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Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty – a START towards a non nuclear world

START-ing a New Security,  THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rhianna Tyson Kreger: 24 Dec 10, “…………….The hugely important verification systems that START will maintain are indeed helping to build the cooperative infrastructure that a verified nuclear weapons-free world will require. Cooperating on these mutual verification checks will build trust between the US and Russia and could portend effective cooperation on other security challenges, such as nuclear terrorism or Iran.

Ratifying START also demonstrates that, despite our growing political polarization, we can still muster bipartisan cooperation on the most important matters of security, just as we’ve always done on issues of arms control. So for now let us all agree to shelve these misgivings and fortify our commitment to advancing security-enhancing disarmament, and raise a glass in solidarity with our DC colleagues: here’s to the START of renewed momentum on the Road to Prague. Rhianna Tyson Kreger: START-ing a New Security


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Evidence of radiation effects in humans from atomic tests and nuclear reactors

Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), a case-control study, is the first evidence that bomb tests harmed Americans using actual levels of fallout in human bodies………..has much current relevance……….The RPHP study of baby teeth showed that Sr-90 levels in children near reactors were 30-50 percent greater than children in distant areas, and that levels were rising sharply over time, as aging reactors corrode.

Did the Atom Bomb Test Fallout Cause Cancer?, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Samuel S. Epstein, 23 Dec 10, The huge mushroom clouds from atom bomb tests of the 1950s and 1960s are an unforgettable part of the American saga. The tests were cloaked in rhetoric typical of the Cold War, i.e. they were needed to achieve “superiority” over the Soviets in the event of a nuclear war.But all the patriotic nuclear talk couldn’t prevent widespread concern that nuclear war would kill tens of millions. But many were also troubled by fallout in the mushroom clouds, which contained huge amounts of over 100 deadly radioactive chemicals that traveled through the air across the continental U.S. Precipitation brought this fallout back to earth — and into the food chain and human bodies……. Continue reading

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The insane idea that a ‘limited’ nuclear war would be OK

In addition to as many fatal casualties as in World War Two, a small-scale regional nuclear exchange would damage the earth’s ozone shield, altering the global climate for at least a decade and causing severe agricultural losses with ensuing widespread famine.

The Unthinkable.THE HUFFINGTON POST, Edward Flattau, 24 Dec 10, “………….The insanity of a nuclear attack should never be diluted by the prospect of surviving in the sanctuary of one’s basement. At the very least, detonation of an atomic weapon would be a catastrophic event that would drastically change life as we know it, even if the bomb were a single primitive “dirty” weapon that incinerated only a relatively small area in the middle of a city. Continue reading

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Threats of a nuclear “sacred war” from North Korea

North Korea has previously secured pledges of food aid on the back of promises over its nuclear programme.

North Korea warns of ‘sacred’ nuclear war – The National,  Daniel Bardsley Dec 24, 2010, BEIJING  North Korea yesterday warned it was prepared to wage a nuclear “sacred war” on its southern neighbour, as Seoul held military exercises analysts said were designed more to impress the domestic audience than to frighten Pyongyang.The North Korean armed forces minister, Kim Yong-chun, reaffirmed Pyongyang’s nuclear capabilities while reading a report at a meeting in the capital yesterday, and said the country could engage in conflict “at any time”…… Continue reading

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Nuclear energy industrial espionage

French police suspect industrial espionage after computers stolen from nuclear power company – Winnipeg Free Press, 24 Dec 10, PARIS – French police say thieves have stolen two computers containing confidential information from a power company’s nuclear energy research site.Police say Thursday the burglary — which was discovered by staff on Monday — took place at the Electricite de France office in Chatou west of Paris, even though it is protected by highly secure anti-theft systems. They suspect industrial espionage may be involved……French police suspect industrial espionage after computers stolen from nuclear power company – Winnipeg Free Press

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Public danger in trucking nuclear wastes across U.S. States

“Truck crashes occur all the time on our highways,” Smith said. “This plan would dramatically increase the amount of radioactive waste traveling through our communities. We believe that if people know what is at stake, they will contact state officials and demand that the compact commission drop the proposal.”

Sure, Simmons May Bury Nuclear Waste in West Texas. But It Has To Get There Somehow. – Dallas News By Robert Wilonsky,  Dec. 23 2010 “………While routes are not yet designated, potential routes would take waste from the Gulf Coast area on Interstate 10 through Houston and San Antonio; waste from southern states would be trucked on I-20 and I-30 though Dallas and Forth Worth; Midwestern and Northeastern waste would be driven on I-40 and I-27 though Lubbock and Amarillo; and waste from Western states would be driven though the cities of El Paso and Odessa taking I-10 and I-20, according to Martin Resnikoff of Radioactive Waste Management Associates. … Continue reading

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How to get decentralised solar energy happening

New Guide to Bringing Solar to Your Community | Reuters, 23 Dec 10, If you want to develop solar projects in your community but don’t know where to start, check out this new publication from Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development…. New Guide to Bringing Solar to Your Community | Reuters

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The ethical dilemma of medical radiation

much of decision-making in medicine is in the hands of individual physicians, and it is theoretically in our power to limit unnecessary procedures. But this can create a conflict between what is good for an individual patient and what is good for the health of the entire population.

Patient 1, Society 0  NYTimes.comBy DANIELLE OFRI, M.D. 24 Dec 10, If I did a CT scan for every one of my many patients with headache, I might pick up an otherwise unsuspected tumor in one of out of thousands of them. For that one patient, it would be valuable. For the many more who would have side effects from the scan — from the contrast dye or radiation, or from false positive results leading to yet more tests — it would be harmful. And when finite health care dollars get shifted to unnecessary tests — well, we all lose out eventually….. Continue reading

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An agreeable START to new international politics

This level of support reaffirmed the broad consensus that our national interests are better served through global engagement, not global arrogance. International agreements, disparaged by the previous administration, are again seen as viable tools of security policy. A comprehensive approach to reducing nuclear threats has replaced nuclear whack-a-mole……….

Fresh Security Consensus Trounces Cold War Politics in New START Victory, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Joe Cirincione, 24 Dec 10, The New START treaty has obvious benefits for national security. But the overwhelming vote in favor of the treaty (71-26) has much broader significance. And the still sizable vote against it, a troubling dark side. Continue reading

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Nuclear trial in Switzerland: evidence destroyed due to CIA link

The six-year investigation has been hampered at times by the Swiss government’s insistence that it had to destroy evidence — which included plans for nuclear arms and technologies — in the name of national security….to hide evidence of a clandestine relationship between the Tinners and the C.I.A…..

Swiss Judge Presses for Nuclear Trial Despite C.I.A. Link,, By DAVID JOLLY  December 23, 2010 PARIS — Three engineers suspected of violating Switzerland’s nuclear nonproliferation laws should face charges, an investigating magistrate said on Thursday in a case with national security implications for the United States. Continue reading

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Atomic Energy Agency seeks to inspect alleged nuclear sites in Burma

IAEA asks to inspect alleged Myanmar nuclear sites – Monsters and Critics, 24 Dec 10, Vienna – The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has asked to inspect alleged nuclear sites in Myanmar that were brought to light by a defector’s report earlier this year, a diplomat familiar with the probe confirmed Thursday in Vienna.In an analysis of the defected army major’s statements, former United Nations weapons inspector Robert E Kelley concluded in May that the regime in Rangoon has been secretly pursuing nuclear technology to make weapons…… IAEA asks to inspect alleged Myanmar nuclear sites – Monsters and Critics

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An evil Christmas present for Texas – nuclear waste importing

“This is an evil Christmas present from WCS and Harold Simmons,” said Tom “Smitty” Smith, director of the liberal environmental group Public Citizen of Texas. After a news conference blasting the plan, Smith and other environmentalists rolled a black barrel, with a radioactive symbol on the outside, under the state Christmas tree outside the Texas Capitol

Activists protest nuke waste plan for West Texas Houston Chronicle, 24 Dec  2010 The Associated Press  AUSTIN, Texas — Warning that Texas could soon become the dumping grounds for nuclear waste from around the nation, environmentalists accused state regulators and a politically connected company Thursday of rushing a dump expansion proposal past Texans who are too focused on the holidays to even notice. Continue reading

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Israeli warnings on Iranian nuclear threat

WikiLeaks: ‘2010 will be a critical year on Iranian threat’ JPOST.COM  12/20/2010 Flood of new leaked diplomatic cables reveal more Israeli warnings on Iranian nuclear progress, gov’t concerns on dual citizenship with “respect to access to sensitive technology.” srael predicted that that 2010 would be “a critical year” in terms of the Iranian nuclear threat, according to a diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks on Sunday. The document, which summarizes a meeting of the 40th joint political-military group from November 11, 2009, cited Israeli concerns that “if the Iranians continue to protect and harden their nuclear sites, it will be more difficult to target and damage them.”…. WikiLeaks: ‘2010 will be a critical year on Iranian threat’

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