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Photos of infant victims of depleted uranium – Afghanistan

VICTIMS OF URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY THE US FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN |AajMedia News VICTIMS OF URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY THE US FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN AajMedia News by Abasin Khan Sharzai   June 13th, 2010 These photos of newly-born infants have been taken by Dr. Mohammad Daud Miraki, a well-known Afghan researcher, anthropologist, sociologist and scholar. He visited Afghanistan to find out about the situation after the American invasion of Afghanistan. The deformed infants are the result of the uranium munitions used by American troops and bomber aircrafts all over Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism. However, the majority of deformed babies cases have been found in Pashtu-speaking areas which are bearing the brunt of the American attacks. American troops use weapons like white phosphorus bombs and depleted uranium which are banned on world level………….URANIUM MUNITIONSDue to the use of massive amount of uranium munitions used by the US forces in the initial bombing and subsequently, massive amount of congenital deformities occur all over Afghanistan. The rate of various cancers has gone up significantly. Leukemia and esophageal cancers are very high among children. According to doctors at maternity and children hospitals in Kabul, the rate of various congenital deformities have increased by many folds since the US invasion. In fact, the magnitude of man made isotopes was

established by the Uranium Medical Research Center after their investigators made to trips to Afghanistan and collected urine and soil samples. They established that the rate of man made isotopes was gone up 2000 times in some subjects located near the bombed areas.

Since uranium used in the weapons have a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the US forces ensured that generations of Afghans suffer from cancers and deformities. This is certainly not development. In fact, it is the biggest crime ever committed by anyone in the history of humanity.


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