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Bill Gates’ pie in the sky idea for prolonging the agony of declining nuclear industry

TerraPower’s Multibillion-Dollar Nuclear Reactor Plan – Venture Capital Dispatch – WSJ, 16 June 2010, By Yuliya ChernovaIf your first product is due on the market in nine years, at a cost of between $3 billion and $4 billion, can you raise venture money now? In the case of TerraPower LLC, the answer is yes. The Bellevue, Wash.-based nuclear technology developer announced this week it raised $35 million in its Series B round from new investor Khosla Ventures and returning backers Charles River Ventures and Bill Gates.
…………. there are still years of engineering and development work ahead for the team………
Besides having to overcome technological and financial challenges, TerraPower would also have to deal with a difficult regulatory framework. In the U.S., the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issues licenses for new nuclear power plant designs; it typically takes years to secure one.

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In light of new tax, Europe’s nuclear industry faces uncertain future

other countries could adopt similar measures on all utilities, or on target nuclear….the new move will bring uncertainty in the European nuclear sector,

Huge nuclear tax on the cards in Germany, World Nuclear News, By Rumyana Vakarelska, 15 June 2010 The German Ministry of Finance has envisaged an additional €2.3 billion ($2.8 billion) per year ‘windfall tax’ on nuclear operators as part of the 2011 Federal Budget and its financial plan up to 2014………..According to the German Finance Ministry the charge “will be necessary, as part of an overall energy concept, to prolong the operational life of nuclear power plants.” At a time when Germany is looking for tens of billions of euros in budget savings, the ministry said that the money will be used to meet nuclear decommissioning and final repository costs…… Continue reading

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Oil spill may lead to change in “Consumer Society”

Could the BP Oil Spill be the Rosa Parks for Real Environmental Change?, AlterNet, by Devona Walker, 16 June 2010, We may have reached a tipping point when it comes to changing our energy consumption habits. “……While our Gulf Coast will likely take generations to recover from the deepwater BP oil spill, and it will likely take a good decade for our economy to fully recover from the financial crisis, both of these catastrophic events may just serve as tipping points for real change………..

Consumers are as much to blame for every gas-guzzling vehicles we purchase. Congress is to blame for the last decade of “renewable-energy-slashing” and propping up the petroleum industry with billions in tax rebates. Dick Cheney is definitely to blame. Obama, too, is to blame for obvious naivety in his initial response…………The BP oil spill is reminiscent of the beginning of a public opinion tipping point, the kind that precedes fundamental change, the kind that will ignite a movement. Could the BP Oil Spill be the Rosa Parks for Real Environmental Change? « SpeakEasy

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Video: Australia imposing nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land

VIDEO Australia nuclear waste dump row – Asia-Pacific – Al Jazeera English Australia nuclear waste dump row – Asia-Pacific – Al Jazeera 17 June 2010, Australia’s government is pushing its plans for a nuclear waste dump in a remote part of the country’s Northern Territory.It has signed an agreement with the traditional owners of the land who will receive $10m in compensation, most of it in cash.But the proposed nuclear dump has divided local people while and environmentalists warn it could one day be used to store waste from overseas.Al Jazeera’s Azhar Sukri reports.

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India’s nuclear liabilty Bill designed to protect Westinghouse and General Electric

“What Westinghouse and General Electric want is that even the limited liability that accrued to the Union Carbide in the case of Bhopal [$470 million as per the settlement approved by the Supreme Court] should not fall on them.

Bill meant to safeguard U.S. firms, says Karat, The Hindu , 17 June 2010, NEW DELHI: The Manmohan Singh-led government is under pressure from Washington on the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill and the proposed legislation bears the handiwork of the U.S. nuclear industry lobby. Continue reading

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U.S.- Russia agreement designed to further commercial nuclear power

The Importance of the US-Russia 123 Agreement, ClimateIntel. June 16, 2010 The Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Russian Federation for Cooperation in the Field of Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (also known as the 123 Agreement) serves not only non-proliferation, but also the commercial interests of both countries…..

The U.S.-Russia agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation would create a legal framework for:

  • exporting U.S. nuclear technology, material, or equipment;
  • importing Russian nuclear technology;
  • jointly developing advanced nuclear technologies;
  • reprocessing in Russia of U.S.-origin spent nuclear fuel from various U.S. partners (i.e. South Korea, Taiwan)….

The International Nuclear Energy Cooperation (INEC) initiative seeks to “foster the safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable use of nuclear energy

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North Korea – sanctions extended by USA

Obama renews sanctions on North Korea ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 17 June 2010, The White House says president Barack Obama has extended US economic sanctions on North Korea for another year, citing the continuing threat posed by Pyongyang’s nuclear program.Mr Obama said he was renewing the sanctions because “the existence and the risk of proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material on the Korean Peninsula continued to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States.Washington has struggled to convince North Korea to resume multi-party talks to end its nuclear ambitions.Pyongyang has insisted on direct talks with the United States and the removal of sanctions imposed on the communist-run country. Obama renews sanctions on North Korea – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Oil spill should awaken us to nuclear danger

Waging Peace Today: Scenarios For Nuclear Catastrophe, David Krieger, 16 June 2010, “….. Continued offshore oil drilling runs the risk of future offshore oil leak catastrophes that will destroy large aquatic and shoreline habitats. Applied to nuclear weapons, the proposition could be restated in this way: Continued reliance on nuclear weapons runs the risk of future nuclear catastrophes that will destroy cities, countries and civilization……. Continue reading

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Europe’s new energy sources – wind power now rivalling gas

Europe’s New Wind Power Rivals Gas,, By JAMES KANTER, June 14, 2010 The amount of power generated by new wind turbines in the European Union this year will be about the same as the amount from new gas plants, according to the European Wind Energy Association, an industry group…..Gas installations far outpaced wind installations four years ago in Europe, with nearly 20 gigawatts of new capacity compared with 9 gigawatts of wind, according to figures from the association. But the gap narrowed sharply the following year and, by 2008, wind had overtaken gas for the first time. Last year there were 10 gigawatts of new wind capacity compared with 7 for new gas………the gas industry has complained to leaders about European Union policies promoting renewable energy.

urope’s New Wind Power Rivals Gas – Green Blog –

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Depleted uranium endangering rare seal

to protect marine mammals and other marine life from……….highly toxic materials like depleted uranium that have been deposited by the military.

Saving the world’s rarest seal from uranium, guardian Uk, 17 June 2010, Dr Anastasia Miliou was interviewed by Georgina Kenyon“....Greek conservationists from the Greek NGO, Archipelagos, work to protect endangered common dolphins and monk seals and also the region’s marine ecosystems from the effects of overfishing, shipping, and the military. Dr Anastasia Miliou, manager and head scientist from Archipelagos Institute of Marine and Environmental Research of the Aegean Sea, based on the Greek island of Samos in the eastern Aegean, explains about seals, uranium deposits and sonar   Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia planning to enrich uranium?

Kingdom may enrich uranium for nuclear plants By AMENA BAKR | REUTERS Arab News, Jun 17, 2010 DUBAI: Saudi Arabia may mine and enrich uranium to fuel power plants if it embarks on a civilian nuclear energy program, a consultant preparing a draft nuclear strategy for the Kingdom said on Wednesday….

Saudi Arabia and the United States signed a nuclear cooperation deal in 2008. France said in 2009 it was close to finalizing a civilian nuclear agreement. The Kingdom has also talked to Russia about nuclear cooperation.   Any program would likely be similar in value and size to the UAE’s plan, Elkuch said. Kingdom may enrich uranium for nuclear plants – Arab News

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UK CLAIMS to support nuclear energy without tax-payer subsidy

The government’s energy priorities are becoming clear – and nuclear tops the list, Ever ,  BusinessGreen Blog, 16 june 2010,Ever since taking office as energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne has tried to appear even-handed in the on-going debate between the nuclear and renewable energy sectors.He has elegantly distanced himself from his previous opposition to nuclear, admitting that he would support new reactors if energy firms can demonstrate that they will be built without public subsidy….

..The problem is that while the rhetoric indicates a balanced energy policy, what little action we have seen since the new government took office suggests the nuclear industry is beginning to establish itself as top dog… has been the nuclear industry that today received a clear signal from energy minister Charles Hendry that the government will remove the “unnecessary” barriers it faces. In fact,  Hendry’s speech boiled down to a remarkably unequivocal message: “don’t worry, we’ll look after you”.

The government’s energy priorities are becoming clear – and nuclear tops the list – BusinessGreen Blog

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USA’s nuclear weapons policy is designed to fail

it’s designed to fail. U.S. policy is designed to keep a hold on power and wealth, and the people running the country believe nuclear weapons are useful in that quest….

No Nukes/No Empire: Pax Christi Australia NSW The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Requires the End of the U.S. Empire by Robert Jensen June 15, 2010
“….the world can change — if the dominant military power in the world, the United States, can change. If the United States could give up the quest to consume a disproportionate share of the world’s resources and disavow its reliance on securing that unjust distribution of wealth through the largest and most destructive military in the history of the world, things could change. Continue reading

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