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Radiologists warn on overuse of medical radiation

Recent studies on radiation risks from computed tomography, or CT scans, and several cases of accidental radiation overdoses have drawn new focus on medical imaging.

Radiologists call for curbs on overuse of imaging  By Julie Steenhuysen,   Aug 24, 2010  CHICAGO (Reuters) – Doctors are ordering too many unnecessary imaging tests, raising the cost of healthcare and exposing patients to excess amounts of radiation, imaging experts said on Tuesday…… Continue reading

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Thousands of jobs in Renewable Energy flow from Feed-In Tariff

If we look to those places where renewable energy JOBS are already employing tens of thousands of people, places such as nearly all of Europe and most of Asia; and did I mention Wisconsin?  Yes, Wisconsin! -…..That is the Feed-In Tariff.  It is the one item that is proven to make it all work.

Renewable energy can be the source of JOBS,  Review Messenger, By Richard Carter. 24 Aug 2010, It’s certainly no secret, the economy needs JOBS, especially in rural Minnesota.There is a source of jobs which could help. Those JOBS come from renewable energy: solar electric, solar hot water, solar hot air, and wind. Continue reading

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Uranium mining threatens water supply for millions of people

Keep ban on Canyon uranium mines, THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, – Robert L. Arnberger, Aug. 24, 2010 Most of us are familiar with President Theodore Roosevelt’s oft-quoted statement upon visiting the Grand Canyon: “Leave it as it is . . . man can only mar it.”That statement rings especially true when you read the new report from National Parks Conservation Association, which documents the risk of uranium mining to the Grand Canyon and Colorado River – the water supply for millions……. Continue reading

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UK nuclear whistleblower silenced, then sacked

Mr Amin claimed that he told MI5 and the CIA of his concerns but, he said, they ignored his evidence and told him to drop his inquiries

Fired, but no charges: man accused of being nuclear whistleblower, The Independent, By Mark Hughes,  24 August 2010, A British customs investigator who was accused of leaking classified information about an international nuclear smuggling ring to two US journalists has been dismissed from his job, despite being told that he will not face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, it was announced yesterday. Continue reading

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Russia, USA, keen to sell nukes to India – but not to pay for accidents

US diplomatic sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it would be a “disaster” for US companies if the Indian Bill insisted on large foreign supplier liability.

Russia says no to supplier liability, Business Standard, Jyoti Malhotra / New Delhi August 24, 2010, Even as political acrimony over the Nuclear Liability Bill rages in and outside Parliament, India’s old-time friend Russia has clearly told the Indian establishment that it will not accept any liability for the supply of equipment and other material to help India build its nuclear power plants, either in the present or future….. Continue reading

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Turmoil over nuclear plant’s use of water

Nuclear Plant’s Use of River Water Prompts $1.1 Billion Debate With State,, By MATTHEW L. WALD August 24, 2010 BUCHANAN, N.Y. — Just beneath the wind-stippled surface of the Hudson River here, huge pipes suck enough water into the Indian Point nuclear plant every second to fill three Olympic swimming pools. And each second they take in dozens of organisms — fish and crabs, but mostly larvae — that are at the center of a $1.1 billion debate:….

New York State argued recently before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that Indian Point poses such a safety risk that its two reactors should be shut down when their licenses expire in 2013 and 2015.

Indian Point Nuclear Plant’s Toll on River Stirs Debate –

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Japan warns India against nuclear weapons testing

Japan should stop working with India on atomic energy if it conducts nuke tests,  The Mainichi Daily News, 24 Aug 2010, During negotiations on a bilateral civil nuclear pact, Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada told his Indian counterpart that Tokyo will immediately discontinue its cooperation with India over atomic energy technology if it conducts a nuclear test…….India conducted nuclear tests in 1974 and 1998. Cooperation with any country like India on atomic energy could make the NPT a dead letter and give Iran and other countries that are suspected of developing nuclear weapons even though they are parties to the treaty an excuse to develop nuclear arms…………Japan should stop working with India on atomic energy if it conducts nuke test – The Mainichi Daily News

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Arrests of Catholic protestors at site for nuclear weapons facility

The new plant, which will make non-nuclear parts for nuclear weapons, is set to be the nation’s first new major nuclear weapons production facility in 32 years……

Catholic activists arrested at Kansas City nuclear weapons facility, National Catholic Reporter, Aug. 17, 2010By Joshua J. McElwee KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Singing choruses of “we shall not be moved” while scattering sunflower seeds, 14 activists were arrested here Aug. 16 after blocking an earth moving vehicle on the site of a proposed nuclear weapons manufacturing facility. Continue reading

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