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USA using less fossil fuels, and more renewables

Hey kids, we used less energy and more renewable tech in 2009! | ZDNet, By Heather Clancy | August 30, 2010, Well, here’s a refreshing bit of news for a Monday afternoon: A new data set released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reports that we used a lot less coal and petroleum last year, compared with 2008. Meanwhile, there were demonstrable increases in the use of renewable energy sources, especially generation systems based on wind technologies.
The researchers attribute the decrease in coal and petroleum use to lower electricity demand, a shift to natural gas as a fuel source, and wind power production offsets……Hey kids, we used less energy and more renewable tech in 2009! | ZDNet


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Hot summer causing costly cutbacks of nuclear power

Last week, TVA violated its permit with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management when the river temperature topped 90 degrees……..

Hot river forces costly cutback for TVA | Chattanooga Times Free Press, By: Dave Flessner 23 Aug 2010, The Tennessee Valley Authority has lost nearly $50 million in power generation from its biggest nuclear plant because the Tennessee River in Alabama is too hot. Unless the summer cools down, TVA could lose millions of dollars more, pushing up fuel costs and consumer electric bills even after seven consecutive monthly increases. Continue reading

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More delays, more costs, with AREVA’s new reactor in France

EDF was asked for modifications of the control platform on the reactor, which is delayed and will cost more than expected.

French Nuclear Watchdog Says EDF Has Problems With Flamanville EPR Liner – Bloomberg, By Tara Patel – Aug 30, 2010 Electricite de France SA, Europe’s biggest power producer, experienced renewed problems with welding quality at the EPR nuclear reactor being built in Normandy, according France’s nuclear safety agency. Continue reading

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Medical radiation doses to be recorded in California

provide physicians the information they need to track dosage levels and prevent patients from receiving overdoses of radiation.”

California bill to record radiation dose moves forward August 30, 2010 by Heather Mayer, DOTmed News In a move to protect patients from excess radiation exposure during CT scans, the California State Assembly last week approved a bill that would require radiation dosage levels to be recorded on the scanned image and in a patient’s health record, as well as reporting those doses to patients, their physicians and the California Department of Health. Continue reading

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Ionising radiation from Russia’s forest wildfires

“Yet thousands of tons of radioactive deadwood still litter the forest floor, ….The wood could release a cloud of radiation if ignited

Medical: Wind & Radiation from Russian Fires; Times’ article Bryansk : Russia | Aug 30, 2010By Dorothy Marie Kucera RUSSIA: they are reporting fires under control but the excerpt from the first URL below shows thousands of acres are still burning Continue reading

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Coal plants emit ionising radiation

Coal Plant Owner Is Fined Over Cesium Radiation Exposure –, By MATTHEW L. WALD, 30 Aug 2010, A power plant has overexposed its workers to radiation, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing a fine. The plant, though, is not a reactor; it runs on coal. Continue reading

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Safety lapses at UK’s Trident nuclear weapons facility

Health and safety practices at the UK’s main nuclear weapons base are under intense scrutiny just weeks before it is expected to be granted permission for a multibillion-pound facility to conduct a new generation of radioactive tests.

Nuclear arsenals under scrutiny for safety lapses, fires and flood Group calls for planners to think twice about a major new facility at Trident warhead base at Aldermaston in Berkshire Jamie Doward  The Observer, Sunday 22 August 2010  Continue reading

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Ionising radiation – areas in Iraq contaminated by depleted uranium

Some of these areas are so irradiated that they will be uninhabitable for millions of years. And this is one of the main issues of the Iraq war, but no one wants to talk about it.

A war on the past, present, and future
tehran times : By Hamid Golpira, 31 Aug 2010, “……..the Iraq war is also a war on the future since the U.S. military has used the mutagenic weapon depleted uranium, which is definitely a war crime, a crime against humanity, and an act of genocide. Continue reading

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Germans keen for renewable energy, not nuclear

Merkel faces uphill nuclear energy battle, THE PoliJAM TIMES, BERLIN, Aug. 30 (UPI) –– Opposition is growing to plans announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to extend the life of the nation’s nuclear power plants, protests indicate. Nearly 200 supporters of the environmental group Greenpeace protested Merkel as she toured nuclear power plants across the country last week.

Groups opposing nuclear power plans for the country said they would have large-scale protests Sept. 18 in Berlin, the Platts news service reports……
Merkel last week was met with opposition by lawmakers who said the nuclear plants weren’t needed to expand the renewable energy sector for Germany. Critics say energy efficiency measures could reduce consumption in the country by as much as 2 percent per year, cutting emissions by nearly 100 million tons through 2020……..Merkel faces uphill nuclear energy battle

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India to place nuclear-capable ballistic missiles near Tibet?

India mulls nuclear-capable missiles near China’s border – Tibetan Review Aug 30 2010 India is considering deploying nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in the North-East, close to its border with Chinese occupied Tibet, in an attempt to enhance its military preparedness, said a PTI report Aug 28. The plan follows the recent release of the US Defence Department’s annual report on China which said Beijing had moved its new advanced, longer range CSS-5 missiles closer to India’s border and developed contingency plans to shift airborne forces to the region at short notice.
The report cited sources in India’s Defence Ministry as saying New Delhi was considering the deployment of the 2,000 km range Agni-II and 350 km range Prithvi III surface to surface ballistic missiles for this purpose…… India mulls nuclear-capable missiles near China’s border – Tibetan Review

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“Temporary” nuke waste disposal becoming Permanent, and expensive

If the plant closes in 2012, it would be mothballed, or put into SAFSTOR, until its decommissioning fund reaches the level necessary to clean up the site, which could take up to 60 years.

NRC considers long-term on-site storage of waste, Brattleboro Reformer, By JOSH STILTS,    Aug. 30 2010 BRATTLEBORO – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted earlier this month to explore the option of storing nuclear waste at decommissioned sites past the current 30-year standard……. Continue reading

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A new anti-nuclear wave

the increased support for nuclear energy will melt away when utilities announce where they intend to build. No one..wants to live near a nuclear plant.”The groundswell (against nuclear power) will come when they announce the nuclear sites

Older activists, younger crowd team to fight nukes. Google Hosted News, 29 Aug 2010, By MELANIE S. WELTE (AP) MOINES, Iowa — It’s been 33 years since Raye Fleming’s arrest outside Southern California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, near the height of the anti-nuclear power furor.That was the first arrest of many and, Fleming believed, such actions paid off as a generation of Americans turned against nuclear power. Continue reading

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Indian government’s dangerous rush to get nuclear power

the Indian government  tried to limit liability to only if it could be proved that a supplier had done an act ‘with the intent to cause nuclear damage’. This astounding insertion left a huge loophole for contractors doing shoddy work to wriggle out of paying any damages if things go wrong………Given India’s pervasive culture of poor management and corruption, Mr Singh’s government should think carefully before plunging headlong into a risky track from which there is no going back.

Dangers in India’s path to nuclear energy, THE BUSINESS TIMES, By YOGI AGGARWAL, August 31, 2010, THERE have been few acts by the Indian government in recent months that have given rise to as many misgivings as its attempt to push through the nuclear liability Bill. Continue reading

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Egypt’s nuclear plant a ‘grave regional threat’

the new plant will be a “grave regional threat.

Greenpeace Blasts Egypt for Nuclear Plans, Israel National News by Hillel Fendel, 30 Aug 2010, The international environmental organization Greenpeace has targeted Egypt for its plan to build a nuclear energy plant off the Mediterranean coast. Continue reading

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