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Solar power becoming now cheaper than nuclear

While the study includes subsidies for both solar and nuclear power, it estimates that if subsidies were removed from solar power, the crossover point would be delayed by a maximum of nine years….Having dropped below nuclear power, solar power is now one of the least expensive energy sources in America.

Study: Solar power is cheaper than nuclear | The Energy Collective, July 27, 2010 by OshaDavidson The Holy Grail of the solar industry — reaching grid parity — may no longer be a distant dream. Solar may have already reached that point, at least when compared to nuclear power, according to a new study by two researchers at Duke University. Continue reading


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World wide network of nuclear smuggling

Investigators believe he [Nima Alizadeh Tabari] had as many as a dozen agents working around the world at the time of Yadegari’s arrest, including more in Canada,

The nuclear puppet-master,, A Tehran businessman’s clandestine worldwide web includes agents in Canada, by Charlie Gillis and David Armstrong , July 27, 2010 When Mahmoud Yadegari became the first man in Canada convicted of supplying nuclear equipment to Iran two weeks ago, his lawyer was quick to downplay his importance… Continue reading

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Nuclear radioactive threat to the Great Lakes

natives, like 40 million Canadians and Americans draw their drinking water from the Great Lakes and they also rely on fish caught in them.

(Canada) Coalition opposes shipping plan, By CHIP MARTIN, The London Free Press : July 27, 2010 Aboriginal voices have joined the growing international chorus opposing plans to ship radioactive nuclear generators along the Great Lakes. Continue reading

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France steps up security in its uranium colony, Niger

Areva extracts almost half its uranium from Niger, where it has been active for 40 years.

French nuclear giant steps up security after hostage killing, Expatica France, 27 July, 2010, French nuclear power giant Areva said Tuesday it had stepped up security around its sites in the West African country of Niger after Al-Qaeda murdered a French hostage captured in the region…… Continue reading

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Iran now offers talks, following new sanctions

The announcement appeared to be a move by Iran to show willingness to negotiate as a net of U.N., EU and U.S. sanctions tightens around it, but it was not clear that the quick offer of fuel swap talks would be enough to placate world powers….

U toughens  screw on Iran; Tehran offers talks EU, U.N. and U.S. sanctions against Iran  , Jul 26 2010 By Luke Baker and Robin Pomeroy BRUSSELS/TEHRAN, July 26 (Reuters)Iran said unexpectedly on Monday that it was prepared to return to talks on a nuclear fuel swap, shortly after the European Union agreed tougher sanctions including action to block oil and gas investment. Continue reading

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US govt embroiled in lawsuits over nuclear wastes

The litigation itself has been expensive for the government. DOJ has spent $29 million in attorney costs, $111 million on experts and $52 million in litigation support costs, with no end in sight.

DOJ in Settlement Talks for Nuclear Waste Cases, The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times, David Ingram. July 27, 2010 After more than a decade of litigation with nuclear utilities nationwide, the U.S. Department of Justice is interested in settling claims related to the storage of spent nuclear fuel. Continue reading

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Dim future for nuclear energy in South Africa

with the global economic slowdown, things have not improved much. Investments are not forthcoming from international lending banks.

South Africa still in pursuit of its nuclear future | The Energy Collective July 27, 2010 Pebble Bed project is shut down. Future reactor investments up in the air.This is not a good time to be looking to invest in nuclear energy in South Africa. Continue reading

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Wake up call: review of “Countdown to Zero”

…Nuclear weapons are supposed to be a deterrent. They are supposed to keep us safe. But that’s crap.

Take a Friend to the Movies — Before It’s Too Late, Steven Crandell, 23 July 2010, “………. They are designed to kill civilians in cities, to wipe out families, neighborhoods and communities. Yes, nuclear weapons bring influence and power. Continue reading

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Uranium processing costs higher than estimated

The range was significantly higher than the informal federal estimate of $1.4 billion to $3.5 billion for constructing the planned Uranium Processing Facility...

Senator Says Uranium Plant Could Cost Billions More Than Planned NTI: Global Security Newswire, July 27, 2010 U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) yesterday suggested the expense of building a highly enriched uranium processing center at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee might ultimately amount to between $4 billion and $5 billion, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. (see GSN, Oct. 29, 2009).

The range was significantly higher than the informal federal estimate of $1.4 billion to $3.5 billion for constructing the planned Uranium Processing Facility……In a July 6 letter to Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman, acting Government Accountability Office head Gene Dodaro said his agency believed the plant’s cost might reach or surpass the $3.5 billion threshold, the Nuclear Weapons and Materials Monitor reported (Frank Munger, Knoxville News Sentinel II, July 26)………

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EDF takeover in France’s nuclear empire?

it has ambitions to dominate the global market, building its latest-generation EPR reactor around the world and introducing it next-generation reactor ATMEA.

French Govt: EDF, Areva In Strategic Nuclear Partnership – A.H. Mooradian and Geraldine Amiel, Dow Jones Newswires;PARIS  27 July 2010, –The French government Tuesday announced a far-reaching alliance between State-controlled utility giant Electricite de France (EDF.FR) and State nuclear engineering group Areva SA (CEI.FR), Continue reading

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Sunny Central Australia to lead in solar energy

These projects will demonstrate large-scale renewable energy technologies, including a variety of cutting edge solar photovoltaic concentrator [pictured] and solar thermal technologies

CPV in Australia’s Red CentreA town called Alice: How CPV is springing up in Australia. Renewable Energy World, by Brian Elmer July 27, 2010 London — Located in the arid desert region in the heart of Australia, the small town of Alice Springs, with a population of 28,000 is normally best known as the jump off point for one of Australia’s best known natural icons, Uluru (the geological formation formerly known as Ayers Rock). Located about 500 km to the south west (considered a short distance in the vast reaches of the Northern Territory Outback) Uluru attracts some 400,000 visitors per year. Over the last few years though, Alice Springs has been attracting attention for another reason, its development of world-leading expertise in its use of one of the region’s other natural and abundant resources – solar energy.
Indeed, the central Australian region receives more sunlight than any other region in Australia, with over 7 kWh/m2/day of incident radiation, Continue reading

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