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World Nuclear Association admits “Nuclear Renaissance” just isn’t happening

Speaking at a meeting of the World Nuclear Association in London today, Ron Cameron head of the Nuclear Energy Association’s (NEA) nuclear development division said: “The nuclear renaissance hasn’t taken off”

Nuclear resurgence constrained Nuclear may go way of the Asian toaster, tcetoday news, 17 Sept 10, by Adam Duckett……..PROBLEMS with finance, policy and skills have hamstrung the much-hyped resurgence of the nuclear power sector, experts have said. Continue reading


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French nuclear giant AREVA struggles to clean up its dirty reputation in Niger

several NGOs have decried the French company’s rosy picture of its activities in northern Niger. The president of local NGO Aghir In Man, Almoustapha Alassane, has accused Areva of poisoning water and air near its mining sites, blaming uranium contamination for several “mysterious” deaths in the region.

Kidnapping comes as French nuclear giant Areva works on image, France24 , 17 Sept 10, The kidnapping of seven foreign nuclear employees in Niger comes as the French nuclear giant Areva is trying to improve its image in a region threatened by robbery, widespread resentment, and radical Islamism.”In nearly 40 years, Areva didn’t care at all for the locals. But in the last few years, Areva changed its strategy and started implementing development projects”, says Moussa Kaka, RFI’s correspondent in Niger. Continue reading

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission conning the American people on radioactive wastes

This latest decision will now block any attempt by environmental groups or concerned citizens to challenge the generation of irradiated nuclear fuel at atomic reactors, as in new reactor licensing proceedings or old reactor license extension proceedings, for NRC now considers the matter closed……concerned citizens should contact U.S. House Energy and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA), as well as U.S. House Domestic Affairs Subcommittee Chairman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), urging that they launch investigative oversight hearings into this latest NRC “favor” for the nuclear power industry — approving unlimited generation of forever deadly high-level radioactive waste, while blocking citizen interventions seeking to prevent it.

NRC plays “Nuclear Waste Con Game” on the American people, Beyond Nuclear, 18 Sept 10

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission yesterday updated its “Nuclear Waste Confidence Rule,” expressing “confidence” that commercial irradiated nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste (implying reprocessing) can be stored safely and securely, either on-site or off-site, for 60 years after operation licenses have expired at atomic reactors. Continue reading

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Niger- indigenous poverty, uranium riches for the West

VIDEO –BBC News – People starve in Niger despite having large uranium reserves BBC News, 17 Sept 10 -The kidnapping of five French nationals in Niger who were working on uranium production has thrown the spotlight on the West African state’s mineral wealth.According to the UN, Niger is the poorest nation on earth in development terms.The fact that its people are going hungry despite having the world’s second biggest reserves of uranium has fuelled growing resentment.Zeinab Badawi reports from Niger.

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