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Niger getting too dangerous for foreign nuclear companies

Western firms “that steal our wealth and take advantage of our people should know that they are legitimate targets for the mujaheddin and they should leave promptly because our land is not a field for plunder and our wealth is not something to be taken advantage of.”

NIAMEY, Niger, Sept. 24 (UPI) — Suddenly, the uranium mining industry is becoming a risky business, it seems.Islamic militants who kidnapped seven people at a French-owned uranium mine in Niger Sept. 16 have warned Western firms that “steal our wealth … to leave promptly.”… Continue reading

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Smart software designed to sabotage nuclear power plant

“This was assembled by a highly qualified team of experts, involving some with specific control system expertise,”

Software smart bomb fired at Iranian nuclear plant: experts, Google hosted news, By Glenn Chapman (AFP) –24 Sept 10, SAN FRANCISCO — Computer security experts are studying a scary new cyber weapon: a software smart bomb that may have been crafted to find and sabotage a nuclear facility in Iran. Malicious software, or malware, dubbed “Stuxnet” is able to recognize a specific facility’s control network and then destroy it, according to German computer security researcher Ralph Langne Continue reading

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Solar energy electricity getting cheaper than nuclear

The conclusion is that as of 2010, North Carolina is witnessing a historic crossover between the price of nuclear power and that of solar PV….the conclusions of such study are ……..about the final cost to consumers, given the existing incentives.

Nuclear vs Solar: Clash of the Numbers Environmental News Network, 24 Sept 10, A very interesting and controversial study emerged recently, comparing nuclear and solar costs no less.The study, “Solar and Nuclear Costs — The Historic Crossover”, was prepared by John O. Blackburn and Sam Cunningham for NC Warn, a climate change nonprofit watchdog. The paper, focused on the costs of electricity in North Carolina (US), describes the solar photovoltaic (PV) business, summarizing its history of sharply declining prices, along with the very different path taken in recent years by nuclear power, whose costs have been steadily rising. Continue reading

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Nuclear lobby begging for more money from USA govt

the nuclear renaissance is looking small and slow at the moment….Two other reactors in Texas, four in Florida and one in Missouri have all been moved to the back burner, mostly because of uncertain economics.

Aid Sought for Nuclear Plants –, September 23, 2010, By MATTHEW L. WALD The federal loan guarantee program and other aid for new nuclear plants may not be enough to induce Constellation Energy to build a third reactor at its Calvert Cliffs site, 40 miles south of Washington, the company’s president and chief executive said on Thursday. Continue reading

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AREVA in trouble in Niger: Paladin uranium gets out

Paladin Energy Ltd: Defeating Conditions Triggered Regarding Bid for NGM Resources Ltd – MarketWatch, 25 Sept 10, ”       On September 16, 2010, forces associated with al-Qaida in the Magreb (North Africa) (AQIM) entered the town of Arlit in Niger’s uranium mining region and abducted seven people, employed by the French uranium company Areva and its construction contractor, Vinci. Continue reading

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International Atomic Energy Agency refuses to urge Israel to join Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on the last day of its annual general conference, voted against a non-binding resolution urging Israel to accede to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

UN atomic watchdog rejects resolution against Israel, Google hosted news, By Simon Morgan (AFP) –  25 Sept 10 VIENNA — The UN atomic watchdog rejected Friday an Arab-backed resolution against Israel which the United States and its Western allies feared could have jeopardised newly relaunched Middle East peace talks. Continue reading

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Highly sophisticated computer worm might have targeted Iran’s nuclear reactor

suggestions that Israel, known for its high-tech prowess and (ahem) deep suspicion of Iran’s nuclear programme, might be behind it….if Stuxnet has been deliberately aimed at Iran, one possible target is its Bushehr nuclear reactor

The Stuxnet worm: A cyber-missile aimed at Iran? | The Economist, Sep 24th 2010, THE internet is abuzz this week with speculation about Stuxnet, a “groundbreaking” computer worm that attacks industrial-control systems. Put that way, it doesn’t sound very exciting. But the possibility that it might have been aimed at one set of industrial-control systems in particular—those inside Iranian nuclear facilities—has prompted one security expert to describe Stuxnet as a “cyber-missile”, designed to seek out and destroy a particular target. Continue reading

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USA and Iran ready to resume nuclear talks

US and Iran edging back to nuclear talks THE AUSTRALIAN, AFP September 25, 2010 US and Iranian leaders have signalled a new desire to revive talks to end the standoff over Tehran’s nuclear aims, despite a US-led walkout. Continue reading

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VIDEO Bangkok against nuclear power

VIDEO Rainbow Warrior open boat days in Klong Toey Port, Bangkok, 18 to 19 September. | Greenpeace Southeast Asia Hundreds of people visited the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior when she was docked at Bangkokog Klong Toey Port last weekend.. Rainbow Warrior open boat days in Klong Toey Port, Bangkok, 18 to 19 September. | Greenpeace Southeast Asia

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South East Asia Greenpeace Tour to promote renewable energy

During her voyage, the Rainbow Warrior will promote climate change solutions by showcasing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines

Turn the Tide Rainbow Warrior Tour,   10 Years of  Protectiong the Environment Together | Greenpeace Southeast Asia 25 Sept 10, From September to December 2010, the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior is sailing to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines for the Turn the Tide – Rainbow Warrior’s tour of Southeast Asia. Continue reading

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Niger kidnappings induce uranium company Paladin to leave

Niger kidnappings puts Paladin Energy off NGM bid. Sep 24, 2010  SYDNEY,  (Reuters) – Australia-based uranium miner Paladin Energy is to drop its A$27 million ($26 million) bid for NGM Resources (NGM.AX: Quote), it said on Friday, citing worries that kidnappings in west Africa would hamper NGM’s exploration work in the region. Continue reading

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