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Local solar air conditioning system makes sense in a warming climate

In the end dry and the sun is used to process the cooling meaning using no electricity as compared to conventional air conditioning systems, low energy consumption mean less greenhouse gas and the gas that is used in the solar cooling system is greenhouse neutral, conventional air conditioning systems use a lot of energy and contribute to global warming,

Solar air conditioning for your home | All Cooling Systems , October 20th, 2010 by: coily Using the sun to cool your home or office will provide great cooling, savings and is environmentally friendly, this systems does not use the grid…….. Continue reading

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Syria looking good for renewable energy export project

“Syria’s position is quite strategic, being a bridge between North Africa and Europe. Putting it on Desertec map among 19 countries is the first step for achieving the project,”

Renewable Initiative Puts Syria on Solar and Wind Energy Map, Global Arab Network, 24 Oct 10, Syria (Damascus) – North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions, including Syria, are considered as world-best places to be used as farms to produce electricity out of sunrays or wind energy in desert areas. Continue reading

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Despite poor renewables record, Greece now has big solar energy plan

Red tape and addiction to cheap, polluting coal has turned Greece into a renewables laggard, even though it is one of the sunniest and most windy countries in Europe.

PPC plans renewables renaissance, giant solar park | Reuters, By Harry Papachristou ATHENS | Fri Oct 22, 2010 Greek utility PPC plans a sevenfold increase in its clean energy production over the next five years and is thinking of building one of the world’s largest solar parks, the head of its renewables unit said on Friday. Continue reading

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Desalination plant run by wind and solar power

U.S. based Engineering For The Earth‘s Aeolus system require minimal wind speeds and can produce drinking water for communities of up to 500 people per unit. The only additional energy input required is for telemetry, which can be supplied via small solar panels.

Wind Powered Desalination With A Twist Renewable Energy News, 22 Oct 10, Wind powered desalinationWith potable water becoming an increasingly scarce resource in some countries, governments are turning to solutions such as desalination. An energy-intensive process, desalination has been made “greener” through the use of renewable energy. Continue reading

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35 U.S. States want a national minimum renewable energy standard

RES in the 35 states and Washington — 30 of which involve mandatory targets — will create more than two million jobs.

State leaders want flexible, minimum US renewable energy standard Washington (Platts)–20Oct2010 Leaders from some of the 35 US states that require a minimum percentage of power generation to come from renewable sources said Wednesday they support a national renewable energy standard, as long as it supports rather than hinders state efforts…. Continue reading

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Green energy rush to take off in South Africa

Green revolution starts to take root, Mail & Guardian Online, LIONEL FAULL | JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Oct 20 2010 A massive green rush is under way in South Africa, with major energy, construction and finance companies setting up specialised renewable energy units in anticipation of the government finalising the rules of engagement at the end of the year.The government has set a target of 4%, or 1 025MW, of renewable energy installed from private sector suppliers by 20 13, up from less than 0,1% at present…….

Green revolution starts to take root – Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source

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Desalination plants, small or large, powered by solar energy

Though still in its design phase, the team hopes scale up the size of the solar module for use in disaster zones and desert areas where climate change has impacted on water stocks.

Portable Desalination System Powered By Solar Energy, renewable energy news,  by Energy Matters, 18 Oct 10, A group of researcher s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have unveiled a portable solar-powered desalination plant which they say will help provide access to clean drinking water in the developing world. Continue reading

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Native Americans lead the way in Solar Energy Education

Native Americans ….. lead the five groups of recipients taking advantage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (also known as ARRA, or the stimulus) and as a result eligible for the IREC awards.

Native Americans Turn to Solar Energy, CALFINDER  15 Oct 10, In an interesting show of how established solar energy has become, on Monday Oct 12October 12, the New York-based Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) gave one of its 2010 Innovation Awards to Lakota Solar Enterprises, a renewable energy company owned entirely by Native Americans and located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Continue reading

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Fossil fuel lobby’s power over U.S. Congress is holding back Renewable Energy

America’s energy policies are still controlled by lobbying and political power of fossil fuel giants (BP, Chevron, Arco, Shell, and more). This money has successfully distorted public opinion about the economic and environmental implementation of renewable energy. By distorting renewable energy, the fossil fuel giants have been able to make record profits and receive federal subsidies.

The US – Will It Take the Necessary Steps to Be a Renewable Energy Leader | richhessler The oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is causing some Americans to question the longevity and environmental impact of oil. Solar companies should take advantage of the situation and persuade Congress to make renewable energy a priority. Continue reading

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Obama will re-install solar power to White House

These new panels go far beyond what Jimmy Carter installed and then Ronald Reagan tore down.  Carter’s $30,000 rig was installed in 1979 to heat water, which it did.

Reagan’s tear down was part of his assault on the green power industry on behalf of big oil and nuclear power.

Obama says he’ll now re-instate solar water heating to the White House roof, AND will add photo-voltaic cells that will generate electricity. by Harvey Wasserman, 6 Oct 10,

Could a Solar Green White House Finally Face the Nukes & Military?. By Harvey Wasserman
Five things are certain about solar panels going back on the White House roof: Continue reading

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Democrats encouraged by Obama’s support for solar power

Restoring solar power to the White House may be the first tiny step toward the green-powered future necessary to our survival.

Next must come the definitive turn away from the failure of atomic power.  Imagine what a magnificent green-powered Earth we might inhabit had we not squandered all those billions on that profoundly dangerous, disastrously expensive technology.

Team Obama is clearly responding to the anger of the Democratic base.  Those who worked to put them in the White House want it green. by Harvey Wasserman, 6 Oct 10, This includes ferocious opposition to atomic energy.  The administration recently granted $8.33 billion in loan guarantees for a disastrous double-reactor scam in Georgia.  Barely underway, the project has already resulted in $100 million in hikes for the state’s ratepayers.  The builders are now asking for an extra $1 billion.  Horrific delays and cost overruns have already defined new reactor construction in Finland, France and elsewhere. Continue reading

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Solar energy for desert area in California

the projects in Southern California involve a square mile of glimmering solar panels near Victorville and a large array of satellite dish-like sun catchers covering about 10 square miles in the remote Imperial Valley.Both could start transmitting electricity to the state grid by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

Feds approve 2 Calif solar plants on public land, :By JASON DEAREN Associated Press WriterPosted: 10/05/2010 PDTSAN FRANCISCO—For the first time, federal land managers gave final approval Tuesday for the construction of two large solar installations on public lands that could power hundreds of thousands of homes with renewable energy.

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Local solar energy flourishing with UK’s Feed In Tariff

“The scheme is delivering exactly what it was meant to do in terms of a rapid increase in the number of installations, creation of jobs and increase in the amount of renewable energy generated in this country

UK Solar Power Feed In Tariffs Delivering : Renewable Energy News, 5 Oct 10, Rooftop solar energy systems are driving uptake of the UK government’s pilot solar feed-in tariff scheme, Continue reading

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Growing focus on renewable energy investment in Asia

“There is a realization that renewable energy is no longer a trendy fad,” It is actually something that has proven to work, proven to be financially viable and it is a sector that is maturing rapidly.

Betting big on renewables The Asset July / August 2010 by Chito Santiago As several countries across Asia are plugging their infrastructure gaps, particularly in the power sector, much attention is focussed on renewable sources of energy. Sponsors, both domestic and foreign, as well as investors and financiers, are pouring into the region looking for various opportunities in wind, solar, waste, water and hydropower projects. Continue reading

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India’s mission to promote decentralised renewable energy sources

Its a mission to mobilise village panchayats, youth leaders and local collectives to demand quick, quality access to sustainable power that can be delivered through local renewable energy solutions.

Campaign for an energy revolution in Bihar2, Sify News, Patna, Oct 2 (IANS) Greenpeace India along with a coalition of civil society groups Saturday launched a campaign to demand an energy revolution in Bihar.’The aim is to sensitise people to the merits of renewable energy, so that they can demand their political candidates and parties to include it in their agenda in the assembly elections in Bihar,’ said Arpana Udupa, campaigner, Greenpeace India. Continue reading

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