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Wind energy project to provide more power than 5 nuclear plants could

The transmission line is planned to have enough capacity to carry the energy of five nuclear power plants (6,000 megawatts, which could power almost 2 million homes)–energy that eventually will come from offshore wind farms. These wind farms will be situated in federal waters more than 10 miles from the shore, where the huge towers would barely be visible.

Offshore Wind Farming Gets a Giant Google Boost Discover Magazine, 13 Oct 10, A huge offshore wind energy project took a leap forward today with the announcement that Google and the investment firm Good Energies are backing the mammoth underwater transmission lines that would carry clean electricity up and down the East Coast. The $5 billion dollar project would allow for wind farms to spring up all along the mid-Atlantic continental shelf. Continue reading


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Export of renewable energy a prospect for UK

harnessing just over 75% of the available offshore energy resource would produce enough renewable power for the UK to power its own economy and export excess electricity to northern Europe. “

The rise of British sea power,, 13 Oct 10, Investment in offshore renewable technologies is making the prospect of the UK becoming a net exporter of energy a real possibility* James Murray * “….. energy industry experts convinced offshore wind farms and marine energy parks could produce more power than the UK needs. Continue reading

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Coalition Against Nuclear Energy speaks out in South Africa

“The solution to South Africa’s energy crisis is decentralised power, where regions are able to establish their own renew- able-energy plants that are suitable to their terrain and conditions. This will not only create local jobs, but will also allow excess power to be fed into the grid.”
Concerns about a nuclear powered South Africa, Engineering News, By: Tracy Hancock 8th October 2010 “………local umbrella group Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (Cane) believes that there are many unanswered questions pertaining to the use of nuclear energy as an answer to South Africa’s electricity crisis. Continue reading

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China is aggressively advancing renewable energy

China is “by far, the most aggressive nation in terms of advancing alternative energy in general, and solar in particular.”

China’s ‘green’ stocks poised to steal limelight Asia Markets – MarketWatch, By Myra P. Saefong, 8 Oct 10, — As the world’s most populous nation and top energy consumer, China’s appetite for renewable energy sources and obligation to fulfill environmental initiatives are sure to grow — along with investment in the companies that help satisfy that demand, analysts said….. Continue reading

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Obama will re-install solar power to White House

These new panels go far beyond what Jimmy Carter installed and then Ronald Reagan tore down.  Carter’s $30,000 rig was installed in 1979 to heat water, which it did.

Reagan’s tear down was part of his assault on the green power industry on behalf of big oil and nuclear power.

Obama says he’ll now re-instate solar water heating to the White House roof, AND will add photo-voltaic cells that will generate electricity. by Harvey Wasserman, 6 Oct 10,

Could a Solar Green White House Finally Face the Nukes & Military?. By Harvey Wasserman
Five things are certain about solar panels going back on the White House roof: Continue reading

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Solar energy for desert area in California

the projects in Southern California involve a square mile of glimmering solar panels near Victorville and a large array of satellite dish-like sun catchers covering about 10 square miles in the remote Imperial Valley.Both could start transmitting electricity to the state grid by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

Feds approve 2 Calif solar plants on public land, :By JASON DEAREN Associated Press WriterPosted: 10/05/2010 PDTSAN FRANCISCO—For the first time, federal land managers gave final approval Tuesday for the construction of two large solar installations on public lands that could power hundreds of thousands of homes with renewable energy.

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Nuclear industry stagnates, as renewable energy grows

“Renewable energy has proven itself to be a solid investment – growing rapidly and nipping at the heels of the stagnant nuclear power industry.”…..

Renewables Gaining Ground, Without Congress’ Help , E (By Brita Belli), 4 Oct 10, Renewable energy is almost tied with nuclear power in terms of U.S. energy production. The latest figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review finds that renewable energy sources—biofuels, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind—provided 11.14% of domestic U.S. energy production during the first six months of 2010. Continue reading

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Local solar energy flourishing with UK’s Feed In Tariff

“The scheme is delivering exactly what it was meant to do in terms of a rapid increase in the number of installations, creation of jobs and increase in the amount of renewable energy generated in this country

UK Solar Power Feed In Tariffs Delivering : Renewable Energy News, 5 Oct 10, Rooftop solar energy systems are driving uptake of the UK government’s pilot solar feed-in tariff scheme, Continue reading

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Ontario closing coal plants, getting private investment in renewables

the province has attracted over CAD $1 billion in private sector investment through these three renewable energy projects,…The province is now the nation’s leader in wind and solar capacity and last year,…Ontario has already closed four coal-fired powered generation four years ahead of schedule.

Ontario’s Government Showcases Wind And Solar Power Projects : Renewable Energy News, 4 Oct 10, “……in the province of Ontario, solid headway is being made in renewable energy,   Ontario’s government has welcomed the recent opening of the world’s largest solar panel based solar farm and progress on two new wind farm in South-West Ontario. Continue reading

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Growing focus on renewable energy investment in Asia

“There is a realization that renewable energy is no longer a trendy fad,” It is actually something that has proven to work, proven to be financially viable and it is a sector that is maturing rapidly.

Betting big on renewables The Asset July / August 2010 by Chito Santiago As several countries across Asia are plugging their infrastructure gaps, particularly in the power sector, much attention is focussed on renewable sources of energy. Sponsors, both domestic and foreign, as well as investors and financiers, are pouring into the region looking for various opportunities in wind, solar, waste, water and hydropower projects. Continue reading

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Local wind turbines profitable

..the costs of renewable energy have fallen rapidly. And, as in much of Europe, the lure of alternative power here was sweetened by feed-in tariffs – government guarantees to buy renewable electricity at an attractive set price from any company, city or household that produced it

Italian towns turn a profit with the wind at their back, The Age, Elisabeth Rosenthal,Tocco da CasauriaOctober 4, 2010 THE towering wind turbines that rise from gnarled ancient olive groves here speak to something extraordinary happening across Italy. Continue reading

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India’s mission to promote decentralised renewable energy sources

Its a mission to mobilise village panchayats, youth leaders and local collectives to demand quick, quality access to sustainable power that can be delivered through local renewable energy solutions.

Campaign for an energy revolution in Bihar2, Sify News, Patna, Oct 2 (IANS) Greenpeace India along with a coalition of civil society groups Saturday launched a campaign to demand an energy revolution in Bihar.’The aim is to sensitise people to the merits of renewable energy, so that they can demand their political candidates and parties to include it in their agenda in the assembly elections in Bihar,’ said Arpana Udupa, campaigner, Greenpeace India. Continue reading

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Renewable energy can halt the extinction of species

One important outcome of introducing renewable energy is that it mitigates deforestation caused by the felling of trees for firewood….The main reason for climate change and deforestation is the increasing consumption of fossil fuels and high energy demand…

Renewable energy sources may save precious humanity from extinction Green drive mitigates the devastating effects of deforestation. gulfnews : By Binsal Abdul Kader and Rayeesa Absal,   October 3, 2010 Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi: Scientists estimate that between 150 and 200 species of life become extinct every 24 hours — a phenomenon threatening the very survival of human beings on Earth.However, renewable energy can save biodiversity and mitigate the threat to humanity, according to a presentation delivered at the 11th World Renewable Energy Congress held in Abu Dhabi recently. Continue reading

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Energy Storage Law to promote renewable energy in California

California lawmakers have passed Energy Storage Bill California Enacts Energy Storage Bill | 1 Oct 10, The landmark legislation requires electric utilities to adopt energy storage technologies, making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the state’s electric grid. Integrating energy storage technology will allow California’s electric distribution system to meet and accommodate the daily fluctuations of energy demand. In addition, increasing energy storage capacity is expected to help promote intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power and contribute to an overall more reliable smart grid. California Enacts Energy Storage Bill |™ The Smart Meter News Portal

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40 % renewable energy by 2020 – Northern Ireland sets target

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |, September 29th, 2010 by Lucy Rees Northern Ireland has announced an ambitious new target to reach 40 per cent renewable energy by 2020.The scheme, which will require the construction of huge offshore wind farms to be reached, is aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on gas, coal and oil. Currently, less than 10 per cent of NI’s energy is generated by renewables, but what is being produced is currently in the form of land-based wind farms…..Energy Minister Ariene Foster stated that the targets, which have been detailed in the Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2010, stress the need for immediate and effective action against global climate change. Additionally, the document highlights the need for the Government to address the issues of security and sustainability of the sector in terms of supply and cost.

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |

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