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Safety problems add to costs, overruns, in AREVA’s new nuclear plants

Areva, the state-controlled French nuclear engineering company, is already battling construction delays and cost overruns at both Flamanville and Olkiluoto, in Finland, where it is building the first of its EPR plants.

Safety Fears Raised at French Reactor,, By PATRICIA BRETT July 26, 2010, PARIS — Anti-nuclear activists are seeking to halt construction of France’s latest-generation nuclear power plant at Flamanville, on the Normandy coast, arguing that changes introduced to solve problems with the reactor’s fuel pellet cladding have invalidated the plant’s original building permit. Continue reading


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American nuclear companies nervously awaiting Indian Parliament over Civil Liability Bill

The bill triggered a storm when it was first presented to lawmakers in May, with the opposition arguing it will shield American technology suppliers from compensation claims.

GE, Westinghouse Await Nuclear Bill as Singh Set to Face Stormy Parliament,  Bloomberg, By Bibhudatta Pradhan – Jul 26, 2010, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh faces an opposition buoyed by support for a recent nationwide strike when parliament meets today, promising a rough ride for legislation such as a bill to enable the entry of U.S. nuclear power companies……….. Continue reading

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Huge wind farm planned by for California

San Diego team behind world’s largest wind farm,, By Onell R. Soto, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER , July 26, 2010 A development team based in San Diego is leading an effort to build the world’s largest wind farm in Mojave.The $1.6 billion Alta Wind Energy Center consists of more than 600 wind turbines on desert ridge lines between Lancaster and Bakersfield.The 1,500 megawatt project is estimated to produce enough power for 275,000 homes, said Randy Hoyle, head of wind development for Terra-Gen Power. San Diego team behind world’s largest wind farm –

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USA’s extremist Tea Party movement favours Israel attack on Iran

theme among Tea Party leaders, such as Sarah Palin……..promoting instead an aggressive, unilateralist view of world affairs and unchecked military spending.

Tea Party Caucus members endorse Israeli attack on Iran, FP, By Josh Rogin Monday, July 26, 2010….21 members of the new caucus have now come out explicitly endorsing Israel’s right to strike Iran’s nuclear program. Continue reading

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Nuclear power future in Germany very much in doubt

According to a law passed in 2002 by the then-ruling SPD and the Green coalition, all of Germany’s nuclear power plants are to go off line by 2022…

Opposition party pledges to fight nuclear power extension | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 26.07.2010 Richard Connor , German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition has been put on notice that it will face a fight over any change to the law on nuclear energy without approval from the country’s upper house of parliament. Continue reading

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Control rods, cladding, MOX fuel – unsafety of AREVA’s new nuclear reactors

EDF engineers had concluded by 2007 that the entire core of the reactor should be reconfigured.

Safety Fears Raised at French Reactor,, By PATRICIA BRETT July 26, 2010 “……….among the leaked documents, one dated February 2007 — just before the construction of the Flamanville plant was approved — reported that technical studies by EDF had shown that the EPR’s original core design had failed to meet safety criteria for a control rod ejection accident at high power Continue reading

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Why not adopt safer, non radiation, airport scanners?

Given that the two types of machines are both deemed effective by the T.S.A., why doesn’t the agency just abandon backscatters and use the millimeter wave machines, which don’t pose radiation issues?

Radiation Questions Over a Body Scanner – By JOE SHARKEY July 26, 2010“………travelers also do not fully trust the security agency’s assurances that the new machines are safe, that they can’t be defeated by a terrorist and that personal privacy will be protected — at least, to the extent the agency has claimed. Continue reading

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Uranium processing costs soar

there are still “significant” issues hindering DOE from bringing projects to completion on time and within budget.

More questions about cost of UPF, Frank Munger’s Atomic City Underground |, 26 July 2010, Todd Jacobson of Nuclear Weapons & Materials Monitor is reporting that the Government Accountability Office is raising concerns that the cost of the Uranium Processing Facility at Y-12 may reach or even exceed the top end of current estimates ($1.4 billion to $3.5 billion). Continue reading

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Poland’s nuclear company’s volley of nuclear spin

State-controlled Polska Grupa Energety (PGE) is attempting to build public support for nuclear power.

PGE Sponsors Women’s Volleyball Team to Promote Polish Nuclear Power Plans;  Bloomberg, By Nathaniel Espino – Jul 27, 2010 A Polish women’s volleyball team will change its name to Atom after receiving sponsorship from Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA, the country’s largest utility, which plans to build the country’s first nuclear power station. Continue reading

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New Brunswick – more delays on nuclear power plant

N.B. government asks feds to comment on nuclear delay – CTV News. The Canadian Press Jul. 26, 2010 FREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s energy minister says there are rumours of further delays in the refurbishment of the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant Continue reading

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Australian Aboriginals’ legal challenge against nuclear waste dump

The traditional owners have launched a legal challenge against the federal government and the Northern Land Council over plans for the nuclear waste dump at Muckaty station, near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

Nuclear dump opposed by elders, Sydney Morning Herald, EDWINA SCOTT, July 26, 2010 Aboriginal landowners have protested in Resources Minister Martin Ferguson’s electorate to oppose the establishment of Australia’s first radioactive waste dump on their land. Continue reading

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