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Republican congresswoman to put a spanner in Obama’s nuclear deals

She also promised that her bill would require the administration to certify that a country has met a number or requirements before signing a nuclear deal with the United States, and to verify that the deal would advance U.S. interests…….

Ros-Lehtinen promises to stop Obama’s civilian nuclear deals,  FP, by Josh Rogin, 14 Jan 2011, The Obama administration is negotiating civilian nuclear cooperation agreements with a host of countries around the world. But Congress will intervene to try to stop some of those deals, if House Foreign Relations Committee chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen but has anything to say about it. Continue reading

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China’s secrecy over its nuclear mishaps

China’s Nuclear Energy Ambitions: Big, Bold, and Unstoppable –,  14 Jan 2011, ………..In a vast country where corners have been known to get cut in construction and regulation, and all too often with fatal consequences, safety concerns loom large. And the last time that a nation tried to expand its nuclear sector so quickly, Three-Mile Island happened. Though no major incidents have been in the last 15 years, a fuel rod crack and small radiation leak at the Daya Bay nuclear plant in southern China raised concerns last year. The plant was criticized at the time for not publicizing the incidents immediately…..

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Nuclear power a most carbon emitting energy source

Nuclear energy is not zero-carbon – it’s a carbon hog!

Deep Green: What the Greens got right | Greenpeace International by Rex Weyler – January 14, 2011 “…….“Nuclear power is … a massive potential source of zero-carbon power.”Zero carbon? Dead wrong. Nuclear power is among the most carbon-intensive forms of energy. Continue reading

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France trying to sort out its nuclear energy business mess

Energy Minister Eric Besson  said the government would unveil a new framework for investments in the solar power sector by mid-February

France to decide on nuclear industry shake-up in Q1 Reuters, 14 Jan 2011, Government to hold nuclear policy council in next weeks* EDF, Areva partnership options to be reviewed* Areva against EDF leadership, says would hinder its sales* Committee reviewing candidates for Areva’s helm – minister By Marie MaitrePARIS, – France will hold a nuclear policy council in coming weeks to decide on the reorganisation of its nuclear industry Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia says Iran’s nuclear plants are not an environmental problem

Iran’s nuclear sites no threat to Persian Gulf environment: Saudi official, Tehran Times TEHRAN 14 Jan 2011, – Director of Saudi’s Meteorology and Environmental Protection Turki bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz has said that Iran’s nuclear facilities do not threaten the Persian Gulf environment.The Saudi official has made the remarks in a recent interview with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Watan newspaper….. Continue reading

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Genuine power solutions not favoured by rich corporations

Deep Green: What the Greens got right | Greenpeace Internationaly Rex Weyler – January 14, 2011 “…… Historically, ecologists and environmentalists have offered thousands of genuine solutions and critical ideas to help humanity achieve peace and sustainability. The problem is not that ecologists offer no solutions. The problem arises because those solutions are not convenient for those who want to concentrate wealth and political power.
Corporate promoters like Brand, Lynas and Channel 4 insist on high-tech, complex solutions such as nuclear power, biotechnology and geo-engineering because those ventures promise more wealth and centralised control for the wealthy. They attack the genuine solutions offered by ecologists because those solutions require less reckless consumption and more community power. Deep Green: What the Greens got right | Greenpeace International

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Trying to get Ottawa taxpayers to prop up nuclear industry

The reactor is expected to be back online in the fall of that year – three years overdue and about $1 billion over budget…..

Energy minister believes feds might pay for power,,  By SHAWN BERRY, 14 Jan 2010, New Brunswick’s Energy minister still believes the province can get Ottawa to pay for ongoing delays at the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant. Continue reading

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UN wants Burma to reveal its suspected nuclear sites

Nuclear watchdog asks Burma to open up suspect sites, Telegraph, 14 Jan 2011, Burma has reportedly been asked to open up for a visit by the UN’s nuclear watchdog, following concerns that the ruling junta may be trying to build a nuclear weapon.By Malcolm Moore, Shanghai Speculation about Burma’s nuclear intentions has grown since 2002 and were backed by photographs and documents of alleged missile projects and nuclear sites were disclosed by Major Sai Thein Win, a Burmese army defector……. Nuclear watchdog asks Burma to open up suspect sites – Telegraph

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Major powers refuse Iran’s invitation to tour its nuclear sites

Major powers snub Iran invite for nuclear tour, Google hosted news, (AFP) –15 Jan 2011, VIENNA — Iran’s invitation to a number of key countries to visit its nuclear sites has effectively been snubbed by major powers, Continue reading

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USA joins International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

“The US joining IRENA was a clear signal to the world that renewable energy, energy security, and reduction of carbon emissions are high on the global agenda.”

Clinton Lauds IRENA In Abu Dhabi, Renewable Energy News : by Energy Matters 24 Jan 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at IRENA US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has applauded the efforts of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and their impact on addressing climate change, supporting sustainable technology, and combating “energy poverty” in the third world…. Continue reading

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The nuclear industry in decline

There are nine fewer nuclear power stations operating worldwide today than there were in 2002. There are 33 fewer nuclear power stations in Europe now than there were in 1989. The US has not built one in 36 years and the Japanese have virtually stopped building them.

Nuclear industry has no future, Mr Barnett – The West Australian, by Scott Ludlam  January 13th, 2011,”…..In reality, there is no global nuclear renaissance, and we should hope there never will be. Since the early 1980s, the industry has been sinking under the weight of the vast costs of this obsolete and risky technology. Continue reading

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Risk of vested pro nuclear interests in USA’s panel on nuclear power and cancer

Beyond Nuclear will be submitting comments on individual conflicts of interest and overall balance and appropriateness of disciplines by January 30. …….

Provisional panel announced to examine the link between nuclear facilities and the cancer risk, Beyond Nuclear, 13 Jan 2011, The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Nuclear Radiation and Studies Board (NRSB) has announced the provisional membership for a panel to examine the cancer risks around NRC licensed nuclear facilities. This panel will not only examine nuclear power reactors, but ALL NRC licensed facilities including waste sites, uranium mines, etc. Continue reading

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Britain’s mock “GREEN” Investment Bank to fund nuclear power!

Caroline Lucas, the Green party MP who sits on the committee, said: “Nuclear is not green in my view. But it’s not new in anyone’s mind. Funding nuclear makes a mockery of the whole idea of a Green Investment Bank”

Green investment bank could help to build nuclear reactors The Conservatives’ pre-election manifesto promised that the bank would finance ‘new green technology start-ups’  Tim Webb *,   13 January 201 The government’s Green Investment Bank could fund the building of new nuclear reactors, it has emerged. Continue reading

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Progress of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

IRENA will promote the widespread and increased adoption and sustainable use of all forms or renewable energy. Acting as the global voice for renewable energies,…Irena will officially become a full fledged UN Agency in April 2011

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) | Sierra Express Media, Freetown 13th January, 2011Continue reading

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China tops in wind power capacity, but with inadequate grid

To translate the country’s wind power installations into massive utilization, Greenpeace said the government must introduce effective incentive policies and completely overhaul the national grid.

“This shortfall in generation tells us that China still has a long way to go to reach its full potential in wind and other renewable energy,” said Yang Ailun of Greenpeace East Asia in a news release.

China first in wind power capacity –, BEIJING, Jan. 13 China has surpassed the United States as the country with the largest wind power installation in the world, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua reports. Continue reading

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