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Mounting evidence of long term harm of depleted uranium weapons

text-from-the-archivesThere is increasing worldwide support for a Depleted Uranium  ban….There is a du_roundsgrowing consensus among civil society groups, scientists and
some military organisations
that the health risks from DU have been seriously underestimated.

Latest documents advocating the ban of depleted uranium. By Jerry Mazza, Online Journal, 23 July 2010, US Armed Forces Radiobiology Institute Between 2000 and 2003, Dr Alexandra Miller of AFFRI was at the forefront of US Government sponsored research into DU�s chemical toxicity and radioactivity. Through a series of peer-reviewed papers, Dr Miller and her colleagues demonstrated for the first time that internalised DU oxides could result in �a significant enhancement of urinary mutagenicity,� that they can transform human cells into cells capable of producing cancerous tumours,

……and that DU was capable of inducing DNA damage in the absence of significant radioactive decay, i.e. through its chemical toxicity alone. In one study, 76% of mice implanted with DU pellets developed leukaemia.
International response

�There is increasing worldwide support for a DU ban. In 2007 Belgium became the first country in the world to ban all conventional weapons containing uranium with �other states set to follow their example. Meanwhile the Italian government agreed to a 170m Euro compensation package for personnel exposed to uranium weapons in the Balkans.

Later that year the UN General Assembly passed a resolution highlighting serious health concerns over DU and in May 2008, 94% of MEPs in the European Parliament strengthened four previous calls for a moratorium by calling for a DU ban treaty in a wide-ranging resolution. In December 2008 141 states in the UN General Assembly ordered the World Health Organisation, International Atomic Energy Agency and United Nations Environment Programme to update their positions on the long-term health and environmental threat that uranium weapons pose.

The solution

With more than 100 member organisations worldwide, ICBUW represents the best opportunity yet to achieve a global ban on the use of uranium in all conventional weapon systems. Even though the use of weapons containing uranium should already be illegal under International Humanitarian, Human Rights and Environmental Laws, an explicit treaty, as has been seen with chemical and biological weapons, landmines and cluster bombs, has proved the best solution for confirming their illegality. Such a treaty would not only outlaw the use of uranium weapons, but would include the prohibition of their production, the destruction of stockpiles, the decontamination of battlefields and rules on compensation for victims.

ICBUW has prepared a draft treaty, which contains a general and comprehensive prohibition of the development, production, transport, storage, possession, transfer and use of uranium ammunition.

There is a growing consensus among civil society groups, scientists and
some military organisations
that the health risks from DU have been seriously underestimated. Establishment scientific bodies have been slow to react to the wealth of new research into DU and policy makers have been content to ignore the claims of researchers and activists. Deliberate obfuscation by the mining, nuclear and arms industries has further hampered efforts to recognise the problem and achieve a ban. The past failure of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional �Weapons to deal with landmines and cluster bombs suggests that an independent treaty process is the best route to limiting the further use and proliferation of uranium weapons.

As enshrined in the Geneva Conventions, the methods and means of warfare are not unlimited. We must not allow the short term military advantage claimed for uranium weapons to override our responsibility for the long-term welfare of people and planet.

Latest documents advocating the ban of depleted uranium


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Australian soldiers, Aborigines, civilians exposed to depleted uranium in ’50s nuclear tests

The government is preparing a study of those who may have been affected, including soldiers, and Aboriginal and civilian populations in the area at the time of testing.

Depleted uranium used at Maralinga Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 23 Nov 10, Australian Government Confirms Depleted Uranium Used in 1950s The Australian Federal Government announced that it will conduct a health study of Australian volunteers who worked at Maralinga, a British nuclear test site. Continue reading

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Radioactive waste – depleted uranium headed for Nevada?

Nuclear Waste Shipment Could Be Headed To NV – KTVN Channel 2 , 17 Oct 10, RENO, Nev. (AP) — A shipment of 9,400 drums of depleted uranium oxide could be headed to Nevada. State officials say the U.S. Department of Energy is considering a plan to send the radioactive waste from a cleanup site in South Carolina to the Nevada National Security Site, formerly known as the Nevada Test Site……Stutsman also declined to comment on a published report that DOE wants to permanently dispose of the material at the Nevada site about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Nuclear Waste Shipment Could Be Headed To NV – KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video –

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The nuclear energy Quick Fix reactors are sitting ducks for terrorism

These countries, exactly like China and India, are however committing themselves to the same gleaming high-tech Quick Fix nuclear solution to power shortages, to keep their economies growing at record rates. This will vastly extend the Doomsday threat of large reactors being treated as sitting duck military targets in regional conflicts……..Each new large-sized civil reactor is potentially a Chernobyl-type Dirty Bomb

Nuclear Renaissance or The End of Nations ? : The Market Oracle, By Andrew McKillop, 15 Sept 10, NUCLEAR RENAISSANCE T he 2010-2020 decade marks the world’s “Nuclear Renaissance” according to triumphal industry spokesmen. Continue reading

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Suspected killer had depleted uranium

the materials also included the military explosive C4, dynamite, and what appeared to be depleted uranium.

Depleted uranium found at killing spree suspect’s East Bay home |, 2 Sept 10 VALLEJO, CA (KGO) — In the East Bay, police are still sorting through the grisly details of a killing spree……. Continue reading

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Ionising radiation – areas in Iraq contaminated by depleted uranium

Some of these areas are so irradiated that they will be uninhabitable for millions of years. And this is one of the main issues of the Iraq war, but no one wants to talk about it.

A war on the past, present, and future
tehran times : By Hamid Golpira, 31 Aug 2010, “……..the Iraq war is also a war on the future since the U.S. military has used the mutagenic weapon depleted uranium, which is definitely a war crime, a crime against humanity, and an act of genocide. Continue reading

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Uranium theft in Australia

Depleted uranium and a substantial amount of chemicals and glassware were found at the shed…

Uranium stash claim,WHITNEY HARRIS  The Advertiser, 24 Aug, 2010 A Kangaroo Flat man accused of drug trafficking after a series of police raids turned up a stash of uranium will stand trial next year. Continue reading

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Depleted uranium the likely cause of Iraq child cancers

Many are asking whether this spike could be connected to contamination caused by the use of depleted uranium in the bombs and bullets used by American forces.

Iraqi child cancer ‘linked to US weapons’ 16 August 2010  Source: SBS Dateline The number of deformed babies and children with leukaemia is increasing in Iraq, with locals blaming Depleted Uranium weapons used in US attacks,  …. Continue reading

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USA keeps secret any data on depleted uranium use

one major obstacle is standing in the way of these assessments – the refusal by the US to release data on exactly where the weapons have been used and in what quantities. At present, states that use uranium weapons do not have to disclose quantitative or geographical data about their use – no where, no how much, nothing.

Fallujah birth malformations demand transparency over depleted uranium use By International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, 16 Aug 2010, Recent research and a tide of media coverage are indicating that something is very wrong in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. The rates of certain cancers and birth malformations seem to be far higher than those of other countries in the region. Continue reading

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The ‘friendly atom” and its nuclear doomsday threat

the “new nuclear South” may be content with cheaper, quicker produced DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons, and of course the almost instant Dirty Bomb potential of large civil reactors in the national territories of their regional rivals and enemies.

The friendly atom can never be friendly

The Doomsday Threat Of The “Nuclear Renaissance” : The Market Oracle, 12 Aug 2010“………., the developing South is now the prime focus of nuclear industry hopes for ever bigger contracts.  In these countries, the civil-to-military route for developing nuclear weapons using supposedly civil-only nuclear technology has however already been resoundingly proven, up to 20 or 25 years ago by India and Pakistan, South Africa and the “special case” of Israel. Continue reading

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Depleted uranium – the “Trojan horse” of nuclear war


US and UK Forces Used Depleted Uranium (WMD) During The Iraq War! « Socio-Economics History Blog UK confirms using depleted uranium

US and UK Forces Used Depleted Uranium (WMD) During The Iraq War! « Socio-Economics History Blog, 30 July 2010,  “……….Depleted uranium (DU) weaponry meets the definition of weapon of mass destruction in two out of three categories under U.S. Federal Code Title 50 Chapter 40 Section 2302. DU weaponry violates all international treaties and agreements, Hague and Geneva war conventions, the 1925 Geneva gas protocol, U.S. laws and U.S. military law. Continue reading

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USA knowingly exposed soldiers to cancer-causing depleted uranium

The VA, however, never conducted the medical tests, which may have deprived hundreds of thousands of veterans from receiving medical care to treat cancer and other diseases that result from exposure to DU.

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned AboutGulf War Vets’ Exposure To Depleted Uranium,, By Mike Ludwig29 July, 2010 For years, the government has denied that depleted uranium (DU), a radioactive toxic waste left over from nuclear fission and added to munitions used in the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars, poisoned Iraqi civilians and veterans. Continue reading

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US govt embroiled in lawsuits over nuclear wastes

The litigation itself has been expensive for the government. DOJ has spent $29 million in attorney costs, $111 million on experts and $52 million in litigation support costs, with no end in sight.

DOJ in Settlement Talks for Nuclear Waste Cases, The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times, David Ingram. July 27, 2010 After more than a decade of litigation with nuclear utilities nationwide, the U.S. Department of Justice is interested in settling claims related to the storage of spent nuclear fuel. Continue reading

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Video: UK’s use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq

Reports emerge the UK used depleted uranium weapons in Iraq – RT Top Stories RT  Top Stories, 24 July, 2010, 00:41Reports have emerged that the UK used depleted uranium weapons during the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. A UK defense official has reportedly admitted using highly controversial ammunition. Continue reading

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USA used tactical nuclear weapons in Iraq/Afghanistan

just one small group of US Naval vessels dropped here the equivalent of many thousands of Nagasaki bombs…

Did US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!,  Cplash, Peter Eyre19 July 2010 “….. the US , UK , NATO and Israel have been using WMDs on an almost daily basis since the conflict in the Balkans in the 1990s. In fact it started well before this when the Israelis went to war with Egypt … this was the first time WMDs had been used on mass with weapons purchased from the US and with US technicians acting in an advisory role… Continue reading

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