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Renewable energy in the news, more than nuclear

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Yes – I know this is supposed to be about nuclear news. But I can’t help noticing that all the interesting, forward-looking investment stuff is about clean energy, not dirty old nuclear.

Sure, the nuke lobby tries. They spruik about nuclear fusion (ridiculously costly and unproven), about Thorium (just as good or better, for nuclear weapons), about This New Generation design and That one.

The nuclear news is all about whether or not USA and Israel should bomb Iran. Tony Blair thinks so. But he was wrong before, wasn’t he, on Iraq?   The Brits certainly think so. He can’t even market his book, without getting pelted with eggs, in the UK.

Then it’s all about USA, Russia, France, South Korea, desperately competing to sell nuke reactors to the Third World, ones they can’t even sell to their own people. Nuclear is becoming a bore. – Christina Macpherson

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USA, Russia desperate to sell nuclear reactors to the Third World

Nuclear power in Vietnam: the US and Russia compete,, September 6, 2010  by Matt Steinglass “…… today Russia and America are again jockeying for influence in Vietnam, and this time they’re offering reactors.The head of the Russian state-owned nuclear power monopoly Rosatom, Sergei Kirienko, (at left) was in Hanoi on Friday, shaking hands with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung………

Meanwhile, Hanoi has been working towards a Section 123 Agreement with the US, which would allow it to import American nuclear technology.

Westinghouse Electric and Japan’s Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, both of which use American technology, are bidding on the contract for Vietnam’s second reactor.

Nuclear power in Vietnam: the US and Russia compete | beyondbrics |

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First step for France to turn from nuclear to renewable energy

this may help chart a new developmental roadmap for the French energy industry, which has until now focused primarily on nuclear energy.

French government to tap potential for renewable energy,, 6 Sept 10, France has unveiled a new renewable energy investment program which will see its government provide E1.35 billion to support the development of cutting-edge clean energy technologies. Continue reading

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Prolonging Germany’s aging nukes threatens renewable energy development

Germany’s largest utilities are focusing on wind power as their preferred renewable energy technology, while households and farmers are tapping solar energy to earn above-market rates for electric power.

Germany’s Extension for Nuclear Power Threatens Offshore Wind Investments, Bloomberg, By Jeremy van Loon – Sep 7, 2010 The German government’s plan to extend the phase-out of nuclear power risks hampering investment in offshore wind turbines, a technology that may provide much of the country’s renewable energy by the middle of this century. Continue reading

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Smart grids part of the move to renewable energy

Large companies such as Switzerland’s ABB, a rival of Germany’s engineering giant Siemens, say smart grids are a huge trend in the energy sector…….

Smart grids play key role in modern energy infrastructure. | Deutsche Welle | 06.09.2010, How do you ensure a steady supply of electricity from fickle renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass? ‘Smart grids’ that manage and distribute flows of electricity could be the answer. Continue reading

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Solar energy market picks up with UK’s Feed-In Tariffs

sales of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to homeowners and commercial sector firms have increased markedly since the new feed-in tariff drive began earlier this year.

(UK)  Feed-in tariffs tipped to boost energy saving technology, Rapid Electronics , 7th September 2010 An expert has suggested that the government’s latest scheme to boost the production of renewable electricity could lead to a surge in the number of people adopting energy saving technology. Continue reading

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Unstoppable move to renewable energy offers investment promise

“with the needs for energy security and energy demand from countries like China, the move to renewables is unstoppable, and you’re increasingly seeing renewable energy companies that are good value,”

China Goes Green, Keeps Bankers and Investors Busy – By NISHA GOPALAN, 6 sept 10, Propelled in part by the backing of powerful Beijing bureaucrats, green-themed Chinese companies are set to reap billions of dollars from public offerings to new investors in coming months…. Continue reading

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