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“NO” to Germany as a “toilet for nuclear wastes”

They warned against Germany becoming a “nuclear toilet” or dumping ground for atomic waste.

Anti-nuclear protesters call Germany ‘nuclear toilet’ Deutsche Welle    by Joanna Impey 11.12.2010 Demonstrators have gathered in the north-eastern German town of Greifswald to protest against the government’s nuclear policy ahead of another transport of nuclear waste from German and French research facilities.

Around 2,000 demonstrators gathered in the German town of Greifswald on Saturday ahead of next week’s planned nuclear-waste transport to the nearby storage facility in Lubmin. Continue reading

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Transmission and storage – progress towards national renewable energy

Transmission capacity isn’t the only thing needed for clean energy to come into wider use, though. Also critical is energy-storage technology, as renewable-power sources like wind and solar can produce electricity intermittently.

Renewable-Energy Infrastructure Gets a Boost, GetSolar, December 12th 2010 Crucial to the wider adoption of solar power and other renewable-energy technologies is an improvement in the nation’s electric infrastructure – and it looks like progress is being made. Continue reading

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Little Goliad takes on uranium mining Goliath

“When we were granted the contested case hearing, we filled the hall,” Irwin said. “We feel like it makes a big difference when they see people from little Goliad there fighting.”…..

Goliad citizens to protest TCEQ hearing on uranium drilling, Victoria Advocate, 12 Dec 10, GOLIAD A bus full of concerned citizens will travel to the state capitol on Tuesday to protest Uranium Energy Corporation’s proposed permit to drill for uranium in the county. Continue reading

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Pressure on US Senate to stop nuclear loan guarantees

Passed by the House, the resolution now goes to the Senate, and environmental groups are urging citizens to call their senators to delete the guarantees.

Environmentalists Go Nuclear Over Obama Administration’s Loan Guarantee, Sunshine News, Kenric Ward   December 12, 2010 Liberals already unhappy with the Obama administration over taxes, are going ballistic over an impending $7 billion loan guarantee for the nuclear power industry. Continue reading

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Legal push to use Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste dump

It is the latest development in a multi-decade, multibillion dollar push to use Yucca Mountain as a nuclear-waste repository.

Federal Appeals Court To Begin Yucca Mountain Hearings In 2011 –, By Naureen S. Malik Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK 10 Dec 10, –The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will hold earnings early next year on whether the Department of Energy has the right to withdraw its application to use Yucca Mountain as a nuclear-waste disposal site. Continue reading

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British nuclear submarine HMS Astute not very astute at all

The latest embarrassing incident came as the Ministry of Defence conceded that despite bristling with the latest global positioning and eavesdropping systems, the super-sub still relies on paper charts similar to those used in British submarines during the Second World War

HMS Calamity: First it ran aground, then it collided with a tug. Now Britain’s £1.2bn flagship submarine breaks down on its first day back in service, Daily Mail (UK) By Christopher Leake and Andy Whelan 12th December 2010 The troubled Royal Navy nuclear submarine that ran aground off Scotland has broken down on its first day back at sea. Continue reading

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Russia to own a uranium mine, and a town, in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 12 (UPI) — A Russian company has won approval to take over a U.S. uranium operation, including a whole town in Utah, an executive says.Citing national security, four members of Congress had urged the U.S. Treasury to keep the Canadian Uranium One company from selling majority ownership to Atomredmetzoloto, whose parent entity is Rosatom, the Russian nuclear agency. One concern is that Rosatom has sent highly radioactive reactor fuel to Iran.
But the Treasury Department, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Utah Division of Radiation Control have approved the deal, The Salt Lake Tribune reported….Russian firm buying U.S. uranium mine –

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Gulf Arab countries in fact oppose a strike against Iran

In fact, the cables show that most Gulf Arab regimes – including Saudi Arabia itself – have been seriously concerned about the consequences of a strike against Iran for their own security, in sharp contrast to Israel’s open advocacy of such a strike.

Misinformation Times – Actual U.S. cables belie New York Times’ version,  by Gareth Porter & Jim Lobe 12-Dec-2010 The dominant theme that emerged in U.S. media coverage of the first round of Wikileaks diplomatic cables last week was that Arab regimes in the Gulf – led by Saudi Arabia – shared Israel’s view that Iran’s nuclear program had to be stopped by military force, if necessary….. Continue reading

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Illegal transport of uranium by US diplomats

The State Department Foreign Affairs Manual explicitly forbids radioactive substances from being sent in a diplomatic bag.

US diplomats broke laws by sending uranium on commercial flight, says leaked cable * Richard Lloyd Parry, Philip Pank : The Times * December 13, 2010 AMERICAN diplomats secretly sent uranium on a commercial airliner, in violation of US government rules about the abuse of the diplomatic bag system, and laws governing the air transportation of hazardous materials. Continue reading

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Stuxnet a bigger worry than Wikileaks

If You Think WikiLeaks Is Significant… –, Mark Thompson, 10 Dec 10, The experts at the Congressional Research Service have just issued a chilling report entitled The Stuxnet Computer Worm: Harbinger of an Emerging Warfare Capability. Unfortunately, the title is a statement; there’s no question mark at the end. The Stuxnet’s initial target was apparently Iran’s nuclear program, and it’s obvious that someone, somewhere is developing insidious computer programs that could change life as we know it:……. If You Think WikiLeaks Is Significant… – Swampland –

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“Human chain” symbolically prevents nuclear waste transport

Hundreds form human chain round German nuclear storage site, Sify News, 12 Dec 10, Ahaus (Germany),  (DPA) Several hundred nuclear energy opponents formed a human chain around a German nuclear storage site Sunday, to protest against transports of radioactive material. Continue reading

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Wikileaks- Australian intelligence analysts advised softer line on Iran

Australia’s top intelligence agency has also privately undercut the hardline stance towards Tehran of the United States, Israeli and Australian governments, saying that Iran’s nuclear program is intended to deter attack and that it is a mistake to regard Iran as a ”rogue state”.

WikiLeaks | fears of potential nuclear war in the Middle East,  Sydney Morning Herald, Philip Dorling December 13, 2010 AUSTRALIAN intelligence agencies fear that Israel might launch military strikes against Iran and that Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities could draw the US and Australia into a potential nuclear war in the Middle East. Continue reading

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