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USA: S3322 legislation to promote nuclear industry

Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) called for a “nuclear renaissance” and introduced S. 3322 to establish the United States Nuclear Fuel Management Corporation. …..The legislation has transparent ties to the nuclear industry….are they truly nonpartisan representatives of the public or are they already in the pockets of the nuclear industry?.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future: Doing Important Work or Already Irrelevant?, DC Bureau,  08 October 2010,  by Hannah Karns President Barrack Obama established the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) by presidential memorandum on January 20, 2010 to review and recommend solutions to a problem that has plagued the nuclear weapons and power industry for generations: how to safely dispose of radioactive waste. Continue reading


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Yucca nuclear waste project dead in the water

Yucca project review halted NRC chief tables viability study of nuclear waste site,, By STEVE TETREAULTSTEPHENS WASHINGTON BUREA, 7 Oct 10,

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission tossed water on the embers of the Yucca Mountain project this week, directing agency scientists to halt a formal review of the nuclear waste site. Continue reading

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Greenpeace dumps nuclear waste problem on European Parliament

The nuclear sector has no idea what to do with this waste, let alone the far more dangerous and long-lived waste that also continues to pile up. As the vast majority comes from the power sector, the only logical step is to phase out nuclear power.

Greenpeace takes radioactive waste to the European Parliament, International, by Jack Hunter, 8 Oct 2010,  – Greenpeace delivered radioactive waste to the door of the European Parliament today to remind MEPs in their last plenary session before considering a new nuclear waste law that there is no solution to nuclear waste. Continue reading

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Coalition Against Nuclear Energy speaks out in South Africa

“The solution to South Africa’s energy crisis is decentralised power, where regions are able to establish their own renew- able-energy plants that are suitable to their terrain and conditions. This will not only create local jobs, but will also allow excess power to be fed into the grid.”
Concerns about a nuclear powered South Africa, Engineering News, By: Tracy Hancock 8th October 2010 “………local umbrella group Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (Cane) believes that there are many unanswered questions pertaining to the use of nuclear energy as an answer to South Africa’s electricity crisis. Continue reading

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Time for Tennessee to move away from nuclear and coal power

“We need to get away from producing waste with energy production,” said Safer, chairman of the Tennessee Environmental Council in Nashville.

TVA’s plans for more nuclear reactors concern speakers at public hearingMore nuclear power, less coal is trading evils, environmentalist says, By Anne Paine • THE TENNESSEAN • October 7, 2010 “……plan to increase the amount of the electricity it produces by building more nuclear reactors will be mourned by future generations if it’s followed, activist Don Safer told TVA officials at a public hearing Wednesday. Continue reading

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Radiotherapy has risks to heart and brain

A patient would have to have 50 CAT scans or 25,000 normal chest X-rays to be exposed to 0.5 Gray but a cancer patient receiving radiotherapy treatment is likely to be exposed to several Gray

Radiation treatment should be minimised over heart fears: advisers – Telegraph UK, Doctors who treat cancer patients with radiotherapy are being urged to keep the doses to a minimum over fears the treatment raises the risk of heart disease. By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor
07 Oct 2010 Government advisers have urged caution as studies have shown high doses of radiation affect the blood vessels causing them to thicken. Continue reading

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Subtle retaliation for Hanford nuclear workers who speak out on safety?

Workers who expressed concerns were most worried about subtle retaliation,

DOE: Safety culture at Hanford needs improvement – BusinessWeek The Associated Press October 7, 2010,   By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS Most workers believe the safety culture at the U.S. Department of Energy’s most expensive and most complex nuclear waste treatment plant is strong, but some worry they will face retaliation for raising concerns, according to a report this week. Continue reading

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Venezuela about to bring nuclear weapons to Southern hemisphere

there is compelling evidence that Venezuela’s government and banks, with the help of the Ahmadinejad government and Iranian shell companies, are providing Iran with uranium mined in southeastern Venezuela

Venezuela Is Going Nuclear, and We Should Be Worried, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Rizwan Ladha, 8 Oct 10, You may know that the entire world, south of the equator, is one huge nuclear weapon free zone (NWFZ). Continue reading

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New nuclear ballistic missile tested by Russia

Russia tests new inter-continental ballistic missile – Hindustan Times, Indo-Asian News Service Moscow, October 08, 2010 Russia has successfully tested the new Bulava inter-continental ballistic missile, the defence ministry said. The launch was made on Thursday from the Northern Fleet’s heavy strategic cruiser Dmitry Donskoi. The Bulava successfully hit the target in Kamchatka peninsula, Xinhua reported citing adefence ministry official.Russian forces plan to undertake three more tests of the missile this year, two of them from a nuclear submarine. A previous missile test in December 2009 had failed. Russia tests new inter-continental ballistic missile – Hindustan Times

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China is aggressively advancing renewable energy

China is “by far, the most aggressive nation in terms of advancing alternative energy in general, and solar in particular.”

China’s ‘green’ stocks poised to steal limelight Asia Markets – MarketWatch, By Myra P. Saefong, 8 Oct 10, — As the world’s most populous nation and top energy consumer, China’s appetite for renewable energy sources and obligation to fulfill environmental initiatives are sure to grow — along with investment in the companies that help satisfy that demand, analysts said….. Continue reading

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