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AREVA’s chief heads to Niger as uranium mines security deteriorates

The warning said the security situation in the Arlit region — where Areva runs uranium mines and where the five French nationals, a Togolese and a Madagascan were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda linked militants — was deteriorating.

Hostage crisis: French nuclear boss heads to Niger, Google hosted news, (AFP) – 28 Sept 10, PARIS — The chairwoman of French state-owned nuclear giant Areva is to visit the firm’s operation in Niger, the company said Monday, after Al-Qaeda militants kidnapped several of her employees there.”Anne Lauvergeon plans to visit Niger soon,” a spokesman said, declining to confirm a report that she would travel on Thursday. The purpose of her visit is to visit Areva employees in the region, the spokesman said. Continue reading


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France’s socialised nuclear power a handicap, not a miracle

Widely Misunderstood in U.S., the French “Nuclear Miracle” is Plagued by Fast-Rising Reactor Costs and “Crowding Out” of Renewables, Vermont Law School -September 9, 2010 C ooper Analysis Shows French Approach Touted by Some For U.S. Reactor Build-Up Is a Failed Model; U.S. Wind & Solar Industries Would Suffer Under Embrace of “French Nuclear Socialism.”SOUTH ROYALTON, VT.  – The so-called “French nuclear miracle” embraced by some U.S. policymakers as a model for this nation is a misconception masking a pattern of fast-rising nuclear reactor construction costs and a “crowding out” of investments in renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydro-electric power, according to a new study by Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment….

Vermont Law School – VLS Study: Widely Misunderstood in U.S., the French “Nuclear Miracle” is Plagued by Fast-Rising Reactor Costs and “Crowding Out” of Renewables

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Chinese top executive leaked state secrets to nuclear giant AREVA

Jiang was charged with disclosing information to France’s Areva, the world’s largest builder of nuclear reactors, about a 2004 bid for China’s inland nuclear programme

China exec gets 20 years for leaking secrets  Reuters,  By Benjamin Kang Lim BEIJING, Sept 28 – The disgraced president of a Chinese state-owned enterprise has been jailed for 20 years for leaking state secrets in connection with a bid for foreign-made nuclear reactors, Continue reading

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Terrorist danger to France’s uranium mines in Niger

Earlier this year, the US warned that al Qaeda’s interest in nuclear weapons was still strong and said the risk of nuclear terrorism was serious.

France sees second attack on energy workers in West Africa,  Oil & Gas Journal, Sep 27, 2010 By Eric Watkins,“……………The attack on the Bourbon Alexandre came just 6 days after members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization captured five French nationals in Niger’s uranium fields. Continue reading

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Niger getting too dangerous for foreign nuclear companies

Western firms “that steal our wealth and take advantage of our people should know that they are legitimate targets for the mujaheddin and they should leave promptly because our land is not a field for plunder and our wealth is not something to be taken advantage of.”

NIAMEY, Niger, Sept. 24 (UPI) — Suddenly, the uranium mining industry is becoming a risky business, it seems.Islamic militants who kidnapped seven people at a French-owned uranium mine in Niger Sept. 16 have warned Western firms that “steal our wealth … to leave promptly.”… Continue reading

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AREVA in trouble in Niger: Paladin uranium gets out

Paladin Energy Ltd: Defeating Conditions Triggered Regarding Bid for NGM Resources Ltd – MarketWatch, 25 Sept 10, ”       On September 16, 2010, forces associated with al-Qaida in the Magreb (North Africa) (AQIM) entered the town of Arlit in Niger’s uranium mining region and abducted seven people, employed by the French uranium company Areva and its construction contractor, Vinci. Continue reading

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France’s heavily subsidised nuclear industry – a costly warning to USA

The French nuclear program has been a state-owned monopoly from the outset, heavily subsidized by the government.  It could not survive in a free market.  By copying the French model – both in its energy choices and its willingness to use public funds to subsidize an industry that has never been self-sustaining – the U.S. is heading down a dangerous path of nuclear socialism.

France’s Nuclear “Miracle” is More Fantasy that Fact,  The Hill, By Mark Cooper – 09/23/10 Among backers of nuclear power development in the U.S., France has long been held out as the model to emulate. Now, as pressure builds on policy makers in Washington to set a new domestic energy course, the French experience once again is being heralded as proof that nuclearpower is the way to go.
Trouble is, France’s nuclear “miracle” is more fantasy than fact.  Continue reading

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AREVA’s nuclear workers kidnapped by al-Qaida in Niger

Six of the seven hostages worked at a huge uranium mine in northern Niger run by French state-owned nuclear power giant Areva. The seventh was married to an Areva employee…….

France’s Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings worrying By JENNY BARCHFIELD (AP) – 23 Sept 10, PARIS — French President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed on Wednesday to mobilize his government to free five French people abducted last week by an al-Qaida affiliate in Niger, calling it a “very serious and worrying affair,” Continue reading

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French nuclear giant AREVA struggles to clean up its dirty reputation in Niger

several NGOs have decried the French company’s rosy picture of its activities in northern Niger. The president of local NGO Aghir In Man, Almoustapha Alassane, has accused Areva of poisoning water and air near its mining sites, blaming uranium contamination for several “mysterious” deaths in the region.

Kidnapping comes as French nuclear giant Areva works on image, France24 , 17 Sept 10, The kidnapping of seven foreign nuclear employees in Niger comes as the French nuclear giant Areva is trying to improve its image in a region threatened by robbery, widespread resentment, and radical Islamism.”In nearly 40 years, Areva didn’t care at all for the locals. But in the last few years, Areva changed its strategy and started implementing development projects”, says Moussa Kaka, RFI’s correspondent in Niger. Continue reading

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Niger- indigenous poverty, uranium riches for the West

VIDEO –BBC News – People starve in Niger despite having large uranium reserves BBC News, 17 Sept 10 -The kidnapping of five French nationals in Niger who were working on uranium production has thrown the spotlight on the West African state’s mineral wealth.According to the UN, Niger is the poorest nation on earth in development terms.The fact that its people are going hungry despite having the world’s second biggest reserves of uranium has fuelled growing resentment.Zeinab Badawi reports from Niger.

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French AREVA nuclear workers evacuating from Niger kidnap area

The approximately 30 Areva expatriates in Arlit are all being evacuated to Niamey, the Niger capital and have the option of returning to France, an Areva press officer said Friday..

France suspects al-Qaida link in Niger kidnapping,, 17 Sept 10, The Associated Press Authorities believe al-Qaida’s North Africa branch could be behind the kidnapping of five French nationals and two Africans in Niger, Continue reading

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Desperate need to find nuclear workers kidnapped in Niger

Who is behind the kidnapping of French nuclear workers?, France24, 17 sept 10, In a bid to rescue seven foreign nuclear workers abducted in Niger, French authorities are trying to determine whether the daring kidnapping operation is the work of a local Touareg rebel group or al Qaeda’s North African branch. By Mehdi Chebil Continue reading

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In Niger, AREVA’s nuclear workers kidnapped

Seven nuclear workers kidnapped as they slept, The Guardian, 16 Sept 10, French people working in Niger have been kidnapped along with one from Togo and one from Madagascar Associated Press in Paris
Five French people working in Niger have been kidnapped along with one from Togo and one from Madagascar, France’s foreign ministry said today.

The seven, who were employees of the French nuclear reactor builder Areva and a subcontractor, were seized near the uranium-mining town of Arlit as they slept.

Seven nuclear workers kidnapped as they slept | World news | The Guardian

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Secret plan to betray Australian Aboriginal’s wishes after his death

Mr Lee, the sole member of the Djok clan, is not interested in the money from mining royalties and wants the land protected.

But an email between Opposition MLAs suggests making the land a reserve so it could be mined, against Mr Lee’s wishes, after his death.

CLP digs up new uranium policy | Northern Territory News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |, BEN LANGFORDSeptember 16th, 2010 PLOTTING is afoot within the Territory Opposition to change its policy on uranium mining at Koongarra, a leaked email shows.

Traditional owner Jeffrey Lee has offered his land for inclusion in Kakadu National Park  [in order to save it from uranium mining]and the offer was accepted by the Federal Government.

This blocked plans by French nuclear giant Areva to mine the 14,000 tonnes of uranium at the Koongarra site, 3km south of Kakadu’s iconic Nourlangie Rock. Continue reading

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Inquiry wanted into uranium mining plan for caribou country

Last spring, the regulatory process began for the $1.5-billion Kiggavik project, a uranium mine proposed for just west of Baker Lake by French uranium giant Areva. It is the first such mine to come before the Nunavut Impact Review Board and the first proposed for the wildlife-rich Thelon Basin, home to major caribou herds.

(Canada) Nunavut residents want inquiry into uranium mine – CTV News, 14 Sept 10, The tiny, remote community of Grise Fiord on the frozen shores of Ellesmere Island is nearly as far as it gets from the giant uranium mine proposed for the southern tundra near Baker Lake.

But that didn’t stop 46 people in the community from signing a petition tabled in the legislature last summer demanding a public inquiry over the project. Five other Nunavut communities tabled similar petitions. Continue reading

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