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Breast cancer increase due to radiation, environmental factors

widely understood risk factors for breast cancer such as genetic mutations, reproductive history and lifestyle factors do not address a considerable portion of risk. “A substantial body of scientific evidence indicates that exposures to common chemicals and [ionising] radiation also contribute to the unacceptably high incidence of breast cancer,

New Report Catalogues Chemical and Radiation Links to Breast Cancer, PR Newswire, 1 Oct 10, Scientists, health advocates call for national breast cancer prevention plan SAN FRANCISCO, – A report released today by the Breast Cancer Fund presents a comprehensive summary of the scientific data on the environmental causes of breast cancer. Continue reading


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Security of Supply Obligation – the nuclear industry’s latest con

From being a piece of history, the nuclear industry – a fading dinosaur that has wasted billions and left a toxic legacy that will cost billions more – is pushing itself back into the headlines, rebranded as the only source of the cheap, secure and clean energy demanded by modern Britain……the nuclear industry’s real agenda: a new system of subsidies to ensure it is never again exposed to the chill winds of a free market. The industry even has a name for it: the Security of Supply Obligation.

When PR Goes Nuclear – Hybrid Guide, 29 Sept 10, In the plush surroundings of the Army & Navy Club on London’s Pall Mall, Mike Alexander, chief executive of British Energy, was holding court. Assembled before him were more than a hundred leading figures from the UK’s energy industry – all there at the behest of the Energy Industries Club, an industry body that keeps its membership secret.. Continue reading

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America falsified history of nuclear bombs

When informed by the Secretary of War about the plan to drop the atomic bombs, General Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, said the bomb was “no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives.” After the war he said, “It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

The Nuclear Gang Rides On, Counter Punch, Saul Landau, 2 Oct 10 “……History classes from grade school up do not often emphasize the fact that the United States ended the war in the Pacific by dropping two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities, which killed several hundred thousand civilians and left disease and destruction in their wakes. Continue reading

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Secret code inside Stuxnet worm suggests Israel is the source

The Secret Code Inside The Supervirus Attacking Iran Nuclear Power | Gizmodo Australia, By Jesus Diaz on September 30, 2010 Software engineers analysing the code inside Stuxnet, the supervirus that is focusing its attacks in Iran power plants, have found a secret code word that may point to its country of origin. The origin may be, oh surprise, Israel. Engineers reportedly found the word “Myrtus” inside the virus, which could be an allusion to the Book of Esther…… the Stuxnet virus didn’t kill anyone or caused any fatal damage to Iran’s nuclear plant. Designed to attack Siemens’ Simatic S-7 controllers—used in nuclear power plants as well as oil pipelines and electrical power grids—the worm has been found in China, India, and Indonesia, but it has been especially virulent in Iran. According to experts consulted by the New York Times, the secret code may not be a sloppy or whimsical reference from its developers, but a tool of psychological war. In recent years, Iran has been feeling the heat in their nuclear program, with scientists defecting and their secrets being compromised. The signature may just be a way of telling them “may no mistake, we are onto you.” The Secret Code Inside The Supervirus Attacking Iran Nuclear Power | Gizmodo Australia

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Energy Storage Law to promote renewable energy in California

California lawmakers have passed Energy Storage Bill California Enacts Energy Storage Bill | 1 Oct 10, The landmark legislation requires electric utilities to adopt energy storage technologies, making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the state’s electric grid. Integrating energy storage technology will allow California’s electric distribution system to meet and accommodate the daily fluctuations of energy demand. In addition, increasing energy storage capacity is expected to help promote intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power and contribute to an overall more reliable smart grid. California Enacts Energy Storage Bill |™ The Smart Meter News Portal

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