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RADIUM CITY 1987 Complete 102 min. Feature Documentary Film

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Hello everyone- We have just been invited to partner commercially with YouTube, and are hoping to make many of our complete full length documentaries available here for viewing soon. We are offering Radium City here on our YouTube channel (soapbxprod) for free commercial viewing for a limited time to determine its popularity.
At this moment, Radium City is a unique case, as the dedication of the statue to the Radium Dial Girls will take place in Ottawa IL this September, and the DVD is currently being distributed and licensed to many libraries and academic institutions across the US.
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BY MAY 2, 1959

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May 2, 1959 Issue

ABSTRACT: REPORTER AT LARGE about the effect of radio-activity on human beings, & about the Atomic Energy Commission’s search for the surviving dial painters, the world’s first victoms of radium poisoning. In 1915, Dr. von Sochocky originated a widely used radium-paint formula, & the same year, he & some associates founded the Radium Luminous Materials Co., & established it in a factory in Orange, N.J. The company changed its name in 1916, & became the U.S. Radium Corp. It contracted with watch manufacturers to paint their dials Teen-age girls were, for the most employed to do it on piecework bases. The girls dipped their brushes into the paint licked them into shape, each time swallowing a little radium. Early in the 1920’s, the first few mysterious cases of illness & bone injury began to occur among the dial painters. In 1924, Dr. Harrison S. Martland, the Medical Examiner of Essex County, inspected the plant, & examined stricken dial painters, & sought the advice of colleagues-among them Dr. von Sochocky, who had left the company & now teamed up with Dr. Martland. By this time nine girls had died. Tells about the discoveries made by Dr. Martland & his co-workers on how radioactive matter works inside the human body. Dr. von Sochocky died of radium injuries in 1928, at the age of 45. Tells about litigation which began in ’27, brought against the company by five injured girls who sought a quarter of a million dollars each, and about the outcome of the case.

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read the full text...

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A mainstream journalist sees hope for future of credible journalism

Read all about it: journalism has a future!, The Age, Katharine Murphy, September 3, 2012 If balance is a pillar of the new media then the truth will still win out.  ”….I find myself increasingly energised by the fantastic journalism I can now consume online from the best media outlets in the world. The digital bounty has changed my own news consumption habits fundamentally.
These days I hoover up blogs in London, New York and Washington, scour the American political website Politico (one of the great success stories of this period), admire the methodical journalism of ProPublica, watch live politics coverage on The Guardian and The New York Times, and use Twitter as a brilliant aggregator as well as a breaking news channel in its own right……

Modern journalism should be about providing clarity in the clamour. It should champion facts over what the American comedian Stephen Colbert has brilliantly termed ”truthiness” (a statement that feels or rings true, regardless of
the logic or evidence)…..
There’s been an interesting affirmation of core professional values over the past few days in the United States. I’ve been fascinated to watch a fact checking offensive unleashed by the US media covering the presidential campaign.

The trigger was an anti-Obama advertisement from the Romney campaign. This particular ad, a core element of the Republicans’ negative campaign, reportedly contained factual errors.
This problem was called out. The response from Team Romney was not an apology. It was defiance. Romney pollster Neil Newhouse reportedly declared: ”We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by the fact checkers.”...

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The BBC and an insulting program on promoting eugenics during the paralympics

Prof Yuri Dubrovna, the only person that could have argued against the idea that alcohol caused most deformities in babies was hastily replaced by a very pro nuclear industry supporter with proven deceptive qualities (see below). His absence was odd as he actually had on the ground experience in Khazakstan and would have countered many of the generalities that were talked about.

The video below is a damming indictment of UK University and Media manipulation. In the video the creators break down the BBC Newsnights programme beautifully. They also posit a view that the debate has been opened up to de-populate the world. I would tentatively disagree with this angle and in its place put greed, fear and stupidity backed by big corporations fronted by PR corporations that manipulate the media.

In this instance I believe that the protection of the royal family and Tony Blair and many corporations that are involved with Kazahkstan.

Khazakstan is the blistering wound on the worlds nuclear companies/military and the debate whether ionising radiation has effects on the genes and at what level.

London Paralympics Springboards BBC Eugenics Debate

Published on Sep 1, 2012 by MrLotineGuy

It is truly shocking that the BBC chose to use the occasion of the Paralympics to promote an agenda of eugenics. A few years ago, people would not have believed that this would be possible, but nowadays anything is possible. America and Britain seem to be leading the world into tyranny and one cannot help wonder where it will all end.

Eugenics, helping or eradicating disability? (28Aug12)

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by liarpoliticians2

Is the concept of Eugenics helping disabled people, or erradicating disability

Recorded from BBC Newsnight, 28 August 2012.

Q&A panel held after premier screening of ‘After the Apocalypse’. The panel included Baroness Helena Kennedy.

11 May 2012, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

And a quick summary of the Q&A panel held after premier screening of ‘After the Apocalypse’. The panel included Baroness Helena Kennedy. Geraldine Thomas (oncology), Steve Wilkinson, Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s children better protected than Fukushima’s: Japan’s health catastrophe

Although thyroid cancer is highly treatable and is operable, this level of exposure for Fukushima’s children is nothing short of catastrophic.  There is a scientific consensus that at least 4,000 excess cancer deaths occurred in the wake of Chernobyl’ (a consensus, by the way, not shared by the nuclear industry–surprise!), but careful epidemiologicalstudies sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists  estimate as many as 25,000 excess cancer deaths.

the health threat of Fukushima, even with these shocking thyroid results known, is being systematically underplayed in the business press. 

 The thing is, there has been a consistent downplaying the likely health effects of the Fukushima accident and an over-hyping of nuclear power’s “green” energy profile

FUKUSHIMA–WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL’ FOR KIDS The Paltry Sapien,  by Matthew Payne  July 21, 2012 The shocking results of the latest epidemiological studies are in from Fukushima and they are not good.  As summarized by Michael Kelly at Business Insider, the report indicates:

Of more than 38,000 children tested from the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, 36 percent have abnormal growths  – cysts or nodules – on their thyroids a year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as reported by ENENews.

This is startling.  The Chernobyl meltdown threw much more atmospheric contamination out but has had a much slower progression in poisoning its local children–only about 1.74 percent of tested children in the test area around Chernobyl’ had thyroid nodules five to ten years after the nuclear catastrophe!  How to explain this much higher virulence of radiation contamination in Japan? Well, first, they received a very high dose of radiation–mostly radioactive iodine isotopes.  This was to be expected given prevailing wind patterns and the reason why the US NRC advised American nationals to evacuate to a distance of 50 miles, not the 20 to 30kilometers implemented by the Japanese government.  That zone was not based on the clear computing modeling available to the Japanese government and it is hard to come to any other conclusion than that the government balked at evacuating the major city of Fukushima in the wake of the tsunami’s chaos. Frankly, even an evacuation zone of fifty miles was inadequate–ENENews  has uncovered three children (4, 7, and 10) from one family with pre-cancerous cysts on their thyroids sixty miles from Fukushima Daiichi.  Continue reading

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Drop in water levels in Fukushima reactors coolant injections

Tepco: “Unknown whether the flow will recover” — No conclusive evidence of why reactors had sudden drop in water injections  August 31st, 2012    By   Follow-up to: Trouble injecting water into Fukushima Reactors 1-3 — Flow falls despite increasing coolant level — Tepco unable to identify cause, thinks pipes are clogged

August 31, 2012 report by Kyodo News translated by EXSKF:

After the amount of water being injected into Reactors 1, 2, and 3′s Reactor Pressure Vessels at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant had temporarily dropped below the level specified in the safety regulations, TEPCO announced on August 31 that the company flushed the pipes […] TEPCO will wait and see if the amount of water injected into the RPVs recovers before deciding whether the second flushing is necessary.


According to TEPCO’s Junichi Matsumoto, “There is no conclusive evidence to narrow down the possible causes, and it is unknown whether the flow will recover.”

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Every minute of every day – radiation exposure to Fukushima’s children

He didn’t answer my question about the fuel rods melted out did he?”

No he did not answer that question. ( The molten fuel is still molten, and large amounts of it has leaked through the holes in the base of the pressure vessles. As of September 2011, TEPCO still cannot accurately measure the amount of water in the reactors, the levels have been recently found to be very low and the water keeps leaking from the holes in the bottom of the damaged reactor pressure vessels.

On completion of “Step 2″ in their road map, the government scrapped the 20km exclusion zone, “welcoming back” women and children.

 …most will come back because the government is making false promises. They have no where else to go

“Our government is still telling us that there is no immediate effect on health. Also it is telling us that it will be safe to come back and live in Fukushima within one or two years after the clean up work is done. Children in Fukushima are the most victimized by these government lies. Children in Fukushima are being exposed to radiation everyday and every minute of the day. Only 10% of 300,000 children living in Fukushima Prefecture have evacuated. “

Evacuate Fukushima 福島の子供を守れ Part 07 – DAYS OF INFAMY

The Japanese government decides to return all evacuees within 20 km of Fukushima Diiachi …going deeper into the history books 30 September 2011 will also mention this Day of Infamy. When an entire nation abandoned its children at the hands of a Nuclear Mafia that purchased the souls of the very young ones that were supposed to protect them. Continue reading

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Fossil fuel lobby designed Mitt Romney’s energy policy

there’s the glaring absence of any mention of climate change or how much more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases all that mining, transportation and fossil fuel-burning will cause, not to mention public health impact.

Renewable energy and energy-efficiency also get short shrift from Romney. Any federal support would be limited to basic research — no incentives for solar, wind or other renewable businesses…..
 long-term, a Romney administration would turn the U.S. inward and send a strong message to investors and companies around the world that the country is not interested in competing in new global energy markets, which are focused on sustainability and efficiency.

But what’s most unsettling about the Romney energy plan is that it comes from an advisory committee composed solely of fossil fuel company executives and lobbyists, many of whom are also major Republican donors.

Green Desert: Romney platform anything but green  K Kaufmann The Desert Sun, Sept 1  2012,   No sooner had Mitt Romney released his long-awaited energy policy Aug. 23 than a small army of reporters and pundits started drilling into the details and coming up with barely a kilowatt of vision or substance.

The plan is basically all about oil, coal and gas. Continue reading

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Obama in Iowa promotes renewable energy, jobs in the wind industry

Obama Urges Alternative Energy Subsidies, Hispanic Business Sept. 2, 2012 U.S. President Barack Obama campaigned in Iowa Saturday, saying Mitt Romney’s ideas to improve the economy are “retreads of the same old” Republican policies.

During his speech at Morningside College in Sioux City, ridiculed Republicans for coming up with an agenda at their national convention in Tampa, Fla., “that was probably a little better suited for the last century.” …

….[Obama’s]   desire to see alternative energies grow to help the United States become energy self-sufficient. He touted the efforts of renewable energy businessman Rob Hach and his wife, Tara.

He said Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan “would put those jobs at risk by ending tax credits for wind energy producers.”

“Rob told you, he [Romney] said these new sources of energy are ‘imaginary.’ And Mr. Ryan called them a ‘fad,'” Obama said. “You just saw Rob. He looks pretty real to me. I wasn’t imagining him up here talking, was I? He has been in the wind energy business for nearly 20
years. He and his wife Tara now have 27 employees. Nearly 7,000 jobs in Iowa depend on the wind industry. These jobs aren’t fads; they’re our future.

“It’s time to stop giving a $4 billion taxpayer subsidy to oil companies that are making money every time you go to the pump. And let’s give some tax breaks to wind energy and homegrown energy and biofuels that are creating jobs right here in Iowa. That’s the choice
in this election. That’s what we’re fighting for…..

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Strong case against Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Project (KKNPP).

Several questions on safety unanswered, cry activists  2 Sept 12, N Vinoth Kumar / ENS Anti-nuclear activists have expressed disappointment over the Madras High Court’s nod for commissioning Units I and II of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Project (KKNPP).
“It is a disappointment. No questions raised by us were answered in the judgment.  We will soon appeal to the Supreme Court,” said G Sundarrajan, who filed cases against the KKNPP in the High Court.  Similarly, Dr V Pugazhenthi, who worked among those affected by
radiation in Kalpakkam, said, “After the Fukushima incident, a committee constituted by the Centre gave 17 recommendations to the government.
As per the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines, a nuclear plant must be commissioned only after putting in place thorough Emergency Operative Procedures (EOP).
But as per the recommendations of the committee, it has given an assurance that the EOP can be finalised six months after the nuclear plant is commissioned.  This is a complete violation.”
He has also alleged holes in the safety assessment of the KKNPP.  “The expert panel on the KKNPP — headed by Prof Muthunayagam— said that there are no chances of a ‘Near Field Tsunami’ in the region.  It also did not acknowledge the possibility of ‘slumps’, the under-sea
phenomenon that causes a tsunami.  But, after we put out our report indicating the presence of such slumps, they modified their report.  As per international norms, if any slump is found, its chemical composition must be studied.
The expert panel did not consider this,” Dr Pugazhenthi said.  Dr Ramesh, a member of the fact-finding team on the mock drill held in Nakkaneri, alleged, “The final request made to the State was the conduct of an emergency preparedness drill. The claim that such a drill was conducted in Nakkaneri is a blatant lie.”
People’s Expert Committee member M G Devasahayam said there was ample evidence to support the case against the KKNPP. “The documents against the KKNPP are formidable and factual,” he said.

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Corruption in Japan’s The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

NISA is not effectively fulfilling its obligations related to nuclear safety, and was influencing the public perception of nuclear energy since its birth.  NISA is governed by the Japanese ministry in charge of promoting the nuclear power industry, how could the agency be fully committed to ensuring that nuclear power plants were operating safely?  No one can wholly serve conflicting interests, and will either choose to emphasize some, and mitigate the others.  At some point the desire to increase market saturation or investment becomes an all-important driver of regulations, and the individual end-consumers become far less important to regulatory affairs.

In Japan, “The Atomic Village” has been likened to a cult, where the industry and its regulators are focused on a singular purpose of expanding the nuclear industry

Changing the rules – It’s not just regulatory capture, it’s a whole new game Enformable 30 Aug 12, NISA plans to ok operations at nuclear power plants built above faults Despite its conflict of interest, lack of public trust, and pending abolishment, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has released plans to accept new nuclear safety rules that OK operations even at nuclear power plants even if active earthquake faults are discovered beneath their structures, reversing its current mandate that reactors must not be built above faults.

NISA has announced new plans to classify faults under nuclear reactors into three types: active faults that could trigger quakes, auxiliary faults that are structurally connected to active faults, and faults deemed weaker than the other two.  These last-minute efforts to set new seismic safety criteria have drawn criticism from experts, who suspect it is willfully creating loopholes to ensure the continued operations of nuclear plants.

Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a professor of geomorphology at Toyo University, said it would be hard to distinguish auxiliary faults from rifts with weaker power and both types could cause displacements. “The agency appears to be contemplating how to avoid the decommissioning of reactors just before its disbandment,” he said. Continue reading

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AUDIO: the Fukushima nuclear disaster continues to unfold

Arnold Gundersen with another update on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima disaster

This week, Dr. Caldicott brings on nuclear engineerArnold Gundersen to update readers on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima meltdowns and what is happening with nuclear power in other parts of the world. Longer show description to follow. As background, listen to earlier conversations with Gundersen (starting with April 1, 2011), which can be found on the Archives page.

Read the August 2012 news articles Study: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Caused Mutant Butterflies andGrassroots Power Pushing Japan Towards Nuclear-Free Future . And visit, the website of Gundersen’s organization, for more information.

This week, Dr. Caldicott brings on nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen to update readers on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima meltdowns and what is happening with nuclear power in other parts of the world

[…]Gundersen: The big problem is going to be — Have these things been distorted by the earthquake or heat during the process, or by rubble falling on them. They may not be able to pull them. They may get on them and try to pull them and try to lift and they’ll be jammed. Then that’s another problem. We’ll see as time develops. Unfortunately, they’re taking way too long.

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Hurricane Isaac no problem to solar powered wave glider

Solar Powered Wave Glider Survives Hurricane Isaac by Energy Matters, Sept 2 A Wave Glider located in the Gulf of Mexico is alive and well after staring down Hurricane Isaac. Manufactured by California company Liquid Robotics, the Wave Glider is an unmanned marine vehicle (UMV) made up of a buoyant platform and a submerged glider with wing-shaped panels that convert the motion of waves into forward thrust.  The Wave Glider’s navigation, control, and communications systems are powered by two solar panels; which also power sensor payloads.
G2, a Wave Glider collecting ocean chemistry data in the Gulf, was in the process of scooting out of Isaac’s projected path when the hurricane changed direction and bore down on the robot.

G2 continued operating in sustained winds of 40 knots (74 kmh), with gusts up to 74 knots (137 km/h) and in the process delivered new insights into the hurricane via its sensors measuring water temperature, wind speeds, barometric pressure and air temperature….

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Where to put Canada’s 2358873 radioactive used nuclear fuel bundles?

Nuclear waste seeks a home The  September 01, 2012“………A fuel bundle for a Candu nuclear power reactor is about the size of a fireplace log. As of June 30, 2011, Canada had 2,273,873 used fuel bundles stored at its nuclear plants in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Another 85,000 or so have been added since then.

In total, they’d fill about six NHL hockey rinks, stacked up as high
as the boards.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization, formed by the three electric utilities that run nuclear reactors, wants to bury the waste deep underground in caverns excavated from stable rock, where it can lie undisturbed forever.

The depth will probably depend on the site’s geology. A facility proposed to hold less-potent radioactive waste at the Bruce nuclear site near Kincardine will be 680 metres deep. By comparison, the CN Tower is 553 metres tall.

The NWMO is looking for a “willing” community to agree to take the $16-to-$24-billion project. The host community itself will decide how to define “willing.” Candidate communities will have multiple opportunities to withdraw if they get cold feet, the NWMO says.

As it moves through a nine-stage selection process, the NWMO hopes to have narrowed the field to one or two communities by 2015, then spend until about 2020 deciding on a specific site within the chosen community.

After that, it will take three to five years to do an extensive environmental assessment of the site. The proponents will also have to satisfy the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission that their plan makes sense, and obtain a license to construct and operate the facility.

Then, it will take six to 10 years to build. The NWMO doesn’t expect the first bundles to be stored until 2035….–nuclear-waste-seeks-a-home#.UEH_alKdoKU.twitter

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Japan likely to go for zero nuclear power, and terminate nuclear reprocessing

Other options under consideration include termination of the commercialization program for “fast-breeder” reactors and of research on the experimental Monju prototype in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture. As for the all-important nuclear fuel cycle, the government is actually discussing scaling down its reprocessing and recycling pursuits.

Zero option for nuclear power may be added to revamped energy plan Jiji Eliminating dependence on nuclear power is expected to be part of the government’s revamped energy policy, officials say.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will reveal the new policy to his ministers after making a formal decision this month, government officials said Saturday. According to the officials, the government will make the 15 percent option its interim target for nuclear power dependence in 2030 before completely eliminating it from electricity generation at an unspecified date. Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons for Myanmar

The producers of the DVB documentary say evidence of Myanmar’s nuclear programme has come from top-secret material smuggled out of the country over several years

 Myanmar has developed the capacity and is now using laser isotope separation, a technique for developing nuclear weapons.

Myanmar develops nuclear weapon September 2, 2012 Myanmar’s military junta has secretly gained nuclear
power and soon the country will emerge as the third nuclear nation in South Asia. The issue of developing nuclear bomb by Myanmar came into media’s focal point following broadcast of a documentary in Al Jazeera Television. Continue reading

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