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Breast Cancer risk increased with new medical radiation techniques

A single BSGI exam was estimated to involve a lifetime risk of fatal cancer 20 to 30 times that of digital mammography in women aged 40 years, while the lifetime risk of a single PEM was 23 times greater than that of digital mammography.

New nuclear breast imaging technologies associated with higher cancer risks — Science Blog, Aug 23 2010, OAK BROOK, Ill. — Some nuclear-based breast imaging exams may increase a woman’s risk of developing radiation-induced cancer, according to a special report appearing online and in the October issue of Radiology. Continue reading


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Airport scanning: radiation dangers raised in U.S. Congress

certain travelers may be particularly vulnerable to emissions from the scanners including seniors, women prone to breast cancer, expectant mothers and children for which the impact hasn’t been fully evaluated….

Lawmakers continue to voice concerns over whole-body imagers | Center for Investigative Reporting, G. W. Shultz, August 24, 2010, It wasn’t a lead story when scientists from the University of California at San Francisco first publicly expressed their unease earlier this year about the possible negative health effects caused by full-body airport scanners now being used across the United States to stop explosives from making it onto jet airliners. Continue reading

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$Billions debt will be the result of USA’s nuclear loans

These kinds of advance payments are exactly the kind of financial shenanigans that brought the last nuclear-construction boom to an end, leaving utility ratepayers with billions of wasted dollars in costs.

Sorry, But Nukes Still Don’t Pencil Out, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Carl Pope, August 24, 2010 “……the present generation of pressurized-vessel nuclear power plants makes so little economic sense Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear Liability Bill really aimed at protecting foreign nuclear companies

‘Intent is to give immunity on a platter’, The Hindu , 25 Aug 2010, Nuclear scientist A. Gopalakrishnan, a strong critic of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, has alleged that the real intent of the measure, ‘diluted’ by the Union Cabinet, is to provide foreign supplies total immunity from any liability Continue reading

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Nuclear industry worried as India agonises over Nuclear Liability

Industry upset with N-liability bill changes – India – The Times of IndiaTNN, Aug 25, 2010, NEW DELHI: Amid indications that the government may amend the nuclear liability bill yet again to accommodate the Opposition’s protest against dilution of the clause dealing with supplier liability, industry on Tuesday mounted a campaign warning that the toughening of the very same provisions could scare away suppliers — both Indian and foreign. Continue reading

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Uranium theft in Eastern Europe

If the Uranium had been sold in the illegal market, it would have fetched the gang around $11 million.

3 Held Over Uranium Seizure In Moldova, RTT News, 8/24/2010 Moldovan authorities on Tuesday arrested three people in connection with the recovery of some two kilograms of a radio active material from the capital Chisinau, it has emerged.Officials told media that the Uranium-238, which could be used to build a dirty bomb, was found concealed inside a container in a garage there….. Continue reading

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Uranium theft in Australia

Depleted uranium and a substantial amount of chemicals and glassware were found at the shed…

Uranium stash claim,WHITNEY HARRIS  The Advertiser, 24 Aug, 2010 A Kangaroo Flat man accused of drug trafficking after a series of police raids turned up a stash of uranium will stand trial next year. Continue reading

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Dispelling the nuclear lobby’s spin on “clean”

Nuclear Myths and Facts   Greenpeace International by jmckeati – August 24, 2010 NEI’s ‘Fact’: Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest energy sources in America….Here we have some classic industry spin. Continue reading

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Anti-nuclear protests in Bengal make Russia want to change its nuclear sales plan

Worried over protests, Russia’s state-owned nuclear power equipment and service giant Rosatom wants to pull out of the proposed nuclear power plant at Haripur and has asked the Department of Atomic Energy to allot it another site.

Russians eager to quit Haripur – Kolkata – City – The Times of India, Sachin Parashar, TNN, Aug 23, 2010, Continue reading

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10 years to dismantle nuclear plant, and what will it cost?

The $1 billon project is said to be the largest dismantling project ever undertaken in the U.S and is expected to take 10 years to complete.

Nuclear power plant to be dismantled – POWER-GEN WorldWide, 24 August 2010 – Exelon has reached an agreement with EnergySolutions, a Salt Lake City nuclear services company, to dismantle the Zion Nuclear Power Station, Continue reading

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India’s Disarmament Seminar cancelled for fear of offending U.S. nuclear lobby

the rejection might be because the seminar was being held to close to the date of US president Barack Obama’s visit to India during November. “May be the government did not want to annoy Uncle Sam,”

‘No seminar on nuclear disarmament’, – The Times of India, TNN, Aug 25, 2010,  NAGPUR: In an apparent move to curb an ‘unwanted’ congregation, the ministry of external affairs (MEA) has struck down the application by a city-based activist known for his left leaning to hold a global seminar on nuclear disarmament in city. Continue reading

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Germany and Belgium lead the way in much-needed nuclear fuel levy

The Belgian government has recently started raising a levy on those power plants, far too small at €5 per MWh, but future government parties want to increase that substantially.

A levy on nuclear producers is right, August 25 2010 Prof Eric De Keuleneer German chancellor Angela Merkel is wise to tax her nuclear producers.. Continue reading

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