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Burma’s nuclear weapons program

IAEA to investigate Burma’s nuclear program, Radio Australia:Asia Pacific, 30 june 2010, It’s been a rumour for years but now the international nuclear watchdog has formally turned its attention to Burma. The International Atomic Energy Agency is understood to be investigating a report, written by one of its own former directors. The document draws on a new dossier of material which was smuggled out of Burma, by a Burmese weapons expert. The IAEA has approached the Burmese regime asking it to explain why it appears to be manufacturing parts for nuclear weapons.

Presenter: Jeff Waters
Speakers: Robert Kelly, former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Radio Australia:Asia Pacific:Story:IAEA to investigate Burma’s nuclear program

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Burma developing nuclear power, funded by multinational oil companies

how could Burma, Southeast Asia’s poorest country, possibly afford to finance a nuclear program? The answer involves the military regime’s partnerships with multinational companies, including some of the world’s largest and best known oil firms

Oil Companies Financing Nuclear Threat in Burma, Refusing Transparency, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Mathew Smith, June 10, 2010 , The world has a new nuclear threat on its hands; the first ever in Southeast Asia.According to a disturbing five-year study released Friday by the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), carried on Al Jazeera, and vetted by a nuclear scientist and former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the ruling military junta in Burma (Myanmar) is “mining uranium, converting it to uranium compounds for reactors and bombs, and is trying to build a reactor and or an enrichment plant that could only be useful for a bomb.” Continue reading

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