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Facts on the two types of airport Whole Body Imaging

Rafi Sala, an Israeli airport security expert who helped design security at Ben Gurion International Airport: “I don”t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747. … That’s why we haven’t put them in our airport.”

Peek-a-Boo, I C U – Living Lake Country, By Al Neuhauser Nov. 25, 2010……….There are two types of Whole Body Imaging (WBI) technologies in place. They are backscatter and millimeter-wave. The first uses low-level X-rays to image the body. This passes through clothing and into you, but a portion reflects off of your skin, or “backscatters”, technically called “Compton scattering.” This radiation does penetrate, but a small amount reflects and is detected by a bank of detectors. Continue reading

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UK used atomic test soldiers as radiation ‘guinea pigs’

The Government of the day had to discover the effects a nuclear bomb would have, not only on the infrastructure but the effects it would have for the human race over a prolonged period of time. It was decided the Armed Forces would be used as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ in order to discover the effects radiation would have on the Human Body.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRITISH NUCLEAR TESTS,  Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, by Dave Whyte One of the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ 26 Nov 10, After WWII the British Government decided they would develop their own nuclear deterrent and made plans to conduct the tests at remote areas in Australia and the Pacific as they were not fully aware of the devastating power these devices were capable of producing. Continue reading

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Would you trust UK Prime Minister to really help nuclear veterans?

Prime Minster gives hope to nuclear test veterans, Burton News & Staffordshire Newspaper, by ROB SMYTH, 25 Nov 10, NUCLEAR test veterans have been given a boost after Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to personally look into their case……Alan Rimmer, British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association spokesman, said: “Understandably we have become cynical about politicians over the years. But Mr Cameron may break the mould — I hope he does.“If he takes a look at our case and sees it in a positive light then we would be happy to cut out all the lawyers and sit down and talk with him.” Burton News & Staffordshire Newspaper | Burton On Trent Local Newspaper Headlines | Daily Mail | Prime Minster gives hope to nuclear test veterans

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Britsh nuclear “guinea pigs” soldiers will fight on for justice

Many people, including researchers based in Dundee, believe this has led to deteriorating health among the veterans and Mr Malone said he was used as a “guinea pig” during the testing…..

VIDEO of Christmas Islands nuclear tests The Courier – Veterans undeterred by 1950s nuclear test ruling Veterans undeterred by 1950s nuclear test ruling, The Courier UK,  23 Nov 10, Atomic bomb test veterans from Dundee and Kirkcaldy say they will continue their fight for the truth after top judges dashed their hopes of compensation….. Continue reading

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British nuclear veterans likely to take their case to Britain’s Supreme Court

Ruling on nuclear test damages case, IBB Solicitors, 23rd November 2010Veterans who blame their ill health on Britain’s nuclear tests in the 1950s are likely to attempt to take their case to the Supreme Court following a ruling which has denied them a chance for their complaints to be heard in full trial. Continue reading

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British nuclear cover-up will affect atomic veterans legal case

The Redfern Report reveals that scientists and doctors from the National Health Service ( NHS ) , the Medical Research Council ( MRC ) , the National Radiological Protection Board ( NRPB ) and the Atomic Weapons Establishment ( AWE ) examined and then destroyed evidence of exposure to ionising radiation with the aid of coroners and pathologist to enable the Ministry of Defence to avoid accountability for future damage claims . These are facts veterans and widows are passing to the legal team of Rosenblatts ..


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One partial round to British govt, but the nuclear veterans’ legal fight continues

the fact that Mrs Sinfield’s case concerning her late husband Bert can take place in a full court hearing where all the scientific evidence held on ionising radiation damage to health will be revealed is good news .

THE IRON FIST OF JUSTICE  Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog from Dennis Hayden 23 Nov 10, A partial victory in the appeals verdict is all we need This message has been sent to Members of Parliament . That is , the legal team is fully supportedby all nuclear veterans and widows in efforts to get the nine test cases excluded to be allowed to go to full high court trial . Continue reading

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British nuclear veterans set back, for now, by court ruling

The High Court in London ruled Monday that just one out of 10 test cases, representing more than 1,000 claimants, was entitled to proceed to a full trial. The remaining nine cases had been launched outside a legal time limit, it said….However, lawyers for the claimants indicated that they would take the case to the Supreme Court in Britain.

British government wins partial victory in nuclear test claim case, Monsters and Critics, Nov 22, 2010, London – The British government Monday claimed a partial victory in a long-running legal battle over compensation for ex- servicemen involved in 1950’s nuclear tests in Australia. Continue reading

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What happened to UK nuclear veterans’ removed body parts?

What happened to the removed body parts , organs and tissue ? The Redfern Report states they were destroyed .A very convenient destruction of evidence ….the Redfern Inquiry shows the NRPB was explicitly and deeply involved in the process to remove of body parts from the corpses , examining them for radiation damage and then destroying the evidence

What the UK Veterans think – Redfern « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog. 22 Nov 10. “…just when we UK nuc vets needed it , another nail has been hammered into the Ministry of Defence’s cold war policy of excluding nuclear test veterans, our premature widows and genetically damaged children from truth and justice .The Redfern Inquiry Report ( Michael Redgrave QC ) published 16th Nov , together with the refusal of the Ministry of Defence to release 500 documents into the Court should just about destroy the Government’s credibility to any longer defend the indefensible in the Atomic Veterans Group Litigation ,……. Continue reading

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Airline travellers’ choice between ionising radiation and ‘pat-down’

the relationship between ionizing radiation  is  cumulative. The time you spend on an airplane + the time you spend getting dental or medical x-rays……….accumulates, every hour of it increasing the probability of tumor formation.

What full body scanner radiation means to you –, 20 Nov 10, “………..The equipment creates images of your body by scanning a narrow beam of x-rays across your body. The x-rays either penetrate your skin and propagate through your body, the same way as hospital or dental x-rays, or are bounce off your skin, back toward a detector. These back-scattered x-rays are the ones from which the image is built. Continue reading

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repeated heart radiation imaging causes cancer risks

Heart test hikes long-term cancer riskStudy highlights danger of repeated radiation doses   CHICAGO SUN-TIMES,  November 16, 2010 BY MONIFA THOMAS A common imaging test that’s used to detect coronary artery disease has exposed many heart patients to extremely high cumulative doses of radiation over a 20-year period, putting them at higher risk for cancer, Continue reading

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UK military knew of dangers to soldiers in Australia’s nuclear bomb tests

Lawyers believe the papers could be the “smoking gun” that proves military chiefs knew they were sending servicemen to their deaths when they made them watch atomic blasts 50 years ago.

Release of secret documents that could bring justice to nuclear bomb veterans ordered   –, By Susie Boniface 7/11/2010 A judge has ordered the release of top secret documents that could bring justice to Britain’s nuclear bomb veterans. Continue reading

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Ionising radiation’s cancer risk just as great for older persons

Recent analysis of the statistical evidence from long-term studies of atomic bomb survivors in Japan indicates that for radiation exposure after about age 30, the risk of developing radiation-induced cancer does not continue to decrease.

Radiation exposure: cancer risk in middle age, The Hindu ,  K.S. PARTHASARATHY, 4 Nov 10, The risk of cancer associated with radiation exposure in middle age may not be lower than the risk with exposure at younger ages. Continue reading

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Ionizing radiation and other problems with mammography

The first problem with mammograms is that they use
ionizing radiation at a relatively high dose, which in
and of itself can contribute to the development of
breast cancer. Mammograms expose your body to radiation
that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest
x-ray, which we know poses a cancer risk.
False Positives are Alarmingly Common
The second glaring problem with mammography is its unacceptably high rate of false positives. …

The Dangers of Mammography: Ionizing Radiation, blogtalkradio, Lea Yekutiel, 1 Nov 10, Dr. Mercola’s comments:Mammograms are often touted as a “life-saving” formof cancer screening, responsible for reducing breastcancer death rates by 15-25 percent. But this reportedbenefit is based on outdated studies done decades ago Continue reading

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Patients treated with radioactivity can endanger others

Are Radioactive Cancer Patients Endangering Us All? | The Stir, 2 Nov, 10, “………there’s growing concern about thyroid cancer patients, who are treated with radioactive iodine, which may present problematic levels of radiation to those around them for up to a week.In fact, after thyroid treatment, patients are advised not to hug children or pregnant women (who are considered particularly vulnerable), or to sleep next to another person, for several days Continue reading

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