… Continue reading

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A record 67 nations to be represented at Hiroshima memorial

UK, US, France may attend Hiroshima bombing anniversary for first time, NewsTrackd 28 Jul 2010 Tokyo, (ANI): Britain and the United States are considering sending representatives for the first time to the 65th anniversary ceremony of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Continue reading

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“Morning of resistance to nuclear arms” planned at nuke weapons complex

Morning of Resistance’ at Y-12 July 5 | Frank Munger’  9 June 2010, Peace groups and activists pushing for nuclear disarmament are planning to gather in Maryville for the weekend of July 3-5 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch and anniversary of the first Plowshares Action at King of Prussia, Pa.A couple of trips are planned to the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, which produced the enriched uranium for the A-bomb dropped on Hirsohima and remains a key part of U.S. nuclear weapons complex. On Monday, July 5, a “morning of resistance” is planned at the Oak Ridge plant, according to information distributed by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.”Some people will likely participate in nonviolent direct action/civil resistance; others will participate in legal activities,” OREPA said in an newletter update titled, “A Time to Resist.” ‘Morning of Resistance’ at Y-12 July 5 | Frank Munger’s Atomic City Underground |

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1500 Japanese peace activists ignored by Nuclear Non Proliferation talks

contingent of 1,500 Japanese activists who came to the United States last week to pressure world leaders to finally abandon the bomb….The activists even tried to present U.N. treaty negotiators with boxes of 100,000 signatures from citizens across the world who were demanding an end to nuclear weapons, but officials only allowed two small boxes inside.

The non-nuclear option  Las Vegas CityLife Blogs, by Jason Whited , May. 13, 2010 “….More than 80 Japanese activists, fresh off a rally last week outside negotiations for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in New York City, made the trek to Las Vegas to take part in a May 6 peace vigil outside the Lloyd D. George Federal District Courthouse. Continue reading

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2 million youth back Buddhist call for Nuclear Weapons Convention

Two Million Youth Call for Nuclear Weapon-Free World, By Soka Gakkai  NEW YORK, May 12, 2010 – On May 11, a petition of 2,276,167 signatures from youth calling for the adoption of a Nuclear Weapons Convention which would comprehensively ban nuclear weapons was presented to Ambassador Leslie B. Gatan, adviser to the president of the ongoing Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) ReviewConference, Continue reading

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Double standards and doublespeak about Nuclear Non Proliferation

Washington maintains a double standard that allows its friends to make key nuclear weapons but prevents its rivals from doing so…..

“…the right of non-nuclear states to the peaceful uses of nuclear weapons” – Egypt’s Abdelaziz

The nuclear caste system , Foreign Policy, by Colum Lynch , 30 April 2010. Next week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet in New York with diplomats from more than 180 countries at the eighth review conference of the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (pdf), the Cold War pact that determines who can have nuclear weapons and who can’t. Continue reading

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Anti nuclear marchers’ long trek to United Nations

Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair ,  Baristanet April 28, 2010 About 25 peace marchers, some of whom have been on the road since February, walked up Bloomfield Avenue today, chanting, beating drums and carrying their message of opposition to nuclear power and bombs to the Central Presbyterian Church on Park St., where they’ll be spending the night. The marchers are members of Footprints for Peace……. plan to reach the United Nations on Saturday. They said the Montclair Presbyterians offered shelter on 24 hours notice.”I’ve only been walking for a month,” said Kerrie-Ann Garlick, who came from Australia to participate in the march, and who will be speaking at the UN. She said Australia is the third largest exporter of uranium in the world, which is why so many Australians are involved in the peace effort. “We want to close the whole industry down,” Garlick said. Peace Trekkers Visit Montclair (Baristanet)

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“Countdown to Zero” – Queen Noor’s global campaign against nuclear weapons

“I am one of a million for whom Islam and Western cultures are not incompatible,” she said, reminding the nearly filled auditorium that she is Muslim,….Her Majesty says nuclear weapons have no place in a world striving to achieve international security. Rather terror can be their only purpose.

Queen Noor On Nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, April 19, 2010, Cross-Cultural Understanding, at CU Boulder “……..Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan is the founder of Global Zero, a worldwide movement that seeks to eliminate both actual and potential stockpiles of nuclear weapons across the globe by year 2030. Continue reading

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France’s nuclear commercial empire spreading to Kuwait

Kuwait, France ink nuclear deal, Kuwait: 18 April 2010, Kuwait has signed agreements with France to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, Reuters has reported. The agreements centre on developing nuclear energy to provide electricity and water desalination, the two countries said in a joint statement. Kuwait, France ink nuclear deal | Energy, Oil and Gas |

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International walk for a nuclear free world

“Part of our thing is also to talk about nuclear power. Uranium mining is destroying indigenous communities throughout the world. It’s something people just aren’t aware of”

Nuclear-free group stops in Carlisle. By Becca Gregg, Sentinel Reporter, The Sentinel , April 13, 2010 They’ve already made their way through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and on Monday, participants of the International Peace Walk marched their way into downtown Carlisle. The group, which began its journey on February 13, is trekking nearly 1,100 miles on foot, from the Oak Ridge Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn., to the United Nations in New York City for the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference on May 3. Continue reading

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Easter Blockade of Nuclear Base, by Christians

Communion shared at blockade of Faslane nuclear base | Ekklesia, 3 April 2010, Christians have shared communion while participating in a blockade of the Faslane nuclear weapons base in Scotland. The “symbolic blockade” today (3 April) forms part of a day of action across Europe, as campaigners from various countries call for the removal of nuclear arms from the entire continent.The communion was distributed by six ministers from Scottish Clergy Against Nuclear Arms (SCANA). Around 100 people are reported to have joined the blockade after walking from the Faslane Peace Camp, which has maintained a continuous protest against nuclear arms for 27 years. Continue reading

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“Peaceful Nuclear Power” – it’s an oxymoron

Harmonious relationships between people and nations cannot survive in a nuclear power society, with its atmosphere of secrecy, surveillance , suspicion, fear, and ever-present real danger. Nuclear Power and Peace – our theme for April 2010

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