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Mordechai Vanunu, nuclear whistleblower, prevented by Israel from getting ethics award

Vanunu was to be awarded the Carl von Ossietsky Prize in Berlin Sunday for his work promoting disarmament but has not received permission to leave Israel

Israel stops whistle-blower getting German prize, Google hosted news, (AFP) – 11 Dec 10, BERLIN — Israel has barred Mordechai Vanunu, who spent 18 years in jail for revealing secrets of the country’s nuclear programme, from going to Germany to accept a prize, organisers said on Friday. Continue reading

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Chris Huhne’s hollow, wobbly, words on “no subsidy” for UK nuclear industry

In other words, nuclear will be eligible for any form of subsidy that applies to renewables or other low-carbon generation through tools such as carbon pricing or emissions trading….We will not rule out the Government providing support to industry… through the activities of the Office for Nuclear Development in taking forward the actions to facilitate the deployment of new nuclear power

“No subsidy for nuclear”, by Jonathon Porritt , December 10th, 2010 That’s the wording that permitted the Lib Dems to go along with the Tories’ pro-nuclear stance. That’s the wording that turned Chris Huhne from “serious sceptic” to compliant enthusiast.It sounds so simple, doesn’t it – “no subsidy”. Which bit of that do you not understand? But if the Trades’ Description Act applied to political pronouncements, Chris Huhne would find himself subject to prosecution for outright deception. Continue reading

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UK govt says “No Subsidy” for nuclear, BUT …..

new nuclear can proceed provided there is no specific subsidy……However the Government accepts that it is impossible to be certain that costs will not exceed the cap...

New Nuclear Clean-up Proposals Avoid Public Subsidy, Oil Voice , December 10, 2010The UK Government this week published proposals on how operators of new nuclear power stations will have to make secure financial provision for decommissioning without recourse to the taxpayer, in line with the Government’s policy that there should be no subsidy for new nuclear. Continue reading

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Why do America’s Republicans love a socialised industry – nuclear energy?

The nuclear industry and the Republican Party have nothing ideologically obvious in common other than a soft spot for things that go boom…..Nuclear power is the king of subsidized energy industries, with its very origin in government—

Nuclear Reactionaries, Washinton Monthly, December 2010,  It’s a big-government-dependent tool to fight climate change that was championed by Jimmy Carter, is now dominated by the French, and has never managed to compete in the marketplace. So why, exactly, do Republicans love nuclear power so much? By T. A. Frank Continue reading

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USA movement to stop the nuclear loan guarantees

Taxpayer and environmental groups are asking citizens to call their senators urging deletion of the guarantees.

A $7 Billion New Nuke Attack, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Harvey Wasserman, 10 Dec 10, The White House and nuclear power industry are on the brink of grabbing $7 billion in new taxpayer-funded loan guarantees for new reactors.But they can be stopped. Continue reading

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Krugersdorp communities endangered by radiation from uranium mining

Tudor Informal Settlement in Krugersdorp is surrounded by land contaminated by mining activities and radioactive dumps.…..He also wants the communities living on these tailings to be relocated as a matter of urgency that all areas containing uranium contamination from mine residues are fenced off.

VIDEOS BusinessDay – Dangerous radiation levels endanger communities – expert (South Africa) Dangerous radiation levels endanger communities – expert, BusinessDay, , Professor Chris Busby, a world expert in uranium has tested mine dumps around Krugersdorp and warns that radiation levels are 15 times higher than normal LIVHUWANI MAMMBURU  2010/12/10 Radiation levels at the Tudor Shaft Informal Settlement in Krugersdorp have reached dangerous levels and the community must be urgently relocated. Continue reading

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Costly replacement parts to keep decrepit Oyster Creek nuclear reactor going

Oyster Creek nuclear power plant faces transformer replacement POWER-GEN WorldWide, Dec 10, 2010 Exelon’s 619 MW Oyster Creek nuclear power plant will have to replace a brand-new $16 million transformer that did not work properly. The faulty transformer was installed along with another new one on Dec. 3. The new equipment and the cost of installing it totaled $33 million.Exelon said December 8 it will retire Oyster Creek in 2019, 10 years before its license is set to expire.
“It (the faulty transformer) is an example of the large cost of capital expenses, but this wasn’t part of that decision,” said plant spokesman David Benson. “We had expected both of these transformers to work.”.. Oyster Creek nuclear power plant faces transformer replacement – POWER-GEN WorldWide

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Prime Minister’s response to Julian Assange pleased USA, not the Australian public

She sought to placate the wrong audience and said what the American government would have wanted to hear, not what the fractious left in Australia wanted to hear.

PM tanks at home, Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Dec 10, Gillard’s ill-advised judge and jury comments convicting Julian Assange alienated a swag of Labor supporters for good.THE WikiLeaks revelations have been an immense political disaster for the Gillard government. Continue reading

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NASA’s radiation tests on monkeys not relevant to space research

The monkey experiment — which NASA plans to fund with $1.75 million of taxpayer money – disregards both ethics and common sense.

No need to harm primates in NASA’s radiation tests, By APRIL EVANS HOUSTON CHRONICLE

9 Dec 10, “…….I’m extremely disappointed that during tough program cuts, NASA continues to defend expensive primate research that is unlikely to produce anything of value to human space flight. Continue reading

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Underground nuclear site in Burma, helped by North Korea

The disclosures have fuelled fears that North Korea is providing direct technical and physical assistance to Burma’s military regime to help it develop a nuclear weapons program that could alter the balance of power in the region.

Burma’s nuclear plans exposed by WikiLeaks * Cameron Stewart *  The Australian * December 11, 2010 BURMA is believed to be building a secret nuclear program with the help of North Korea, in a move that could pose a major threat to regional stability. Continue reading

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Warren Buffett’s global nuclear fuel bank plan a waste of time and money, says WNA

WNA: Buffett?s nuclear fuel bank is a solution looking for a problem, Power Gen, 11 Dec 10, 12/09/2010 The World Nuclear Association’s Steve Kidd, recently promoted to Deputy Director General, says Warren Buffett’s pet project – a global nuclear fuel bank aimed at providing an alternative to countries seeking producing their own enriched uranium – is a waste of time. Buffett has pledged $50m of his own cash to kick-start the fuel bank, which this month was approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency.Speaking to Power Engineering International, Kidd said: “Warren Buffett’s nuclear fuel bank is irrelevant. It’s a solution looking for a problem. There is a certain amount of paranoia in the United States about the potential for nuclear proliferation coming from Iran and North Korea. The fuel bank is not necessary and it’s not relevant to the future of nuclear.” WNA: Buffett?s nuclear fuel bank is a solution looking for a problem

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India’s nuclear capable missile test falls into the sea

Agni-II Prime’s launch fails, into sea in seconds, Indian Express, Debrabata Mohanty, 11 Dec 10, The maiden test launch of Agni-II Prime, a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile with a strike range of 2,500 km to 3,000 km, ended in a failure after the missile dropped into the sea a few seconds after launch from Wheeler Island, off the Orissa coast, on Friday…….Sources in the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said soon after the missile took off at 10. 02 am from a mobile launcher of Integrated Test Range at Wheeler Islands, it dropped into the sea. “Experimental launch of Agni-2-P Missile experienced a trajectory deviation. A detailed analysis was in progress to find out the exact cause for the failure and it might take at least two to three days to make a preliminary assessment,” said a DRDO official.…Agni-II Prime’s launch fails, into sea in seconds

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Shipment of radioactive materials over Great Lakes is stopped by weather

Nuclear shipments won’t happen this year Welland Tribune – Ontario, CA, By Heather Wright/QMI Agency 11 Dec 10, SARNIA – Old Man Winter did what a chorus of public opinion has been so far unable to do – stop the shipment of nuclear steam generators through the Great Lakes system. Continue reading

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Flagstaff City Council against uranium mining near Grand Canyon

AZ city opposes uranium mining near Grand Canyon, Bloomberg. Dec 11, 2010 By The Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — The City of Flagstaff has joined in opposing uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.The City Council passed a resolution this week supporting Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to ban any new hard-rock mining claims in a 1 million-acre area outside the national park’s boundaries.
His administration is studying whether mining on those lands should be permanently prohibited.The city’s resolution says that mining will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on the economic well-being of Flagstaff.Northern Arizona’s American Indian tribes oppose uranium mining on their reservations and in the area….AZ city opposes uranium mining near Grand Canyon – Bloomberg

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Fundraising for AREVA to meet its financial needs

Though President Nicolas Sarkozy gave his blessing last year to a sale of 15 per cent of Areva’s shares to strategic industrial and financial partners, the process has been beset by controversy and public bickering among France’s nuclear champions…………

French state in U-turn on Areva listing, By Peggy Hollinger in Paris  December 10 2010 20:11 The French government is aiming to bring Areva to a full market listing before June next year in a U-turn on the future of the strategic and politically sensitive nuclear group. Continue reading

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