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No decision on UK’s Trident nuclear weapons until after next election

“Pushing this decision back to after the next election will hopefully allow politicians to catch up with what the majority of the public and a growing number of military voices acknowledge – that nuclear weapons are a costly irrelevance to the threats Britain faces.”

Trident decision delayed until after the election – UK Politics, – The Independent, 20 Oct 10, Arguments about the need to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system will continue to rage until the next general election after the Prime Minister announced a delay of at least six years. Continue reading


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Another dead nuclear reactor problem – Hanford

The other cocooned reactors are being left in long-term storage for 75 years to let radioactivity decay to more-manageable levels.

Energy Department wants to remove Hanford reactor | Seattle Times Newspaper,The Associated Press Tri-City Herald.20 Oct 10, TRI-CITIES, Wash. —The Energy Department wants to tear down the K East Reactor at Hanford rather than cocooning it like five other old reactors on the nuclear reservation. Continue reading

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Gabon human rights groups force AREVA to assist sick uranium workers

The mine workers became ill after working in the COMUF mine, which produced more than 26,000 tonnes of uranium over 38 years and was controlled by Areva from 1986 until it closed down in 1999.Production stopped due to falling uranium prices but Areva has since secured new permits to look for uranium in the region, in the south of Gabon.

Areva, Gabon launch plan to help ill uranium workers by Phal Mezui Ndong Gualbert, David Lewis,  Michael Roddy LIBREVILLE Oct 19 (Reuters) – Gabon and French mining giant Areva have launched a health initiative to treat more than 1,000 former miners who fell ill after working in a uranium mine in the Central African nation. Continue reading

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Toxic uranium spill still affecting Navajo in New Mexico

People still remember, in part because of lingering illnesses they attribute to the spill,…People got compensated quickly at Three Mile Island – around here, I don’t think anyone got compensated for anything,

Uranium spill elicits traditional approach,  Indian Country Today By Carol Berry,  Oct 19, 2010 CHURCH ROCK, N.M. – About 10 miles north of this predominantly Navajo community, Highway 566 transects Red Water Pond Road, which is blocked at the entrance to an abandoned United Nuclear Corp. mine site from which nearly 1 million gallons of toxic wastewater spilled into the nearby Puerco River 31 years ago. Continue reading

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Non ionizing radiation is effective in medical diagnosis

Study reveals diagnostic strategies eliminate ionizing radiation exposure in IBD patients, THE MEDICAL NEWS, 19 Oct 10, At the American College of Gastroenterology‘s (ACG) 75th Annual Scientific meeting in San Antonio, Texas, several studies of the effectiveness of non-X-ray techniques to evaluate Crohn’s disease revealed that diagnostic strategies such as capsule endoscopy (CE) and magnetic resonance enteroscopy (MRE) are useful in managing patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and avoiding ionizing radiation……
Study reveals diagnostic strategies eliminate ionizing radiation exposure in IBD patients

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Damage causes delays in nuclear plant in Bulgaria

Safety Damage Delays Bulgarian Nuclear Plant Repairs Energy | October 19, 2010, A problem with one of the two functioning reactors of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) – Unit 6, can trigger serious delays in its switching back to the country’s electric network, the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy and Economy announced..

Safety System Damage Delays Bulgarian Nuclear Plant Repairs: Safety Damage Delays Bulgarian Nuclear Plant Repairs – – Sofia News Agency

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Great Lakes shipment of dead nuclear generators once again delayed

More delays for Bruce Power shipment Owen Sound Sun Times – Ontario, CA, By PAUL JANKOWSKI,  20 Oct 10, Bruce Power has run into another delay in its plans to ship 16 used steam generators, considered to be low-level nuclear waste, to Sweden for recycling.The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission announced Monday that it is sending a supplemental report from CNSC staff to all 79 participants in a public hearing on the issue held Sept. 28 and 29 in Ottawa. The participants will have until Nov. 22 to respond, the commission said…….Opponents argue, among other things, that sending the nuclear waste through the Great Lakes would set a dangerous precedent. More delays for Bruce Power shipment – Owen Sound Sun Times – Ontario, CA

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Iran urges focus on Israel’s nuclear weapons, in fair nuclear talks

President Ahmadinejad also urged the P5+1 countries to announce their views about Israel’s nuclear bombs.

Iran welcomes ‘fair’ nuclear talks, Press TV, 19 Oct 10, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says Tehran welcomes fair and purposeful talks with the West over its nuclear program. Continue reading

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Breach of nuclear security at Sellafield nuclear plant

information on the stick that suggested that the International Atomic Energy Agency technicians visiting the site were not sufficiently briefed on health and safety regulations…..

Nuclear Station Suffers USB Data Breach | eWEEK Europe UK, 19 Oct 10, An investigation has begun after a USB stick containing sensitive information about Sellafield was found in a hotel room * By: Tom Jowitt * October 19, 2010 The data breach threat posed by USB sticks has once again been exposed after nuclear processing company Sellafield began an investigation into the loss of a USB device, said to contain information about its business operations. Continue reading

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Australian state of Victoria will keep ban on nuclear power

Parties agree Victoria will remain nuclear-free state, The Age, RICHARD WILLINGHAM, October 20, 2010 VICTORIA will remain a nuclear-free state, regardless of who wins next month’s state election. Nuclear power is not needed in Victoria because it is expensive, dangerous and obsolete given the state’s abundance of energy options, say Premier John Brumby and Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu. Continue reading

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Uranium mining in Africa – vulnerable to terrorism

France has large economic interests in Africa.  One is the mining of uranium for nuclear power.  Recently several French in the industry were taken hostage in Niger.  A French hostage being held in Mali was killed last summer.

France Terror Warning, Fox News, October 18, 2010 by: Amy Kellogg French sources tell Fox News that the latest threat of a potential terrorist attack in Europe and particularly France is being taken seriously in Paris. Continue reading

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Desalination plants, small or large, powered by solar energy

Though still in its design phase, the team hopes scale up the size of the solar module for use in disaster zones and desert areas where climate change has impacted on water stocks.

Portable Desalination System Powered By Solar Energy, renewable energy news,  by Energy Matters, 18 Oct 10, A group of researcher s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have unveiled a portable solar-powered desalination plant which they say will help provide access to clean drinking water in the developing world. Continue reading

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