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Video on depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome

Iraq War Q&A: 12) Depleted Uranium and Gulf War Syndrome


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75 tons of depleted uranium in Gaza following Israeli attacks

No less than 75 tons of depleted uranium found in Gaza soil and subsoil as aftermath of Israeli attacks |, 16 July 2010, Gaza / PNN – ‘Citizens Action to Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Completely’ has prepared a 33 page report showing the presence of tens of tons of depleted uranium in the Gaza Strip.The Israeli attacks of late December and January are the culprit, report the international organization.”The quantity of depleted uranium may amount to no less than 75 tons found in the soil and subsoil in the Gaza Strip,” is the study’s quote. Continue reading

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Utah’s environment has a win over nuclear wastes

“We’re glad EnergySolutions finally figured out what Utahans have said for two years — that Italy should take care of its own waste,”

Utah firm nixes plan to import Italian nuke waste, Google hosted news, By BROCK VERGAKIS (AP) –15 July 2010, SALT LAKE CITY — EnergySolutions Inc. said Wednesday it is abandoning its plans to dispose of nuclear waste from Italy in Utah’s west desert and instead will try to help open a disposal facility in that country. Continue reading

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Ever more radioactive – they don’t know what to do with Depleted Uranium

Depleted uranium, unlike other forms of nuclear waste, grows more dangerous as it ages, making storage difficult.

DOE seeks home for depleted uranium, SALT LAKE CITY, July 9 (UPI) — The U.S. government is looking for even a temporary storage site for 10,000 drums of depleted uranium from a South Carolina nuclear plant, Utah officials said.The waste was supposed to have been stored permanently in Utah by EnergySolutions Inc. But the state intervened as the first shipment arrived, seeking more information from the Salt Lake City company and a review of the site………

Depleted uranium, unlike other forms of nuclear waste, grows more dangerous as it ages, making storage difficult.

The first shipment from the Savannah River site, 5,400 barrels, is now in an EnergySolutions storage cell in Utah. The rest is still in South Carolina.….DOE seeks home for depleted uranium –

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USA – no idea what to do with depleted uranium wastes

Feds seek a temp home for depleted uranium | The Salt Lake Tribune, By JUDY FAHYS 8 July 2010, The U.S. Department of Energy has started looking beyond Utah for temporary storage of nearly 10,000 drums of depleted uranium for up to seven years…….. Continue reading

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The menace of USA’s new tactical nuclear weapons

The NPT is dead in the water because the US has now embarked on a new programme of low yield, dial up nuclear weapons that are far more efficient than any of the much larger bombs that were dropped on Japan during WW2…

Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet, The Palestine Telegraph, Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 4th July 2010 “………Iraq 1991 – 317 Cruise missiles were launched against Iraq by 316 ships and 1 submarine Continue reading

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USA soldiers and depleted uranium – the problem continues

The Stark Raving Viking: Using Depleted Uranium Munitions, a War Crime? July 02, 2010 Radioactive, fragmenting, incendiary, radioactive munitions have been used by the US since the first Gulf War. There seems to be no official US regard for the health of US Troops and citizens of the world. Continue reading

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Not hard to get hold of Highly Enriched Uranium, especially in Russia

What’s It Take to Build a Nuclear Weapon? | TakePart by Adam Trunell, 25 June 2010, The Nuclear Material “………The most important ingredient in a nuclear bomb is the nuclear stuff itself, which is also the hardest to get. No way can you find nuclear material like plutonium or highly enriched uranium stockpiled in a tool shed behind some half-hearted padlock. Right? Wrong.

Every nuclear-powered nation on the planet has nuclear material, and not all of it’s under lock and key. Civilian stockpiles in Europe and Japan aren’t staffed by armed guards, nor are most nuclear research reactors on U.S. college campuses.But if you’re looking for a truly easy score, try Russia. Continue reading

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U.S. govt’s duplicity in comparing depleted uranium to tungsten

DU is in fact much more dangerous than tungsten.  It may be depleted of some of its neutrons but it is still radioactive enough to cause cancer and birth defects.

US Government web site psyop promoting depleted uranium munitions | June 23rd, 2010 “…….This propaganda is expertly crafted to avoid directly stating that Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions are as safe as tungsten, while belittling the (valid) belief that DU is incredibly dangerous, Continue reading

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Depleted uranium – a documentary film

DOCUMENTARY Silent genocide – Depleted uranium | An award winning documentary film produced for German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn. The film exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations. It opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq.

Silent genocide – Depleted uranium |

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Depleted uranium endangering rare seal

to protect marine mammals and other marine life from……….highly toxic materials like depleted uranium that have been deposited by the military.

Saving the world’s rarest seal from uranium, guardian Uk, 17 June 2010, Dr Anastasia Miliou was interviewed by Georgina Kenyon“....Greek conservationists from the Greek NGO, Archipelagos, work to protect endangered common dolphins and monk seals and also the region’s marine ecosystems from the effects of overfishing, shipping, and the military. Dr Anastasia Miliou, manager and head scientist from Archipelagos Institute of Marine and Environmental Research of the Aegean Sea, based on the Greek island of Samos in the eastern Aegean, explains about seals, uranium deposits and sonar   Continue reading

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Depleted uranium from Afghan war causing neurolical effects in children in India

when heavy metals are coupled with uranium, the toxic effect increases manifold,” said Dr Amar Singh Azad, a paediatrician working on neurological disorders in children

Parts of Malwa, Raj drinking poison? Chandigarh – City – The Times of India P Singh, , Jun 16, 2010, “… While high concentration of uranium is attributed to use of depleted uranium in the Afghan war by US, Continue reading

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Photos of infant victims of depleted uranium – Afghanistan

VICTIMS OF URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY THE US FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN |AajMedia News VICTIMS OF URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY THE US FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN AajMedia News by Abasin Khan Sharzai   June 13th, 2010 These photos of newly-born infants have been taken by Dr. Mohammad Daud Miraki, a well-known Afghan researcher, anthropologist, sociologist and scholar. He visited Afghanistan to find out about the situation after the American invasion of Afghanistan. The deformed infants are the result of the uranium munitions used by American troops and bomber aircrafts all over Afghanistan Continue reading

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“Blending” of radioactive wastes will avoid safety requirements

“blending” would allow utilities, processors, and waste disposal sites to avoid existing environmental and safety requirements for how they dispose of the hotter waste……….the new “blended” waste has significantly higher concentrations of radioactivity than the typical lowest level radioactive waste…..

In the past year, state governments have also had to deal with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s reclassification of Depleted Uranium (which becomes more radioactive over time) as Class A waste.

Obama Administration Should Say “No” to Blending Radioactive Waste, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Joseph DiCamillo, 12 June 2010, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will consider whether to allow for the first time nuclear waste processors to “blend” higher level radioactive waste with the lowest level radioactive waste at a hearing on June 17. Continue reading

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Birth defects from depleted uranium bring lawsuit

Atomic radiation has increased the number of babies born with defects in the southern provinces of Iraq.

VIDEO Fallujah babies born with birth defects as a result of Depleted Uranium WMD contaminated dust. | mesothelioma Lawyer,Mesothelioma, Asbestos Cancer, Mesothelioma Treatments, Lawyers / Attorneys

Fallujah babies born with birth defects as a result of Depleted Uranium WMD contaminated dust. 1 June 2010, Iraq WILL sue US and Britain over depleted uranium bombs FULL story here- Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the US over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says. Continue reading

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