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Pakistan, China concerned about US-India nuclear deal

India-US relations and Pakistan’s concerns By Shahid R. Siddiqi , 07 Dec, 2009 – “…….India needed western technology; the US needed the Indian market. India had regional aspirations, a nuclear and military strength which it was keen to expand and had estranged relations with China; the US under Bush needed a regional ally ready to contain China and serve as its proxy for policing the region. And with 9/11, came a new role that India could play for the US in Afghanistan………………

Pakistan has felt uncomfortable that India is receiving US assistance in the development of nuclear power industry even though India has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Obama’s assertion that ‘Indian leadership is expanding security across the region’ will find no supporters in Islamabad or Beijing………..
……..before rushing into a collaborative arrangement with India and offering highly sensitive nuclear technologies, Washington will be well advised to first test out the prickly world of relations with New Delhi. The US need not be impressed with the tall claims about India being the biggest democracy. India’s human rights record is dismal,

DAWN.COM | World | India-US relations and Pakistan’s concerns


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