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Americans complacent about depleted uranium in Iraq

The United States, its abandonment of law and worse Redress Information & Analysis By Christopher King 8 December 2009 “………….America has surpassed the Nazis, however, in its use of depleted uranium munitions which have spread radioactivity that will last hundreds of thousands of years over wide areas of Iraq.
Cancers and birth defects directly attributable to this are now being seen in Iraq and will continue indefinitely, so it is likely that over time the Iraqi civilian death toll will exceed that of the Nazis.
Americans say that this material is harmless; however, if depleted uranium were to be dispersed on American territory as in Iraq, it would be considered to be outrageous. If others were to do it, it would be called a “dirty bomb” attack. American use of depleted uranium goes beyond lawlessness to become an attack on life itself…..

Pearl Harbour as Japanese blowback > Americas > Redress Information & Analysis

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