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Dr. Richard Meserve serving pro nuclear interests in USA’s radiation cancer research?

1 May 2010, Beyond Nuclear has requested that the National Academies of Science (NAS) conduct a review for conflict of interest on Dr. Richard Meserve who currently chairs the NAS Nuclear and Radiation Study Board. This is the board tasked to shape and supervise the new cancer study around US nuclear power facilities.

Beyond Nuclear notes that Dr. Meserve also currently serves as Senior to Counsel of DC law firm catering to nuclear industry interests, on the Boards of Directors for two nuclear power companies headquartered in Texas and California, as a member of the Board of Advisors to the French-US nuclear conglomerate looking to construct new reactors in the United States and also recently contributed to a Congressional lobbying effort by the nuclear industry which used a special advertising supplement in the Washington Post asking for increased federal loans for new reactor construction.

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Volcano’s effect – small stuff compared to even a ‘limited’ nuclear war

What the Volcano Can Teach Us About Nuclear War, GOOD, Alexandra Bell, Ben Loehrke on April 30, 2010 Think the ash cloud was bad? That’s nothing compared to what would happen if India and Pakistan exchange just a few nukes….. Continue reading

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Double standards and doublespeak about Nuclear Non Proliferation

Washington maintains a double standard that allows its friends to make key nuclear weapons but prevents its rivals from doing so…..

“…the right of non-nuclear states to the peaceful uses of nuclear weapons” – Egypt’s Abdelaziz

The nuclear caste system , Foreign Policy, by Colum Lynch , 30 April 2010. Next week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet in New York with diplomats from more than 180 countries at the eighth review conference of the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (pdf), the Cold War pact that determines who can have nuclear weapons and who can’t. Continue reading

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Coolant system failures – bound to happen in Japan’s fast breeder reactors

Japanese fast breeder nuclear reactor malfunctions and worse are ‘inevitable, Nuclear Reaction, 1 May 2010,Coolant system mishap at Japan’s long-stalled Monju fast breeder are “inevitable” in such reactors
‘NEW YORK – The Monju prototype fast breeder nuclear power reactor, which has been gearing up for an early May restart after a 15-year stoppage, suffered a temporary glitch in a coolant leakage detector Tuesday……

…….. one Japanese nuclear industry source familiar with the Monju project was quoted as saying in Japan Today that malfunctions of this type – and worse – are “inevitable” in such reactors. The government-affiliated agency said the sodium detector, housed in an auxiliary building to the reactor at the Monju centre in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, came to a halt after a fan motor overheated, triggering an alarm at 11:59 p.m. Monday. A fire accompanying a sodium leak shut down the reactor in December 1995, and the project has not been restarted since.’ Nuclear News: Japanese fast breeder nuclear reactor malfunctions and worse are ‘inevitable’ – Nuclear Reaction – A Greenpeace blog about nuclear power

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Despite Pakistan’s instability, China to build nuclear reactors there

China to build two nuclear reactors in Pakistan: Report, Hindustan Times, Press Trust Of India Beijing, April 29, 2010 China on Thursday acknowledged that it will build two new nuclear reactors in Pakistan in a deal that could re-ignite concerns about proliferation and safety of atomic materials in Pakistan. Continue reading

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Strong opposition to importing radioactive wastes to Hanford

Groups demand DOE end plans to send waste to Hanford By Annette Cary, Tri City Herald 30 April 2010, A coalition of Northwest environmental groups is demanding that Energy Secretary Steven Chu end any plans to import radioactive waste to Hanford.The Department of Energy agreed as part of a proposed settlement with the state of Washington not to send most types of radioactive waste to Hanford for disposal until the vitrification plant is in full operation to treat the worst waste now stored in underground tanks. That’s scheduled for 2022. Continue reading

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New cancer study of Three Mile Island nuclear reactor area

New cancer study of areas around U.S. nuclear facilities brings relief in TMI area,, By DAVID WENNER, The Patriot-NewsApril 29, 2010, “……..The new study won’t focus specifically on TMI nor is its purpose to gauge the impact of the 1979 accident…….Rather, the study will look at decades of cancer cases surrounding each of the nation’s 65 nuclear facilities, including TMI, to assess the cancer risk of living near a normally operating nuclear facility. Continue reading

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Anxiety over U.S. nuclear wastes, as “Blue Ribbon” Commission struggles for a solution

the Department of Energy convened a commission led by former lawmakers and regulators to study what to do next

SRS communities angered by nuclear waste decision  | By Bob KeefeThe Atlanta Journal, April 28, 2010 -Constitution, WASHINGTON — For decades now, workers and local residents have fully expected that giant canisters of nuclear waste put into temporary storage at the Savannah River Site would eventually be relocated from their backyards to a permanent nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Continue reading

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Like USA, Europe worried about unsolved problem of nuclear waste

EU Health: Vast Majority Of Europeans Want EU Wide Radioactive Waste Management Legislation, eGov monitorSource: European Commission, 29 April, 2010 –  The European Commission has published today a Eurobarometer survey showing that an overwhelming majority of Europeans would find it useful to have European legislation on radioactive waste management. The concern for the safety risk related to radioactive waste is shared both in countries with nuclear power plants and those with no nuclear energy.

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Nuclear company Entergy’s fall in profits

Entergy 1Q Profit Falls 9% As Nuclear Unit Weighs on Results, DOW JONES NEWSWIRES  By Matt Jarzemsky; 30 April 2010, Entergy Corp.’s (ETR) first-quarter profit fell 9% as lower pricing for its nuclear power dragged down revenue and operating margin…… Revenue fell 1.1% to $2.76 billion while operating margin slid to 17.3% from 18.2%…..The company’s utility division profit climbed 24% while its nuclear unit, the second-biggest U.S. generator of such power behind Exelon Corp. (EXC), reported a 48% plunge in earnings as revenue fell on lower pricing. Entergy 1Q Profit Falls 9% As Nuclear Unit Weighs on Results –

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High levels of uranium in Palestinian victims of Gaza bombings

Disturbing Findings of Toxic Uranium Levels in Gaza, palestinefreevoice, March 22 2010 Studies conducted by a group of Italian researchers have revealed the presence of dangerous levels of toxins in the bodies of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombings during operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. The results of tests conducted on a sample of 15 dead and wounded victims of the war on Gaza, in addition to another sample of 95 citizens, showed the presence of 30 toxic components, notably high levels of uranium. Continue reading

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