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French AREVA nuclear workers evacuating from Niger kidnap area

The approximately 30 Areva expatriates in Arlit are all being evacuated to Niamey, the Niger capital and have the option of returning to France, an Areva press officer said Friday..

France suspects al-Qaida link in Niger kidnapping,, 17 Sept 10, The Associated Press Authorities believe al-Qaida’s North Africa branch could be behind the kidnapping of five French nationals and two Africans in Niger, Continue reading


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Anti Nuclear Protest Day in Berlin

Organizers say they expect 10,000 people to protest Merkel’s plans to extend the lifespan of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants.

Merkel Chainsaw Protests Planned by Anti-Nuclear Demonstrators in Berlin.  Bloomberg, By Patrick Donahue – Sep 17, 2010 Anti-nuclear demonstrators wielding pictures of Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a chainsaw to wind- power turbines are set to march on Berlin tomorrow, as public anger at her coalition’s policies escalates. Continue reading

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Atomic secrets sold by U.S. nuclear scientist?

Mascheroni in March 2008 allegedly told an undercover FBI agent posing as a Venezuelan government official that he could help Venezuela develop a nuclear bomb within 10 years, according to the indictment.

U.S. scientist charged with peddling nuclear secrets   Reuters, By Tabassum Zakaria, WASHINGTON  17 Sept 10, – A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist and his wife were charged with trying to sell nuclear weapons secrets to a person they believed was a Venezuelan government official, the Justice Department said on Friday.They were also charged with conspiring to participate in the development of an atomic weapon for Venezuela, the Justice Department said. Continue reading

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Desperate need to find nuclear workers kidnapped in Niger

Who is behind the kidnapping of French nuclear workers?, France24, 17 sept 10, In a bid to rescue seven foreign nuclear workers abducted in Niger, French authorities are trying to determine whether the daring kidnapping operation is the work of a local Touareg rebel group or al Qaeda’s North African branch. By Mehdi Chebil Continue reading

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Hurricane forces shutdown of Mexican nuclear plant

Nuclear Shutdown The storm also forced Mexico to suspend operations at its Laguna Verde nuclear power plant in eastern Veracruz State, according to the national electricity commission.

Hurricane Karl Nears Mexican Coast, Closes Oil Wells – Bloomberg, By Brian K. Sullivan – Sep 18, 2010, “………Karl was the strongest storm ever to form in the Gulf of Mexico’s Bay of Campeche, Continue reading

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20% renewable energy for California’s grid

wind power resources can balance solar power generating plants and vice versa. Wind farms generate much of their energy at night, and in the early morning, it said, when solar power plants are not producing power, while solar facilities can provide energy in the middle of the day when wind farms can be less productive…..

California grid can handle 20% renewables, study affirms |, 17 sept 10, A new study from the California Independent System Operator (ISO) Corporation has affirmed the ability for the state’s electricity system to handle a 20% proportion of power from renewable sources Continue reading

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Drug against ionising radiation- a lucrative business?

appears to strengthen the body’s ability to recover from radiation exposure.

U.S. invests in drug to protect against radiation | Reuters, By Julie Steenhuysen, CHICAGO | Fri Sep 17, 2010 CHICAGO  – Tiny biotech Cleveland BioLabs Inc has won a $45 million contract from the Department of Defense to conduct clinical trials of a drug to prevent cell damage in the event of nuclear attack…… Continue reading

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Further proof of radiation-caused cancers in large scale research study

“People exposed to radiation who developed cancer also had a high risk of developing a second cancer, and the risk was similar for both solid tumors and leukemias in both men and women, regardless of age at exposure or duration betweenfirst and second primary cancers,” he said. The association between radiation exposure and risk of second cancers was particularly significant for radiation-sensitive cancers, such as those of the lung, colon, breast, thyroid and bladder, as well as leukemia.

Study of Japanese atomic bomb survivors shows radiation exposure poses similar risk of first and second cancers, Health, 17 Sept 10, First large-scale study to assess how radiation influences risk of multiple cancers Continue reading

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In Niger, AREVA’s nuclear workers kidnapped

Seven nuclear workers kidnapped as they slept, The Guardian, 16 Sept 10, French people working in Niger have been kidnapped along with one from Togo and one from Madagascar Associated Press in Paris
Five French people working in Niger have been kidnapped along with one from Togo and one from Madagascar, France’s foreign ministry said today.

The seven, who were employees of the French nuclear reactor builder Areva and a subcontractor, were seized near the uranium-mining town of Arlit as they slept.

Seven nuclear workers kidnapped as they slept | World news | The Guardian

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South Africa turning to solar energy technology

The country is increasingly turning to renewable energy source

SA to sell sunshine to potential investors,  Times LIVE, Sep 16, 2010 By Reuters South Africa will test investor appetite for a solar park that could generate 5000 megawatts of power, according to the government. Continue reading

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The end for South Africa’s failed Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor

Hopes that a successful bid by a US consortium — which included Westinghouse, one of the PBMR’s partners — for the US’s next-generation nuclear plant programme would give the PBMR a new lease of life were dashed when Westinghouse withdrew in May.

Hogan ends pebble bed reactor project, BusinessDay The government’s decision to stop investing in the project supersedes its previous decision to downsize the PBMR company by 75%. LINDA ENSOR 2010/09/17 Public Enterprises Minister Barbara Hogan drew the final curtain yesterday on SA’s bid to be a leader in nuclear technology when she announced the closure of the pebble bed modular reactor (PBMR), which has cost R7,4bn of taxpayers’ money……… Continue reading

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Very high radiation releases from Japanese nuclear reactor

Radiation rose to 2,100 times the normal level at Niigata plant. Japan Today:  17th September, NIIGATA —Radiation at about 2,100 times the normal level was detected in gaseous waste at a nuclear reactor at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in Niigata Prefecture on Thursday but no harm was done to the surrounding environment, according to the company…..

.The power company said Sept 10 that it detected radiation at 27 times the normal level in gaseous waste at the reactor and was closely monitoring the situation.

In July last year, the company halted operation of the No.7 reactor after radioactive gas leaked from the capsular vessel in the fuel pin. The company replaced the fuel after the incident. Radiation rose to 2,100 times the normal level at Niigata plant › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

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Staggering cost and slowness of cleaning up radioactive wastes

GAO: Nuclear Waste Mitigation Too Slow and Costly HStoday, by Phil Leggiere Friday, 17 September 2010 Report cites extensive cost overruns and construction delays in mitigating radioactive waste at Savannah River site. Emptying, cleaning, and permanently closing the 22 underground liquid radioactive waste tanks at the Savannah River Site is likely to cost significantly more and take longer than estimated by the Department of Energy (DOE), according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).The report,titled NUCLEAR WASTE: Actions Needed to Address Persistent Concerns with Efforts to Close Underground Radioactive Waste Tanks at DOE’s Savannah River Site ,  found that the original cost estimate of $3.2 billion contained in the December 2008 contract between DOE and Savannah River Remediation, LLC (SRR), had increased by more than $1.4 billion or 44 percent by June 2010……..Homeland Security Today – preparedness and security news – GAO: Nuclear Waste Mitigation Too Slow and Costly

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Nuclear power a goer only in new nuclear weapons states

…….. the nuclear industry, at heart, is a military industry holding up a battered commercial facade.

Nowhere is this more true than in the new markets of China, Russia and India – nuclear weapons states -.

Old-tech nuclear power is not the answer * Scott Ludlam   The Australian * September 17, 2010 LET’S not expect a volatile, antiquated technology to solve any problems “…… All nuclear power stations are based on 1940s-era technology to build nuclear weapons. They are essentially plutonium factories, producing small quantities of plutonium while shedding vast amounts of heat.

In the 50s, Soviet and US engineers realised they could adapt these plants for power generation, hooking them up to steam turbines and promising electricity that was “too cheap to meter”. Now we have more than 400 of these hybridised weapons plants generating a shrinking fraction of electricity across the world. Continue reading

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Navajo water supply would be contaminated by uranium mining’s radiation

The group Eastern Navajo Dine against Uranium Mining presented convincing evidence that mining would contaminate groundwater, including the communities’ primary drinking water source, the NMELC said.

NM uranium mining case appealed to US Supreme Court « New Mexico Independent, By Marjorie Childress 9/16/10 The New Mexico Environmental Law Center filed an appeal Wednesday asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a lower court’s decision to allow (ISL) uranium mining in the Four Corners region of New Mexico. Continue reading

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