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Cleanup of nuclear plant will be delayed, and full cost unknown

according to its decommissioning plan, the company said it would wait as many as 60 years to dismantle the plant ……Exelon has collected more than $651 million to pay for the cleanup of radioactive material. This does not include the cost to dismantle the plant’s hulking superstructure surrounding the reactor…….

Oyster Creek nuclear cleanup plan could take 60 years –, By MICHAEL MILLER, 9 Dec 10, LACEY TOWNSHIP – The Oyster Creek nuclear plant will be around long after it closes in 2019, judging by papers its owner filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Continue reading

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Many unsolved questions about continuing dilapidated Oyster Creek nuclear reactor

Many reasons remain why Oyster Creek should be shutdown overnight, not least of which includes the continued generation of unmanaged nuclear waste and its vulnerable onsite storage with the equivalent radiation from the Hiroshima nuclear weapon blast many, many times over.

Countdown to Shutdown of Oyster Creek in 2019, Beyond Nuclear, 10 Dec 2010, Rather than be sued by the State of New Jersey to save Barnegat Bay by building less destructive cooling towers for the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, Exelon Nuclear Corporation and Republican Governor Chris Christie announced a negotiated agreement to close the nation’s oldest operating nuclear power plant early in Lacey Township in 2019. Continue reading

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Indigenous peoples bypassed at Cancun Climate Change conference

….Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD). pays lip service to indigenous land tenure and practices, while often undermining and even prohibiting them.

The Missing Delegate at Cancún: Indigenous Peoples, NatGeo News Watch, 10 Dec 10, As nearly 200 delegates gather at the Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico, writer Dennis Martinez points out that Indigenous peoples and their advocates have no official seat among nations, and yet have experienced the worst impacts of climate change. Continue reading

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Depleted uranium weapons – ethics discussion in Norway

humanitarian consequences of weapons must guide the government’s disarmament policy. Not only does this cover landmines and cluster munitions, but also nuclear weapons….the principles enshrined in international humanitarian law – in particular the distinction between civilians and combatants.

Norwegian Foreign Minister makes statement on depleted uranium International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, 10 Dec 10, Norway’s Foreign Minister has called for continued research into the potential impact of depleted uranium weapons during a discussion on the issue in the Norwegian parliament. 9 December 2010 – ICBUW Continue reading

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Chaos continuing in Iran’s nuclear facilities, due to Stuxnet computer worm

the worm continues to infect the computers at Iran’s two nuclear sites.

Stuxnet Worm Still Out of Control at Iran’s Nuclear Sites, Experts Say By Ed Barnes December 09, 2010| Iran’s nuclear program is still in chaos despite its leaders’ adamant claim that they have contained the computer worm that attacked their facilities, cybersecurity experts in the United States and Europe say. Continue reading

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US Congress approves $7 billion, not $36 billion, for nuclear loans

House approves money for nuclear loan guarantees The Washington Post, By FREDERIC J. FROMMER , December 9, 2010; The Associated Press WASHINGTON –– The House has passed legislation that would provide $7 billion in new loan guarantees for nuclear power plant construction. The $7 billion in loan guarantees is just a fraction of the $36 billion that President Barack Obama requested earlier this year…. House approves money for nuclear loan guarantees

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Uncertainty about nuclear wastes makes projected nuclear energy costs unreliable

Study assesses nuclear power assumptions, ScienceDaily (Dec. 9, 2010) — A broad review of current research on nuclear power economics has been published in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. The report concludes that nuclear power will continue to be a viable power source but that the current fuel cycle is not sustainable. Due to uncertainty about waste management, any projection of future costs must be built on basic assumptions that are not grounded in real data…….Study assesses nuclear power assumptions

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Burma building secret nuclear sites? – Wikileaks

Witnesses in Burma claim to have seen evidence of secret nuclear and missile sites being built in remote jungle, according to secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, heightening concerns that the military regime is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites,

9 Dec 10, Fears of bomb plan as witnesses tell US embassy that North Koreans are involved with underground facility in jungle Continue reading

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Water problems may bring early closure of nuclear reactors

The biggest push has been for power plants to install cooling towers to reduce the amount of water used to cool the plants. EPA estimates that over 200 billion gallons of water per day are withdrawn by manufacturing facilities and power plants.

Oyster Creek plant closing, will others follow? Power Gen, 12/09/2010 On Dec. 8, Exelon announced that the Oyster Creek nuclear power generating facility in New Jersey will be shut down by 2019, roughly 10 years before the plant’s operating license expires… Continue reading

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Public better protected from radioactive pets than from radioactive people

“The public is more protected from a radioactive Fluffy than from a radioactive father who receives the very same treatment and is then just sent home,”

Radiation Rules Differ for Humans and Pets, by Matthew Wald, 9 Dec 10, WASHINGTON — One group receiving treatment for a thyroid disorder is given a radioactive drug that makes the patients a potential hazard to children or pregnant women for several days. Still, doctors usually send them home immediately after treatment. Continue reading

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USA scorns Venezuela’s nuclear energy ambitions

A confidential cable from John Caulfield, the deputy chief of mission, said Washington had little reason to fear Venezuelan plans to exploit uranium with Iranian help and build a reactor with Russian help…….

WikiLeaks cables dismiss Hugo Chávez’s nuclear ambitions Rory Carroll in Caracas, 9 December 2010 Leaked dispatches describe Venezuelan government as too shambolic and broke to exploit uranium or build reactors  Continue reading

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Uranium sale offered by Burmese civilian: Wikileaks

Wikileaks US embassy cables: Burmese civilian offers to sell uranium to US diplomats,   9 December 2010 During XXXXXXXXXXXX interview, the individual claimed to be able to provide up to 2000 kg of uranium-bearing rock from a location in Kayah State XXXXXXXXXXXX , and further stated if the U.S. was not interested in purchasing the uranium, he and his associates would try to sell it to other countries, beginning with Thailand…… US embassy cables: Burmese civilian offers to sell uranium to US diplomats | World news |

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Texas opposition to allowing nuclear waste from other States

Commenters on proposed nuke rules mostly opposed, Houston Chronicle, By BETSY BLANEY Associated Press 9 Dec 2010, A commission overseeing the burial of low-level radioactive waste in Texas heard mostly opposition at a public hearing on proposed rules to allow nuclear waste from 36 other states to be buried near the New Mexico border…….Commenters on proposed nuke rules mostly opposed | AP Texas News | – Houston Chronicle

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France moving towards agreement on NATO missile defence system

During the recent Lisbon Summit NATO’s member states — including France — agreed to a new Strategic Concept that included a missile defence system. …… France no longer blocked NATO’s use of new defensive weapons….

France’s Silent Strategic Revolution, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rabah Ghezali, 10 Dec 10, France has always maintained that the possession of nuclear weapons first and foremost provides a deterrent to aggressive acts against its interests. However, it retains the policy option of using nuclear weapons in a further first strike capacity.

The French strategic doctrine has always been and remains one of crushing retaliation, in contrast to the US and UK strategy of allowing for more flexible responses such as a gradual, “pre-strategic” use of nuclear weapons.

In the light of this policy divide, the negative French reaction to the 1999 US National Missile Defence Act was entirely consistent . Paris considered anti-missile defence unnecessary and destabilizing. Since the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the doctrine of Mutually Assured destruction remained the foundations of French strategic thinking, missile defence appeared to jeopardize the status quo and risk starting a new arms race with Russia.

Even more fundamentally, however, Paris feared that missile defense would undermine its nuclear posture. The French position was clear. Nuclear capabilities, it insisted, must remain the sole strategic system protecting the country. ……

During the recent Lisbon Summit NATO’s member states — including France — agreed to a new Strategic Concept that included a missile defence system. President Sarkozy’s approval constituted a rupture in France’s long-standing opposition to strategic missile defence. Recognizing options other than “all or nothing,” France no longer blocked NATO’s use of new defensive weapons….

Rabah Ghezali: France’s Silent Strategic Revolution

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