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Nuclear industry stagnates, as renewable energy grows

“Renewable energy has proven itself to be a solid investment – growing rapidly and nipping at the heels of the stagnant nuclear power industry.”…..

Renewables Gaining Ground, Without Congress’ Help , E (By Brita Belli), 4 Oct 10, Renewable energy is almost tied with nuclear power in terms of U.S. energy production. The latest figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review finds that renewable energy sources—biofuels, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind—provided 11.14% of domestic U.S. energy production during the first six months of 2010. Continue reading

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Local solar energy flourishing with UK’s Feed In Tariff

“The scheme is delivering exactly what it was meant to do in terms of a rapid increase in the number of installations, creation of jobs and increase in the amount of renewable energy generated in this country

UK Solar Power Feed In Tariffs Delivering : Renewable Energy News, 5 Oct 10, Rooftop solar energy systems are driving uptake of the UK government’s pilot solar feed-in tariff scheme, Continue reading

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Growing focus on renewable energy investment in Asia

“There is a realization that renewable energy is no longer a trendy fad,” It is actually something that has proven to work, proven to be financially viable and it is a sector that is maturing rapidly.

Betting big on renewables The Asset July / August 2010 by Chito Santiago As several countries across Asia are plugging their infrastructure gaps, particularly in the power sector, much attention is focussed on renewable sources of energy. Sponsors, both domestic and foreign, as well as investors and financiers, are pouring into the region looking for various opportunities in wind, solar, waste, water and hydropower projects. Continue reading

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Local wind turbines profitable

..the costs of renewable energy have fallen rapidly. And, as in much of Europe, the lure of alternative power here was sweetened by feed-in tariffs – government guarantees to buy renewable electricity at an attractive set price from any company, city or household that produced it

Italian towns turn a profit with the wind at their back, The Age, Elisabeth Rosenthal,Tocco da CasauriaOctober 4, 2010 THE towering wind turbines that rise from gnarled ancient olive groves here speak to something extraordinary happening across Italy. Continue reading

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India’s mission to promote decentralised renewable energy sources

Its a mission to mobilise village panchayats, youth leaders and local collectives to demand quick, quality access to sustainable power that can be delivered through local renewable energy solutions.

Campaign for an energy revolution in Bihar2, Sify News, Patna, Oct 2 (IANS) Greenpeace India along with a coalition of civil society groups Saturday launched a campaign to demand an energy revolution in Bihar.’The aim is to sensitise people to the merits of renewable energy, so that they can demand their political candidates and parties to include it in their agenda in the assembly elections in Bihar,’ said Arpana Udupa, campaigner, Greenpeace India. Continue reading

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Energy Storage Law to promote renewable energy in California

California lawmakers have passed Energy Storage Bill California Enacts Energy Storage Bill | 1 Oct 10, The landmark legislation requires electric utilities to adopt energy storage technologies, making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the state’s electric grid. Integrating energy storage technology will allow California’s electric distribution system to meet and accommodate the daily fluctuations of energy demand. In addition, increasing energy storage capacity is expected to help promote intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power and contribute to an overall more reliable smart grid. California Enacts Energy Storage Bill |™ The Smart Meter News Portal

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40 % renewable energy by 2020 – Northern Ireland sets target

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |, September 29th, 2010 by Lucy Rees Northern Ireland has announced an ambitious new target to reach 40 per cent renewable energy by 2020.The scheme, which will require the construction of huge offshore wind farms to be reached, is aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on gas, coal and oil. Currently, less than 10 per cent of NI’s energy is generated by renewables, but what is being produced is currently in the form of land-based wind farms…..Energy Minister Ariene Foster stated that the targets, which have been detailed in the Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2010, stress the need for immediate and effective action against global climate change. Additionally, the document highlights the need for the Government to address the issues of security and sustainability of the sector in terms of supply and cost.

Northern Ireland aims for 40% renewables by 2020 |

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A global shift to renewable energy – IRENA

On global green growth, she said, in 2004-2008, there was a fourfold  increase in renewable energy investments, while RE investments in 2009  stood at $162 billion.

Renewable energy sector may have 20m new jobs, Khaleej Times 28 September 2010ABU DHABI — Renewable energy sector around the world will have some 20 million new job opportunities by 2030, said Helene Pelosse, interim Director- General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Continue reading

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Cutting edge technology dispels the propaganda against renewable energy

So when I read the next diatribe opposing renewable power or questioning the science of climate change, I’ll think of these and other visionary businesses across Vermont that chose to do the right thing by Vermont’s economy, our local energy security and the health of the planet.

Businesses across the state see the light: Rutland Herald Online, SUSAN ALLEN   September 26, 2010 I’ve been reading with dismay recent commentaries that try, for reasons I cannot fathom, to discredit the renewable energy industry, to turn back the clock and question the proven science of climate change. And I literally shake my head at how hard it is to get some (thankfully not all) in government to recognize the economic benefits offered by these cutting-edge projects. Continue reading

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Renewable energy for the world’s developing countries

By 2050, about 50 per cent of world’s energy needs could be met by renewable energy, said interim Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) Helene Pelosse, at the conference

Masdar eyes affordable renewable energy11th World Renewable Energy Conference begins in Abu Dhabi gulfnews By Rayeesa Absal and Binsal Abdul Kader,  September 27, 2010 Abu Dhabi: Developing countries are to be offered renewable energy resources at an affordable price, thanks to a UAE programme, the 11th World Renewable Energy Conference (WREC) in Abu Dhabi heard on Sunday. Continue reading

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Scotland economist calls for renewable energy funding

“The economics of the renewables industry are  continually changing as new technologies are developed…..Part of this transition requires the end of financing of fossil fuels. RBS themselves need to redirect their own funding from fossil fuels to renewable energies.”..

Economist calls for radical thinking on funding of renewable energy News : 27 September 2010 One of Scotland’s top economists has called for “radical thinking” by government and the public and private sectors to create the finance necessary to boost renewable energy potential.
Andrew McLaughlin, pictured, group chief economist at Royal Bank of Scotland Scotland has “more potential renewables resources than almost any other European country”.
………He said: “The economics of the renewables industry are also continually changing as new technologies are developed. These technologies will offer even greater benefits for us in the future, but investment must be channelled into the UK’s research and development establishments, otherwise we risk losing out to others around the world.”

Dan Barlow, of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “Part of this transition requires the end of financing of fossil fuels. RBS themselves need to redirect their own funding from fossil fuels to renewable energies.”..

Economist calls for radical thinking on funding of renewable energy – News

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Solar energy electricity getting cheaper than nuclear

The conclusion is that as of 2010, North Carolina is witnessing a historic crossover between the price of nuclear power and that of solar PV….the conclusions of such study are ……..about the final cost to consumers, given the existing incentives.

Nuclear vs Solar: Clash of the Numbers Environmental News Network, 24 Sept 10, A very interesting and controversial study emerged recently, comparing nuclear and solar costs no less.The study, “Solar and Nuclear Costs — The Historic Crossover”, was prepared by John O. Blackburn and Sam Cunningham for NC Warn, a climate change nonprofit watchdog. The paper, focused on the costs of electricity in North Carolina (US), describes the solar photovoltaic (PV) business, summarizing its history of sharply declining prices, along with the very different path taken in recent years by nuclear power, whose costs have been steadily rising. Continue reading

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South East Asia Greenpeace Tour to promote renewable energy

During her voyage, the Rainbow Warrior will promote climate change solutions by showcasing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines

Turn the Tide Rainbow Warrior Tour,   10 Years of  Protectiong the Environment Together | Greenpeace Southeast Asia 25 Sept 10, From September to December 2010, the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior is sailing to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines for the Turn the Tide – Rainbow Warrior’s tour of Southeast Asia. Continue reading

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Former Climate Sceptic now urging action to stop global warming

His new book “Smart Solutions to Climate Change,” published by Cambridge University Press, studies the costs and benefits of various options dealing with climate change……..

Lomborg Sees No U-Turn in Renewable Energy, Carbon Tax Support,  Bloomberg, By Gelu Sulugiuc – Sep 20, 2010 Danish Social Scientist Bjoern Lomborg “We should be focusing on investing dramatically more in research and development in green-energy technology,” Continue reading

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20% renewable energy for California’s grid

wind power resources can balance solar power generating plants and vice versa. Wind farms generate much of their energy at night, and in the early morning, it said, when solar power plants are not producing power, while solar facilities can provide energy in the middle of the day when wind farms can be less productive…..

California grid can handle 20% renewables, study affirms |, 17 sept 10, A new study from the California Independent System Operator (ISO) Corporation has affirmed the ability for the state’s electricity system to handle a 20% proportion of power from renewable sources Continue reading

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