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AREVA’s nuclear workers kidnapped by al-Qaida in Niger

Six of the seven hostages worked at a huge uranium mine in northern Niger run by French state-owned nuclear power giant Areva. The seventh was married to an Areva employee…….

France’s Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings worrying By JENNY BARCHFIELD (AP) – 23 Sept 10, PARIS — French President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed on Wednesday to mobilize his government to free five French people abducted last week by an al-Qaida affiliate in Niger, calling it a “very serious and worrying affair,” Continue reading


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Uranium market’s doubtful long term future

..“There are a lot of projects on the drawing board that will have trouble getting into production or will be delayed”…The “long-term” price “is really the more important indicator when it comes to supporting new project development, rather than the spot price,”

Uranium Miners Need 25% Price Advance for Expansion Incentive, Rio Says,  Bloomberg, By Anna Stablum – Sep 23, 2010 Uranium must rise 25 percent to give mining companies an incentive to start or expand projects outside of top producer Kazakhstan, said Clark Beyer, managing director of Rio Tinto Uranium Ltd….. Continue reading

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Warm support for UK’s anti-nuclear Lib Democrat Simon Hughes

Hughes shines as keeper of party’s conscience, By Alex Barker in Liverpool September 22 2010 Simon Hughes burnished his credentials as the conscience of the Liberal Democrats on Tuesday, promising activists he would never “back off” confronting Conservatives over student fees and the Trident nuclear deterrent.
The Lib Dem deputy leader’s warmly received speech to the conference underlined his growing influence in a party that sees him as constructively voicing grassroots angst over power sharing. / UK / Politics & policy – Hughes shines as keeper of party’s conscience

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UK’s Chris Huhne losing support, due to his pro nuclear backdown

what Huhne had to say on nuclear power may have been too pragmatic even for his own party, which has grave doubts about the technology. Huhne himself has previously argued that “outdated” nuclear power is not needed to meet the UK’s climate targets. “Nuclear is a tried, tested and failed technology,” he said in November 2007.

Lib Dems will not be reassured by Chris Huhne’s speech,   21 September 2010 n the early days of the coalition there was a fair amount of cautious goodwill from environmentalists. Continue reading

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UK’s Lib Democrat leader wimping out on nuclear power

the Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas, said that he was putting too much trust in nuclear power….“He’s wrong about nuclear. It won’t deliver emissions cuts fast enough or big enough”. She dismissed his claims that there would be no public subsidies for nuclear power, suggesting that the nuclear industry’s failure to pay its full waste and decommissioning costs, is itself a subsidy.

Sceptical response to Huhne’s ‘green government’ pledge | Ekklesia,  21 Sep 2010 Environmental groups have given a sceptical response to comments made by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne at the Liberal Democrats’ party conference today (21 September).Huhne reiterated the coalition’s pledge to be the “greenest government ever”…….. Continue reading

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International church group slams Australia’s Aboriginal Intervention

“The Intervention has taken control of the lives of Aboriginal peoples through such measures as compulsory income management and compulsory acquisition of leases over Aboriginal land.

“The Labor Government has continued the Intervention which remains a blight on Australia’s reputation.”

Territory shame The Catholic Leader: : 26 September 2010By: Paul Dobbyn AUSTRALIA’S “shameful treatment” of indigenous people in remote Northern Territory communities has been exposed during a six-day fact-finding mission by local and international visitors, Continue reading

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UK Member of Parliament calls for justice for nuclear veterans

These were young men who were put in the vicinity of weapons tests of which we had no idea about what the side effects would be. “Many of them have now died, many of them are extremely ill and successive governments have done all they can to block compensation to these men.

A MEMBER of an influential parliamentary committee has backed the Derby Telegraph’s campaign to make the Government compensate British nuclear test veterans. derbyshire telegraph 21Sept 10, Some 20,000 servicemen took part in Britain’s atomic bomb tests in the 1950s and 1960s, with many now claiming they suffer ill health as a result of radiation exposure. Continue reading

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UK govt report reveals safety problems with nuclear submarines

Exercise at nuclear submarine yard exposes serious safety failings BAE Systems to rerun mock accident after mistakes at Barrow dockyard that could have put lives at risk Rob Edwards, 22 September 2010 Continue reading

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UK’s new Trident nuclear missiles put on hold

Delegates at the Lib Dem conference voted unanimously for a motion calling on ministers to allow a full review of alternatives to the like-for-like replacement of Trident.

Lib Dems say Trident decision should be put on hold until after the next election | Mail Online, 23 Sept 10, Trident decision ‘could be put on hold until 2015’ as Lib Dems say judgment should be delayed until after the next election By Daniel Martin Continue reading

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China’s ambitions for a nuclear technology sales empire

Chinese nuclear industry’s overseas push, THE HINDU, 22 Sept 10, Ananth Krishnan The announcement from China’s biggest nuclear power firm that it was in talks to set up a one-gigawatt plant in Pakistan underscores the rising overseas ambitions of China’s nuclear power industry, say analysts. Continue reading

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Lawsuit about uranium mill’s contamination of water

The creek contains uranium levels as high as 310 parts per billion, which is more than 10 times the 30 ppb health standard for drinking water.

Group Sues Over Cotter Corp. Uranium Mill Cleanup –, Sep 22, 2010 U.S. MountainGroup Sues Over Cotter Corp. Uranium Mill Cleanup DENVER (AP) ― A citizens group has filed a lawsuit accusing Colorado regulators of failing to require Cotter Corp. to set aside enough money to clean up its uranium mill in Canon City. Continue reading

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BHP Billiton really after Sakatchewan’s uranium?

As for BHP Billiton, it’s clear the company is aware of the province’s uranium bounty.

BHP Billiton eyes uranium Potash first on company’s Sask. agenda By Cassandra Kyle, The StarPhoenix September 21, 2010 “……While potash remains top of mind for BHP Billiton, the CEO of the world’s largest mining company told The StarPhoenix on Monday that the province’s uranium reserves are also of interest to the firm. Continue reading

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Inquiry wanted into radiation contamination of Eskom nuclear workers

Eskom spokeswoman Karen de Villiers confirmed yesterday that 91 workers had tested positive for cobalt 58

(South Africa) DA calls for inquiry on Koeberg  Business Report, September 22, 2010By Florence de Vries The DA will ask for an inquiry into the matter that saw nearly 100 Eskom workers contaminated with a small amount of radiation while doing maintenance work at the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town last week. Continue reading

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Spread of nuclear technology in region worries India

comments came amid reports that Beijing and Islamabad were in talks to set up a new giant one gigawatt atomic power plant in Pakistan.

India concerned over N-proliferation in neighbourhood: Rao PTI IBN Live News ,Sep 21,2010Boston, Amid reports of Sino-Pak plans to set up a new giant atomic power plant in Pakistan, India has said it has been affected by clandestine nuclear proliferation in its neighbourhood and is concerned about the possibility of atomic terrorism in the region. Continue reading

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